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Rare Acanthaceae

Livorno, Italy

Would anyone have seeds of the following species:
Bravaisia(any),Aphelandra(acanthifolia,deppeana,pulcherrima,sinclairiana,tetragona),Brillantaisia ulugurica,Eremomastax(any),
battiscombei,holstii,huillensis,lancifolia,mysorensis,papilionacea,togoensis)Trichanthera gigantea,Whitfieldia(elongata,lateritia,
I was unable to find them anywhere.
Please check my tradelist.

Townsville, Australia(Zone 10a)

Hi Andrea,

My brilliantasia is flowering now, will know soon if it sets any seeds.

Sacramento, CA

I have Aphelandra Sinclariana,Tetragona and Squarrosa, Brillantaisian Owariensis, Justicia Spicigera, Metarungia Longistrobus, Strobilanthes Attropurpureus, Penstemonoides, Flaciddifolius, and Orizaba, Whitfeldia Elongata, and a number of other Acanthacea, rare and common....none of them are yet to seed but I rec checking back in summer. I regularly get lots of good seeds off of my Anisacanthi, Diclipteras, Justicia Fulvicoma/Rainbow/Mutant/Lutea/Rizzinii/Brandegeana Var, Porphyrocoma Pohliana, Schaueria Flavicoma, Ruellia Elegans, and I've yet to see on Suessenguthia and Justicia Sericea.

Livorno, Italy


thank you very much for your reply.I would be glad to have a trade with you.I don't know if some of my seeds are of your interest
but if you have any special request,please let me know and I'll try to obtain them for you.
Excuse my bad English.

Best regards,


Sacramento, CA

Hi. I'm sure your English is far better than my Italiano ;-)

I looked over your 'Have' list and there isn't anything I am looking for, but I am happy to mail you seeds if you pay the post...I have mailed to a number of other countries in Europe prior. I mostly collect the Acanthaceae family although do have many other plants but not all of them produce seeds reliably.

Metarungia L. and Brillantaisia are available by mail thru Silver Hill seeds in South Africa. I think their Brill is Ulugarica but it may be Owariensis...they are pretty much the same. In my experience, the Aphelandrae are hard to collect seeds from and I have never seen them offered...the plants are typically propogated by cuttings. If I could mail cuttings I would but they will die before they reach you.

Most of my plants are just recovering from the winter and will flower within the next 1-3 months and I will be able to start collecting seeds. I will probably list what I have in my trade list when they are available.

If you give me an email address I can send you my current list of plants (excel file) and if there is anything else you want I can check for seeds as the season progresses.


Townsville, Australia(Zone 10a)

I grew the brillantaisia from silverhill seeds and it is in fact a species unto itself with red/white flowers.The foliage is totally different as well it is a cool plant though.

Cheers Annette

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