Peanut Butter Tree info

Saint Petersburg, FL

Is anyone here growing a Peanut Butter Tree (Bunchosia argentea)?

I picked one up from River's End last year, and lo and behold it's got buds. Wondering if I should hand pollinate, and how long I should expect before I get fruit?

Thanks in advance!

Sarasota, FL

Insects should take of pollination; they should be self-pollinating. Maybe a couple of months until fruit are ripe.
Have you eaten one? The flavor is very intense, reminds me of some halloween candy. The aroma is the same peanut butter scent as when you pull up a wild bitter melon vine.

Lakeland, FL(Zone 10a)

Usually the first summer the trees flower there is very little fruit that will set. After that the amount of fruit increases considerably.

Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you both!

It only bloomed a little (4 total blooms), and did not set fruit, but it's still very small, so I am hopeful of more blooms in the spring.

I haven't tasted it, but I'm dying to. Good to know that I won't need to hand pollinate. I've certainly got plenty of bugs to take care of that for me.

Lakeland, FL(Zone 10a)

I have a tree that was about 3' when I put it in the ground 2 yrs ago. It is now about 12-15'. Although there isn't a whole lot of pulp on each fruit, the number of fruit increases considerably as the matures. It is great as an off the tree snack. When you get lots of fruit it is great as a shake; blend with vanilla ice cream in a blender for a special treat.

Also, if you eat them before they soften (they get very soft when ripe) they taste somewhat like a carrot..

Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you! I've had mine for less than a year, and it's still only about 5', but I was pleasantly surprised to see blooms already. Definitely looking forward to trying a Peanut Butter Fruit Shake!

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