CLOSED: peter pepper

Roermond, Netherlands

I'm looking for Peter pepper seeds.
Maybe somebody wants to trade some.

Townsville, Australia(Zone 10a)

WhAT are Peter Pepper Seeds?

Marianna, FL

You MAY blush when you hear the description, so may I try to describe it diplomatically(I went to Australia in 1970). Succinctly, the pepper variety which you refer to is quite commonly named that because of its unique shape--which SOME folks think is shaped like that of the male anatomy. I hope this is diplomatic enough without being more specific, ie, I hope you get the idea. I didn't name it that.

Roermond, Netherlands

Your description could'nt better. I've seen the peppers on a picture and like to have some.
When you see them you have to smile.
I hope somebody wants to trade some.

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

I remember seeing this pepper on plantfiles, it is very, ahh, unique! I just looked it up again, and theres a link on the plantfiles page to two members who have this seed for trade. Maybe one of them would trade with you. I wouldnt mind giving it a try myself!


Dallas, TX

I have Red, orange and yellow Peter chili seeds and want to trade with kaffir lime seeds . I am in Dallas Texas

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