Forcing calla lillies?

southern willamette , OR(Zone 7a)

I'm not sure if I should ask this here or over in perennials, but I thought maybe here since lillies can be forced.

I know that I've seen calla lilles forced to bloom (indoors of course) around christmas or just some time in the winter. I have a calla lily 'Black Forest' that has lived outside for the last two years, in a pot, and did bloom this summer. I brought it inside before it froze a few days ago. Anyhow, I would like to know how to force it to bloom inside this winter, if possible. I have not done any "forcing" before. Does anyone have suggestions or experiences forcing calla lillies to bloom inside in the winter?? I would love any thoughts. Thanks so much.

southern willamette , OR(Zone 7a)

Here's a picture of the one in question. It's sort of hiding, but you can see the bloom of it there.

Thumbnail by redchic01
Southern, WI(Zone 5a)

Very nicely landscaped redchic01, the colors and textures are beautiful. I have no idea how to force callas, just so you don't think I am ignoring you ;)

Hopefully someone will chime in who can help. It's just not me.

southern willamette , OR(Zone 7a)

Thanks for chiming in Magnolia! In that pic I'm trying to decide where I want to put the chamaecyparis tree, normally not that crowded there. Thanks for not Ignoring!! :-p

spokane valley, WA(Zone 5a)

Calla lilies need a few weeks of rest before they will grow again, I am not sure how many but I have to dry mine inside and them put them out in a dark, cold (not frozen) shed or they grow too much to sell in the spring. I advise to keep them inside either potted or bare, if potted keep dry, until they start to push a bud. If you can get some GA3, gibberellin, treat them with 500-1,000 ppm (10 minute soak or drench) and it will greatly enhance bloom. JL Hudson sell small quantities for seed starting-
For all you lily addicts out there, GA3 never made any difference on lilies, at least not at 500 ppm.

southern willamette , OR(Zone 7a)

Thanks so much for the info buggycrazy. I really appreciate it. I have had extremely little success in finding info on the matter. Out of curiousity.... do you by chance someone who grows lilies? The name bugycrazy sounds familiar and I once thought that I was referred to someone in lebanon for an odd lily/daylily. Or maybe you were the one who referred me? :-p

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

That would be THE buggycrazy that we all know and love dearly!

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