Where is the Journal Main Menu on the webpage?

Davenport, WA

Where, specifically, is the "Main Menu" on my journal home page?

I feel like I've looked over every square inch and can't find it. I think I've clicked on every item on the page yet nothing leads to it.

I'd like to either change my categories or delete the whole journal, neither of which I can do until I find the "Main Menu"!

Thanks for taking time to help!!!

Pat 53

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If you go to the "my tools" tab on the top of any page, then click on "your garden journal" that takes you right to the main page which has the main menu on it. There are a few ways to get into journals, one is the way I just said which takes you to the journal in the mode where you can edit it. The other ways to get to the journal (through the communities tab, the navigation bar on the side of the page, or the link on your member page) take you to the journal as if you were someone else viewing it, so you're not able to edit anything.

Davenport, WA

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your directions I can understand and so thank you again!

I also appreciate the info you shared on "other ways" (which don't allow me to edit) as I think those must be the ways I tried to access my journal.

Again, thanks!!!!!!!!

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