Garden Theme Scavenger Hunt

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

Hello all, I've come here looking for suggestions for creating a garden scavenger hunt for my local garden club.

We usually have an annual picnic in the summer and I wanted to spice up the picnic with a scavenger hunt, but I'm at a loss for how to get started with some ideas.

So do any of yall have any thoughts, suggestions or maybe you have organized one and would want to send some ideas my way.

I would be so appreciative for any help yall have to give.

I'm also looking for some ideas on prizes for the top 5 teams. We currently have around 40 active members that come to the picnic with a possible 65 total members, so what size teams (keep 40 in mind) do you think would work 4 members maybe???? 4 fit into a car good and 2 and 2 can be in conversations comfortably....

so put on those thinking caps and share what you think would be fun.

Thanks again

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

What a great idea!!! 4 members seems like a good idea. Here are some things I would have them collect:
-leaves from specific plants that aren't too common but not extremely rare in your area
-programs/guides from local horticultural shows or fall fairs
- maps of municipal gardens/parks etc.
- receipts from a local garden centre
- a quantity of manure ^_^
- seeds from a local native wildflower
- a weird and uncommon tool
- an earthworm (must be living)
- a garden gnome
- something unique from Wayne National Forest
- type of rock that is found in Ohio that isn't too common to their garden, like coal

These are just a few thoughts. LOL I could go on all day. I luv scavenger hunts.

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)


those are just fantastic ideas, keep them coming......

I love everyone of them. I especially love the living earthworm.... Will have to add more bugs to that as well.... lady bugs, beetles....etc.

We have so many parks right by us.

Ok now I'm wandering how much time to allot for this? Originally we have our picnic on a week night and I was going to suggest moving it to a Saturday and once the allotted time has expired we would open up the eating part of the day.

I too love hunts.

thanks so much


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