Mobile home wood stove installation

South Easton, MA

HELP!!! I am planning to install a wood stove. I do live in a mobile home, however, the stove is to be installed in a site built addition. It will not be on any adjoining walls to the original mobile. I have researched to the point of driving myself insane!! I am aware of HUD requirements, again, there is no available chassis to ground to since it is a stick built addition. My question is, can I install a wood sotve that is not mobile home approved in this addition? I am still planning to make sure the walls and floors are of non-combustible materials, will add a hearth pad and put metal lining on the walls with one inch spacers. I will also have an outdoor air duct for combustion. I cannot seem to find the answer to my question anywhere. Simply put, can I install a stove that is NOT mobile home approved in an addition off a mobile home?????

Shenandoah Valley, VA

Why don't you call your local zoning administrator? They would be able to tell you.

Deering, NH(Zone 5a)

Honey, no mobile homes are approved for woodstoves. Only fireplaces or furnances. Yes, we went against the rules on that. We have a woodstove in place of our fireplace. However hubby knew what he was doing since he's done it for work. If I were you though I would get approval to doing it first. After you do then I can help you with the details.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Hey in California there are wood stoves approved and also pellet stoves approved for mobile homes. They require an additional clean air intake, which amounts to an extra hole drilled in the floor to allow clean air in, or out the wall if it is a pellet stove with a wall exhaust instead of a roof exhaust. We just bought a pellet stove that was mobile home approved.

I had a stove store guy come check out our mobile home and he said that the main reason they make mobile's have that extra clean air vent was because in the older mobile homes, (the metal ones), the walls would suck in when the stoves were going hot and with the clean air, it eliminated this, though they are not really necessary with the wood ones like ours, though the laws or codes never changed.

It may be different in other states but here it says MOBILE HOME APPROVED ON THE BOX. We love the pellet stove so much, but if I had a big big house, I'd want a wood stove to heat more effectively in the whole house.

I imagine the on site addition would not need to be mobile approved either as long as it was able to be closed of by some doors from the rest of the house but I am guessing.

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