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unusual request

Louisville, KY

Hi, I'm looking for pruned pieces of bamboo, a few dozen if possible, about 1" in diameter x 1-2 ' long (or I can cut them). It doesn't matter what variety. A friend needs these for breeding frogs, an object for them to lay eggs onto. Told you this was an unusual request. lol
I'm happy to pay postage or make a trade.
Thanks for any help with this,

Piedmont, SC(Zone 7b)

I just have to ask, why bamboo???

Louisville, KY

That is what was requested by my friend. He says that the particular species of frogs that he raises like bamboo for laying their eggs underneath of when a piece is slanted inside their tank. Apparrently, this replicates the conditions in their natural habitat.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Does it have to be fresh bamboo shoots, or could you go buy some of those bamboo stakes/poles that they sell at all the garden centers (around here they even have them at places like Home Depot)?

Louisville, KY

I have not seen any that are big enough in diameter. Besides, you don't know what chemicals have been used on them or where they come from, ect... Fresh and natural are really the only appropriate conditions for healthy spawn to be produced. The eggs are going to absorb whatever they come into contact with.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'd make sure to ask a lot of questions then if someone does have shoots to offer you--many people use pesticides and things in their garden, or even if they don't use pesticides if the bamboo is a screen along their property line then their neighbor's pesticides could be on it so you'll want to understand the history of those too.

Louisville, KY

Yeah, I guess you are right about that. I figured not having to do that would be a given, but better safe than sorry.

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