Can anyone identify this plant?

Hollywood, FL

I took a small clipping from a friend, and within 4 weeks it went from 1 ft to 4 ft and blooming like crazy! Gorgeous full yellow flowers with red speckles.The flowers bloom one or two at a time then fall off quickly..many more are still coming..It has very dark green round shaped leaves. At first I thought it was a Gladiola type flower. I dont think so now. Then I thought Lily. Any one out there have a clue? I live in south florida and this plant is thriving outside in my patio.

Thumbnail by deegreen
Hollywood, FL

Heres another view of the flower

Thumbnail by deegreen
Vieques, PR

I have one just like it which bloomed wonderfully all summer --actually just bloomed a couple weeks ago here in Washington DC.

I think it's a canna.

Vieques, PR

Maybe this one?

Keaau, HI

Looks like Canna x generalis 'Confetti'.

Hollywood, FL

Thank you thank you all!

Redondo Beach, CA(Zone 11)

Just a good old canna

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Yeah, its Canna. There are a few other colours you should also try growing. It also comes in a dwarf variety too which is much shorter (max, about 3 - 4 feet). I loves full sun and lots of water. We grow them out doors in full sun in out very hot humid Malaysian climate.

Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

Aloha deegreen and Tecialiu, so glad you joined us on TZG!

Looks like a Canna I have, but I thought mine was called Cleopatra....

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