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Newbie to gingers but not gardening

Katy, TX(Zone 8b)

and I need to know if gingers die back to the ground in the fall/winter. If they don't they are going to get a drastic haircut as they are really looking ratty. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Pensacola, FL(Zone 8b)

My shampoo ginger died back last year but it came back up in the Spring and my white ginger which I do not know the name of stayed green through the winter so who knows.


Katy, TX(Zone 8b)

Yeah, some of us have no clue. One DGer - can't remember who or what thread - said that one of the gingers she and I both have is one she called "Hidden Ginger" because the flower was hidden. That doesn't appeal to me because if they are going to have a pretty flower (and it was) I want to be able to see it. Otherwise, I see no reason to have gingers or any flower that is so hidden you can't enjoy it so the gingers may have to go in favor of something a little prettier. Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.


Lowndesboro, AL(Zone 8a)

Ann I'm in zone 8a and almost exclusively grow hedychium gingers. They do die back to the ground here in the winter, I pull the dead canes right off the rhizome in the spring. Easy cleanup. I could cut them back in the fall but I'm a lazy gardner and I let mother nature do all the work for me.

Katy, TX(Zone 8b)

Thanks so much for the input!


Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Randy, Jungle of the Heights, brought several gingers to us last April. They have bloomed and more importantly the aroma is wonderful. Not especially a "pretty" bloom but who care?


Chickenville, FL(Zone 9a)

Many of them go dormant but I don't know if they 'all' go dormant.
I wonder if there are any kinds that don't ever go dormant?
Also if dormancy is triggered by daylength or by temperature? I guess I need to do more homework lol.

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