Stolen Santa Fe picture on Ebay UK

Ewing, VA

I was browsing around Ebay UK trying to see what hippie varieties are avilable there. And I was struck by a very familiar picture, my Santa Fe's picture!!! Of course I had to click on that lsiting and see who was using my picture WITHOUT my permission. Ebay seller's name is Valsplants and his ebay store's name is Val's Unusual Plants. A power seller in fact! AArrrrrggghhhhh!!! Here's a link to it...

I mean, I'm not a selfish person. I love to share my pics, seeds, bulblets, growing infos etc... I work very hard in taking pics and documenting the hippies in the collection. Every single bulb that blooms goes to a photo shoot for this. Then the compiling in photobucket of the good pics is also a job. My photobucket is open to everyone to see and learn. But to make money out of it is a totally different story. Not asking permission to use my pics specially for this purpose is OUTRAGEOUS!

Is this the price I have to pay for being so open and sharing? It hurts me to think that people would take advantage of others even in flowers pics.

Ewing, VA

And to make things worst, take a look at how he talks about himself. How serious can you be with this plant business?

Ewing, VA

I just received an email from mValsplants stating that he already took out my Santa Fe picture from his site. But take a look at the bottom of this page. He is still using it.

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

When a person doesn't have a picture of their plant it usually means they can not be sure they have the right plant.That's reason enough for me not to buy from them.

(Zone 8a)

This has happened to me as well, photos of a couple of my amaryllis were used on ebay. DG sorted that out for me and had them removed.

Ewing, VA

Well after reporting this to ebay last night, I received an email from ebay requesting the item # this morning. After I replied to them with the item #, the listing was taken out. The seller contacted me and said that his bulb supplier sent him that pic and he thought it was his and went ahead and used it. Here is the stolen Santa Fe pic. It is not even a professional quality pic. You can even see my African Violets and my daughter's chair in the background.

Thumbnail by mariava7
Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

Maria: Thanks for posting. I never thought about the possiblity of someone using one of my many DG Amaryllis photos, without my permission, in advertizing. I'll start keeping me eye out for this. Got my 4 new African amaryllis bulbs from Parks today.

Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Hi Maria what a beauty the red and white striped. Like a peppermint rock .
We have the same trouble here, we have Tradera in Sweden. It is a part of Ebay. Many seller stole pictures from others. I have had problem as they have stole pictures from my homepage, I say like you I'm not a selfish person. I love to share my pics on internet, but I want them to stay on my homepage, I have had a hard job to with it. But now Im mark my photos right cross over the whole picture, with my name.

North of Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

Should you have problem in the future, you can contact an admin of Dave's and they will ask ebay to remove. It is considered copyright photos when you post photos here.

I guess I missed this when first posted. This is why I stopped dealing with them. There are only a small number of sellers you can rely on. Sheesh.

Ewing, VA

I just caught somebody on ebay US using my flower pictures in her listings...8 counts/listings. They Appleblossom, Minerva, Elvas, Wedding Dance and Jade Serpent. I mean, how hard is it to buy a $3-5 Appleblossom, make it bloom and take your own picture. Of course the ebay seller had this bunch of reasons. They're all the same...

I took note of these stolen pictures. They were all posted in the Amaryllis forum of Gardenweb. GW provides no protection at all to it's members' pictures.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

This is a big problem with some of the epiphyllium ( 'orchid cactus' ) sellers on eBay.

Maria if you have an Ebay account you can report the photos as stolen. I can send you directions if you don't know how. How does someone end up selling bulbs if they don't even have enough of a collection to take their own photos? Sheesh again.

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