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How to photograph a shawl...

No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

My sister - Sally_OR - who is hiding her light under a bushel somewhere on DG - sent me a beautiful shawl for my birthday. She won an award for it at the county fair. It is white, very delicate, with an intricate pattern. What is the best way to photograph it to show it off? I've thought of putting it on while wearing black and hold the ends up. Any other ideas?

I suspect she hasn't been on this forum much because she's afraid she'll fall in and never come out. Sis is a real needle art person. :-)

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

What color is your shawl (there are so many shades of white)? Perhaps you can place it on your table or bed on top of a contrasting color. I really don't want to have to wait til March to see this shawl. A trick I've learned that might help if the shawl isn't too white, is to put blank photo paper down on a flat surface (photo paper is expensive!), then spread the shawl over the paper. Problem there is that you need really bright lighting.
Let me know if it works.

No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

Thanks, SW. I remembered I have a large piece of black material - I'll have to see if it's big enough to lay it on. As well as the color, it's the fineness of the yarn. I'm not kidding, it is what you imagine a cloud to feel like. There was a small picture of the pattern attached, but I want to show off the one SHE made! :-)

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

I've seen people take the photo of the back of someone wearing the shawl holding the sides out. It gives a nice idea as to the shape. I can't wait to see it.

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Hi Kathleen!

Most pictures I've seen to "show off" a shawl start with a person wearing it, holding their arms out to extend it as much as possible, to show off the lace or texture, or shape, just whatever some of the special features are of the piece. There's a lot to be said for a shawl softly draped over a chair back, too. You can always follow up with some really nice close-ups of the details. Here are some pictures of different shawls. Hope this helps, I'd like to see it, too!

Mary[email protected]/347669373[email protected]/749600091[email protected]/622669329[email protected]/2486774119[email protected]/2486768141/in/photostream/[email protected]/2483505668[email protected]/2562295497[email protected]/2562294817[email protected]/2532417328

No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

Oh, Mary, you are a genius! How did you know I am such a visual person? Those links give me ideas to work with. Close-ups - what a good idea! Now to start experimenting. Thank goodness for digital cameras. :-)

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

Amen to those cameras! I sometimes mourn over the pictures not taken while Adam was growing up, because film and then the price of developing was precious.

I was traveling for work today, couldn't see the street number on a building across the busy street from me, so I took a picture zoomed in as much as I could, then reviewed the picture and zoomed in on that part, and saved myself a needless trip in the traffic!

Don't forget to post pictures of the shawl, we want to see.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

I want to see it too ;o) Where's that photo?

No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

Sorry, we've been busy getting ready for visitors. Will take a photo asap. :-)

No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

Well, better late than never! SingingWolf remembered the shawl at our round up the other day and I had someone take some pictures. Here's an overall view.

Thumbnail by KaperC
No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

And here's a close-up of the pattern.

Thumbnail by KaperC
(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Now that is worth waiting to see!!! It's gorgeous and the pattern is beautiful.. Fantastic job. You should be so PROUD of it.

No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

I am, but for my sis - Sally_OR - who made it!

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

WOW, that is just lovely. Such a nice sister.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I've just happened in here today and am glad that Mary beat me to those suggestions. That's a lovely shawl and your picture shows it off well.


Manassas, VA

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