Does anybody recognize this one? oh, Tickisox, where are u?

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

I purchased this hedichium from Ticki thru the LA. In fact I bought 2 diff. plants. I was particularly interested because these are short gingers, growing no taller than 4-5 ft, if that tall. They have done wonderfully and while vigorous they're not house eaters. I'm wondering if anybody recognizes this beauty. Ticki, if you see this, PLMK. thanks. These short gingers are fine! I hope the pic is good enough, I took it w/ my cell phone.

And the fragrance! You can smell them 50 ft away!

Thumbnail by vossner
Lowndesboro, AL(Zone 8a)

Nerie(is that correct?) you would ask me about the one I wasn't sure of! I know you bought a no name from me, that's the other one of your plants.
After thinking about it and going through my mind about short growers I think that you have gardnerarium 'Kahili.' And it wasn't so much the flower as it was the dark rich green foliage that you got the pic of also. Mine got to probably 5ft this yr, the largest it has ever gotten. And I'm so glad that you got blooms so you could smell the fragrance.

Thumbnail by TickiSox
Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

howdy ticki. yes, you're correct that one was a noid. I was just hoping that since that time you had been able to ID this beauty. I am so happy with it. and yes again, the foliage is very dark. I have about 7-8 blooms, in fact.
nery (you were close, lol)

thanks for your help.

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