Tucson, AZ

I am getting ready to plant the bulbs I got in a coop and after taking one out of the sack not only had it put on some good growth but one also(maybe 2) has a pup growing out of the side. Should I take that off and plant separately or should I just leave it for this season? Thanks

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

i leave them together for no particular reason

Tolleson, AZ(Zone 9a)

Yeah you have babies!!! I have one getting ready to flower if it can make it through the cool down we have ahd.

Tucson, AZ

thanks vossner, I did just that.

Columbus, OH

I've read that you can leave them on for a couple seasons since they aren't ready to bloom yet. But I also think it would be fine to separate and plant them alone. I left mine on this year. Baby bulbs would take a tiny pot though since Amaryllis like to be crowded!

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