Vinca Cutting

"down the Shore", NJ(Zone 7a)

Hope someone can help. What is the best way to root a cutting of Vinca minor? Found a stem on a variegated Vinca which was all pale creamy yellow. Took a cutting... Will this root in water, or should I try it in soil? Thanks! John PS I am not sure this even has enough chlorophyll to survive...

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi John,
I've only rooted Vinca major from cuttings but I think Vinca minor would work the same way. The best way is division with some roots but cuttings can root. Since both of these vines make roots along their stems where they touch the soil, I would lay the vine piece down horizontally in good soil, cover the stem but not the leaves, and keep it evenly moist...not soggy but don't let it dry out. My major vines rooted easily this may work for your minor one. Good luck :)

"down the Shore", NJ(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Trish! John

I have these ,both the minor and major.And I can only grow it w/a rooted division.The variegated one takes a good while to get established.But it will not die on you if kept moist when first planted.

Wewahitchka, FL(Zone 8b)

I have the varigated and it has never bloomed. I wonder if it needs more moisture. It is in a very dry area of the yard.

Cazique, this probably flowers every other year for me b/c I didn't see it bloom this year.I like this trailing vine b/c it gives great contrast among your vinca major or other dark foliage.

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