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Parkersburg, WV

I am stuck. I am trying to set up my journal. I had removed some categories. now when I go into journal and this is what it says:

You now need to start your journal off by adding for first item. You do this by going to the category in which you want this item to be created. When you have selected your category, then click on "Add a new item".

Select the category from the list below:

Their is no list under this message, I had added some categories then removed them. Is there anyway to start over with a clean slate.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

When I go to look at your journal, it shows that you have one category called dahlias, I'm not sure why you aren't seeing it. Are you able to get to the main journal page where it has headers like Main Menu, Access by Category, etc? If you are able to get there then I'd probably just start a new journal if you are having problems with this one. If you can't even get to that main page though you might use the "contact us" link to contact the admin team and they can probably wipe out your existing journal and let you start over.

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