Overwintering hanging baskets

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

Hello all! Newer member, first time questioner! ;-) I recently moved from SE Indiana to the Ohio River Valley near WV, and am spending the first winter here. I have 10 hanging baskets on my front/back (north/south) open porches with ivy geraniums and trailing vinca that I have babied all summer and would like to save as many as possible... I don't have enough room in the house for all the annuals and containers I would like to bring in. We have a basement that has 2 small windows on the East and West sides, but due to neighboring homes, won't be very long or intense. Assuming I need a grow light or two, but have the following questions (which I'm sure the answers are here on the Forum somewhere, but I tend to get sidetracked on other questions, especially the ones that include the gorgeous pics of their flowers! anyone else have this problem? LOL)

1) how far back do I cut the geraniums, and assuming they grow over the winter months, do I keep them pinched back?
2) my vinca are close to 4-5 feet long and have been pinched back over the spring to branch out more. Do I cut them back before the branch point or after?
3) do I keep them in their original baskets, or separate and regroup like plants together?

My Mom used to leave the vinca vines in her flower beds over the winter, didn't mulch them, and they popped back the next spring. But I don't know as these are the same variety and due to the cost of buying new ones, would hate to lose them. I have been covering them at night, and need to get them in now..
Any suggestions or directions would be greatly appreciated!

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Flemingsburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Hi Kizmo
I don't really know the answer to your questions but WELCOME to DG
My sister kept her geraniums in a paper bag in the garage last year.
She got them out this spring and started watering them and they took right off
You can go to the Ohio River Valley Forum, ORVG
and someone there can tell you more.


Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks Pauletta!
I've been working on them today, as it's really getting chilly and it's supposed to rain this afternoon. I felt like a beautician trimming off all those vines...LOL Talked to Mom again yesterday, she said she's been leaving hers in the pots the last few years in her new home, and puts them in their underground storm cellar. Just lets them die down and they start back up in the Spring.... She used to hang them bare-rooted to dry or left some in pots on the back porch thru the winter for extra color, but due to lack of indoor space now that's she remarried, she changed her method. My luck usually isn't that good, but I'm going to try both methods, I have 10 hanging baskets and 6 potted plants, so I've got a few to spare, if nothing else...
Thanks for the Forum suggestion and the reply, will check into the group to see what they say.

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