Amaryllis have been on the porch during the warmer season...

Braselton, GA(Zone 7b)

They all have green leaves and are healthy looking. My questions....1. Do they need to come inside for the Winter months, or will they survive on the porch in pots. I have some inground that survive our Winters, but am not sure about in pots. 2. If I bring them inside, do I need to cut them back and give them a rest period to have blooms during the Winter Months? 3. Fertilizer?

I have quite a collection and just love them, and would like to have some blooming this Winter, but of course I purchased new ones these do not have to bloom, just want to give them the best care.

Thanks for any help and suggestions you have to offer.

Mableton, GA(Zone 7a)

I am in EXACTLY the same boat. I have quite a few in pots (20+) on the deck with perfectly green leaves that I kept meaning to bring into the garage to let dry out and die back in hopes they would bloom for Christmas. Well, I procrastinated on bringing them in. Then miraculously, when I was out of town, it rained. I left them to dry out. It rained again. Now I'm basically in the same cycle as mother nature, only my amaryllis aren't protected by Mother Earth, they're in pots on the deck.

Do I just bring them in to the garage to dry out until spring?
Do I bring them into the garage to dry out until ___?____ months have past; then start watering them again?
While in the garage, do I let the foliage die back on it's own? (I would think so)

Any help would be appreciated since I messed up the original plan that I was instructed to follow. :-(

Mableton, GA(Zone 7a)

Well Janet, doesn't look like anyone is interested in our problem.

I went ahead and cut my greenery back to between 4 to 6 inches and brought them into the garage. They'll be in and out of light like a garage normally is and deprived of water. I'll give that a couple of months while I keep checking on them (for what signs, I really don't know), and then I guess after it seems they've been dormant for a while, I'll bring them in the house and start watering them again.

Hopefully this plan will miraculously bring them back to life and in bloom again.

Since we are supposed to get this big rain tomorrow, I really wanted to get them inside. Have you decided to cover yours, or are you going to let them get the rain?

Braselton, GA(Zone 7b)

I think if you are going to lest them that you should let them dry out and then put them somewhere dark, like a corner in the basement or in a cool closet...for about four weeks, from what I have read....and when they begin to sprout greenery again, pot them up and start watering them again, and should bloom in four to six weeks.

I have done nothing with mine yet. I was putting it off until next maybe someone will give us more information...guess everyone is busy getting their gardens ready for Winter.

Have a great day!

Mine are on a covered I am trying to decide if I am going to water them or not myself...I won't if I need to rest them in order to get blooms in Winter....I will if they can just come in and will

Tucson, AZ

I repotted mine and left the green on, so , if we don't get anyone to give us solid advice , at least we can all share notes. :-)

Braselton, GA(Zone 7b) I think they will do okay with or without the green left to die down on it's on...somewhere I read that the bulb will get nourishment from the leaves if yoy leave to die back on their own and another place said to cut them who knows? I don'

Braselton, GA(Zone 7b)
Jill gave me some information...hope this helps!
Yea! Thanks Critter!!!

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