Amaryllis Coming out of Dormancy - Need Guidance

Columbus, OH

Hi! I grew two Amaryllis flowers for Christmas last year then planted them outside when the weather warmed. One was a cheap five dollar one and I ended up throwing it away part way through the summer. The other was more expensive and a much bigger bulb so I kept that. It is a Papillio. However, I dug it out of the garden when it started looking drab mid summer. It came up with lots of dirt and I set it in a pot and put it in the basement. I forgot about it. Then this fall I went down to see what ever happened to it. New leaves were coming up!!! I couldn't believe it! I potted it and here it is! I have posted a photo of it.

My question is - Now what? I am keeping it watered and in a bright sunny window. Is that what I should be doing and when do you think it will start sending up a flower stalk? The longest leaf is 9 inches right now. When do you think it will bloom - for Thanksgiving??? I'm very excited about it. I never thought I'd be able to keep Amaryllis bulbs year to year!

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Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Pentas, why don't you take a look in the Amaryllis thread. Great instructions there.


Columbus, OH

Do you just mean to go back through all the threads under this forum? I only searched the first two pages of posts so maybe I just need to go further back. Or is there a specific post/thread to go to?

Your amaryllis has had two kids. (That's what those leaves are on the side of the pot.) Give it regular water and sun. Pick up some plant food and give it a light solution in each watering. At some point in the summer you can separate the two kids from the mother and give them their own pots. In a few years they will bloom.

Columbus, OH

Andidandi - I forgot about fertilizing. I mean I fertilized after the bloom last year. I guess I should add a little now too. That's neat about the kids. At first I didn't understand why the leaves were popping out the side. I finally guessed the were bulbets but didn't know what to do with them. I guess they are big enough to be put in their own pot if they have leaves? I'll do that next summer. That will be exciting when they bloom!

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