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The Flowerpot cafe' XV (15)

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hi Star, this should help to get you here quicker! We came from here
Now, I do believe the feature wall is up for discussion? Does anyone wish the olive colour to be changed, and is there a suggestion for new colour? And more importantly, who's going to do it?
Zany, no need for classes, I've been reading a good floristry book. It has guidelines which help to make order in an arrangement. Hope your legs aren't too sore from that bike ride!
Guess I've got competition for the chocolates in the cafe', blimmen Plantgeek! Who invited her anyway? oh, yeah, that was me, well........*mumble, mumble* Just make sure you give me a fair go at them! LOL
Hi Candee, back from your little cabin in the woods! Glad you had a good time, as always!
Our clocks went forward about 3 weeks ago. I hate it! Some of the other states don't have daylight savings, and it gets tricky working out what the time is, but I guess you Americans have that problem too?
Ok, well enjoy your cappucino's (Terri, spelling!) as I have to ready myself for class and zoom off!

Thumbnail by weed_woman
Seale, AL(Zone 8b)

Thank you .. For once I didn't get left behind either!!! : )

Saw that about changing time and thought I forgot to set mine. Forget when we have to do it here.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

So glad to have a new cafe #, that last one drove me nuts! 15 is a great number.
Sue not at the little cabin this time, went to grandbabies 2nd bday at the beach. Got her one of them Power driveable Jeeps, just like grandpas at the cabin. She is such a dollbaby!
Perhaps Zany could use these wheels instead of the bike, not that the bike isn't great, but this would be easier on those CA hills.
As for the olive, I don't want a change, I want to go with it as it is mod beyond mod and we needed a real change.
Steven, are you gonna make it over here, we been missing you.
How bout that KArma and Traci, are you ever coming back, did we scare you off?
Sue I also love what you did with those lilies. Time, heck I don't even know what day it is mosta the time!

Thumbnail by haighr
Louisville, KY

Oh crap, it's that time again to change time. Who thunk of that? Silly rabbit. At least I'm my own boss, so if I'm late for work, oh well.

What a little cutie! Looks on top of the world with her big blue vroom vroom. I would be too.

Why Terri, that is so sweet. How did you know that I needed a new pair of boots? And a boa to match! I can't imagine where you got the idea for that. lol I absolutely love them. Look out now, got my boots and as boa and I'm ready to goah. Ding dada ding, dada ding, dada ding...

Zany, you win the chocolates! Or was that Candee? Well, whoever looked in my secret hiding place... burrrp,'scuse me... wins. Ooowee, sure is high up here in these new heels. Ooops, fell face first into a box of chocolates. Sorry Sue. Well, not really, mmmm,
hehehe Guess you better get youself over here while the gettin's good. I've had one too many brews and can't control myself. Y'all help yourselves to a cold one.
Hmmm... I think I'll make some home brew for our bazzar, hot spiced meade. Yeah, that will go great with this cooler weather. (and chocolate, always with the chocolate)
I'll just put all the ingredients into my Hurry The @#$# Up Machine, and presto! I even brought earthen mugs to serve from. First round is on me. Cheers y'all.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

So is Madame Woodonthewall wanted as the new hostess with the mostest?
Plantgeek, she is there to pick you up but be careful she loves to dress in heels!

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Thumbnail by haighr
Louisville, KY

I'm sure we will have the mostest fun. Whooops...slipped again. Why thank you Madame. You are too kind. Chocolates?

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

I agree, lets keep the decor as is for awhile. It is very nice and I am luvin the modern ergonomic seating in the lounge. I am not sure if that wall is olive or forest green but it is very soothing and was an excellent choice. Candee, I think Madame Woodsy has fitted in nicely and should have the security of full time employment here.

Louisville, KY


Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Okay, I will give Madame Woodsy the good news. She will be thrilled, although she won't express it, she keeps a stiff upper lip for appearances in public. But sure she will be dancin in her quarters when we aren't lookin.
I love the seating as well, but must admit, I fell off the first one I tried cause there was nothing to lean against, but have since mastered most of it and am a bit more careful before just plopping my butt down on something.
Madame thanks you pg, but must maintain her figure so will not indulge in the chocolates, so that makes more for us!
I am not sure I properly thanked Terri for all those special cookies, what a gallant effort on her part to make them with our names, she does have an eye for detail doesn't she?

Louisville, KY

Tell Madame Woodsy that the chocolates are majic- no calories, and so she may indulge to her dear heart's content.

Yes, Terri is awesome. Hat's off to our culinary magician extraordinare!

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Just so Zany realizes that the jeep is a perfect fit for her, I gave it a spin myself and drove it right to her door. Now can I get a lift home?

Thumbnail by haighr
Louisville, KY

LOL I want one of those. Looks like too much fun.
Come on Candee, I'll give you a lift. Here, have one of these brews (don't look at the time) and the magic bubbles will lift you up. All you have to do is flap your arms and we are on our way. Bet you never thought you would be chugging a brew at 9am and flapping like a duck. Hey, we must be at an Octoberfest doing the duck dance.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Well I can imagine chugging a brew at 9 but would likely have to chug several before I begin flapping. But it works, those bubbles are so soft they are like clouds zipping me back, now to get down, must I start bursting a few bubbles when I am ready?

Humansville, MO

i got here but i am empty hand right now
love all picture
been helping huband with rabbit and goat
been to dr
just old woman
i will think of something for the cafe
hang this on a wall
he thing he king of the farm

Thumbnail by ellesgh
Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Now he could be Zany's new ride and I'll keep the jeep? You are never empty handed Elle - you always bring yourself, your sense of humor and your fun! - And Goats!

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

I think I will let Candee keep the jeep and I will have fun with that goat. I'll get busy and make me a goat cart! When I'm not riding with him I can put him out on the slope behind the fence to eat the brambles and weeds for me. In fact, he can be a source of income because people sometimes rent goats to clear property. Now that is a win win!

Louisville, KY

Zany, all you hafta do is burp. But not too much. This is an aerial art that requires precision and controll. (remember Willy Wonka?)

Hello Elle. Love that goat! He's a whopper. They are really wonderful critters, very intelligent and have the coolest eyes.

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Hi all, chattin away, wakin me up! Colder weather PG? Speak fro yourself! Very hot and humid here! Whew, all dirty and smelly from mowing lawns and working in gardens! Yuk. Don't sit too close! I haven't had a chance to zip home and have a shower. Give me some of that bubbly you two!
Candee, that buggy looks awesome. You look very small! Are you a Leprechaun?
I suppose we can keep the wall for awhile, I thought in the abscence of floral arrangements, it must be putting you all off! So did i have the numbers right for roman numerals meaning 14? 15 was much easier.
Madam Woodonthewall can definitely stay, I say! Although she will have to go outside to smoke, I'm sure the other punters agree.
Hi Elle. That goat is great. His ear looks like a big dogs tongue! We should hang him on the door of the mens lavatory. (s%#thouse as it's called here)
Whoops, where did that come form. I've been in Australia far too long!
Well, the sun is still shining, and its cooled down enough for me to walk home now and have that shower. See you tomorrow, if you're lucky! LOL

Thumbnail by weed_woman
Louisville, KY

Oh Sue, I thought that smell was the goat. lol Just "kidding". Here, have a cold brew. Made this myself, all organic ingredients, rich and heady. Or, I just made a batch of cooling herbal tea, my own concoction - flavored with a hint of raspberry and fresh collected honey.

Holy hoohahs, but is it cold or what! Down to 35 degrees this morning. Did anyone bring a wrap? Terri, I'm so glad you gave me this boa. At least my neck's warm. lol
Poor Madame Woodsy, freezing her bodacious @@ off. Here honey, have some mead.
Let's go snug up with the goat.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Madame does not smoke, that is her prop, she just can't put it down, it is studded with diamonds!
LOL at the stinkin Sue, glad you weren't stinking when we were all visiting! Sounds like you are hard at work.
Leprechaun, well not quite but perhaps a little fairy!!! Now gotcha thinkin LOL!

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Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Weed, that Frog with the snail cap is a hoot!

Candee, I believe in fairies and you might be one to fit that little jeep. But where are your wings? Did they fall off from eating too much chocolate and drinking too many Lattes?

I'm shivering this morning. The sun is playing peek-a-boo with the clouds and they say there is rain heading this way in the next couple of days. If so it is going to be a cold rain. I may have to crank the heater up soon because I'm already wearing 2 extra layers of clothes.

Gotta run some errands and get to work. You all be good while I'm out and about....or if you can't be good be careful

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Well you outta be here Zany it is in the 40's and I haven't turned the heat up over 55 yet, refuse to until Nov. 1 and we are freezing, perhaps my wings froze and got knocked off.
Here is a bicycle for you to trick or treat in, it is holding my one and only bloom left in the garden a yellow echinacea and there are more buds coming ??? Better hurry before the first snow!

Thumbnail by haighr
Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Don't laugh but that is exactly the type bike I am looking for to ride around town. Trouble is most of them I find want more than I paid for my first 3 cars combined!

Coffs Harbour, Australia

just delivering these flowers for the corner. NZ flax flowers (slightly unusual in that they have yellow instead of red flowers BTW) and some Australian Lomandra longifolia flower and seed spikes. They smell amazing, like a mix of fiberglass resin and sweet vanilla.
got to run, things to water, very hot and humid, but dusty!
Thanks PG for the herbal tea, it was very cooling on my parched pie hole.
I am glad that Madam Woodonthewall doesn't smoke Candee. I like her much better now, and the doorway won't be full of tobacco smoke. LOL. Of course, fairy, now why didn't I think of that?
Zany, I borrowed the picture. Is'nt it cute? It makes me laugh. Somedays I'm the frog, somedays I'm the snail!

Thumbnail by weed_woman
Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

Boy, I blink an eye and here we are, already in flowerpot cafe XV. There has been such a flurry of activities here - remodeling, new hirees, a festival with lovely purses, baskets and loads of chocolates, a variety of neat wall paintings, etc. It is amazing how creative you all are. I picked a lot of persimmons last weekend, but I guess it was too late to sell them at the festival.

Sue - what is another name for the New Zealand flax? That is such a neat looking flower - it is so exciting discovering new plants.

A great big hello to all the regulars!!!!! Zanymuse and plantgeek - I don't think we have met. Will try to pop in more often to make your acquaintances.

Thumbnail by soilsandup
Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

So, since I missed the festival, I am adding fresh cut persimmons to the cafe menu. Not as good as those chocolate covered strawvberries, but it is quite a healthy snack.

Thumbnail by soilsandup
Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Well hello soilsandup. It is very nice to meet you. The persimmons look wonderful. I have never tasted one though and am a bit hesitant to try new foods...can you tell me what they taste like?

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

I'm with Zany here Dianne, they are quite lovely in appearance - sweet?

Louisville, KY

A pleasure to meet you soilsandup. Those a very nice looking persimmons. I've never seen them sliced, only smashed for pudding. Love the symmetry. They are much bigger than the ones around here.
Mmmm... now I'm hankering for hot persimmon pudding with a dollup of freshmade whipped cream.

Hey, has anyone seen Terri? Did she fall into the pumpkin? It is a good place to hide to scare Trick-or-Treaters.

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm off to the lab to see what's on the slab. Bwahahahahah...

london England, United Kingdom


Hi everyone, Happy Halloween!
Thanks for the new cafe Sue, everything is looking good. Beautiful NZ Flax arrangement.
Love the jeep, what a fantastic present! The bicycle is so cute Candee!
Nice to see the King of the farm elle.
I haven't tried persimmons either, the texture looks like a nectarine! Thanks Dianne.

Trick or Treat?

Seale, AL(Zone 8b)

Hey all. Only got aminute to stay, but just found out about the phot contest. Maybe some of ya cna enter your designs and creations.

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

Hi all - persimmons are one of my favorite fruits - especially in the fall because there are not too many other fresh fruits around. What I have is the Fuyu variety, and you can eat those when they are crunchy. Texture is like an apple when picked firm, and it is quite sweet. I have to warn people that there are two main kinds of persimmons - the other is the Hachiya variety, and you have to wait until they are mushy to eat them. They are the ones that are normally used in baking and in probably the pudding that PG mentioned. The Fuyus will ripen and soften too, but I prefer to eat them when they are hard. You can tell the difference mainly in the shape - the Fuyu has a rounded bottom, while the Hachiya has a pointed bottom. I have given persimmons to friends who loved it, and then they see it in the stores and buy the wrong kind. The wrong kind is extremely astringent, and will really make your mouth pucker. You do NOT want to eat those before they are mushy. Whew - end of my long-winded dissertation on persimmons! LoL. But, do try the Fuyus when you get the chance. And yes, I am going to brag a little here, I do have the biggest Fuyus in these parts. A couple was 3/4 lbs. I posted this photo in the what's blooming in my garden, but am posting it here so that you can see the persimmon tree in the background.

Thumbnail by soilsandup
Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

and here is a closeup where you can see the shape of the fruit. The above photo of the harvest has some of the persimmons upside down so that you can see the flattened bottoms too. If you looked very closely, at the rear of the counter top is a Hachiya persimmon, placed upside down, with the pointy side up. That dark orangy-red color means that is ripe and mushy

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Thumbnail by soilsandup
london England, United Kingdom

Hi Star, Thanks for the photo contest link. Is anyone going to enter?
WoW! Dianne you certainly have a great crop this year. What is the lovely blue flower on the left?

Thanks for the Treat! Great addition to the cafe' menu.

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Now I am going to have to try some. I think I saw some in the produce market the other day... I hope they are the sweet crunchy kind and not the pucker you up I know where the old expression "She is a parsimonious old bag" comes from ;~) LOL the neighbors said that a lot about the woman down the street from us when I was a kid. I always thought they were talking about her constantly pursed and puckered lips.

Well, I'm off to work and then off to San Francisco to visit Bob and drive his car home. I'll be back Sunday or Monday.

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

Terri - the bluish/purplish flower is Tibouchina urvilleana (aka as princess flower). Great long bloomer.

Zany - I have never heard of the word parsimonious so I just had to look it up - it does mean misery and stingy. But, I like your idea of using the word persimmonious to mean someone with "constantly pursed and puckered lips" Hope that Bob is feeling better and have a nice trip to SF.

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

I pared down this arrangement a little for the cafe. So Sue, here is a red and black arrangement for one of the tables - no orange or metallics though.

Happy Halloween everyone. I took the easy route this year and am dressing up as a boy scout - thanks to my son who happened to have kept his uniform.

Thumbnail by soilsandup
london England, United Kingdom

Have a good weekend Zany, Hope Bob is recovering well.

Thanks for the lovely arrangement Dianne. Happy halloween and have fun dressing up! It was freezing outside here tonight!

Trick or Treaters were following me on my way here, are we opening the door or not?? LOL!

Thumbnail by terriculture
Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Did the DG photo contest the first 2 years of DG n gave up, too much too soon and too many contenders. The site has really gotten too big for me and cannot keep upl Used to like havin a RU a couple of years, but now way too large for my taste and too hard to keep up with.
I really like DG , but must admit gets a bit tiring after a bit, am getting weary Dave.!

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Well, I made it back from S.F. and it was great to see my guy for a while. He is holding in there and we are hoping for the best. We still don't know how long before he will be able to come home but we are taking it one step at a time.

Candee, I hope you don't weary of us too much! I have cut back to just a few forums these days and although I miss seeing some people regularly it is easier than trying to keep up on everything and feeling bad when I fail.

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