New varieties?

(Zone 8a)

I bought my first amaryllis bulb of the 2008-9 season - Benifica which I've not had before. Are there many worthy new introductions to look out for this year?

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

I didn't think so. I got Benfica last year and it is gorgeous. But it looks very similar to Black Pearl so... All I'm gonna do this year is get some cheap Red Lion at WM and build up my RL patch.

Ewing, VA

Gervase is something very new this season. Paul (Royal Colors) said that every flower is different in coloration (splash) meaning no 2 flower have the same design. Very interesting...

Cybister Rosa is available now. Very pretty colors too.

Cybister Evergreen is widely available now here in US. It's stocks last year got sold out so quick!

Lots of new South African Sonatinis are available this year. Green Dragon is supposed to be really "green". Darker green than Jade Serpent.

Tosca will be available here in US soon but in very limited quantitity. It will be it's first release from the grower.

Tosca at Keukenhof

Thumbnail by mariava7
Ewing, VA

I could not say if they are "worthy" until I have grown them for at least a season. The new introductions are always a gamble for me....

Lemon Sorbet is opening it's light green buds. We shall see it's beauty tomorrow...

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Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

I am seeing a whole lot of African cultivars that weren't available here, before this season. Haven't seen any new Cybisters.

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