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Going Dormant Already

Chickenville, FL(Zone 9a)

My white dragon globba is already going dormant but the Ruby Queen isn't at all. Is that normal?

Usually my kaempferia grande goes dormant pretty early but it is growing like mad still lol.

Keystone Heights, FL(Zone 8b)

One of my hidden ginger went dormant a month ago; the other is just now starting to yellow. We've still got butterfly and peacock gingers blooming. I would think that your situation is not out of the ordinary at all.

Chickenville, FL(Zone 9a)

My peacock ginger is kaempferia 'grande' so it only flowers in the spring when there is no foilage lol. Once the flowers drop the leaves come in.

I didnt realize the globbas went into dormancy at diff times. The purple just started blooming again and the white is pretty much dormant now.

Gainesville, FL

My curcumas are all trying to go down, mainly because I have been very lax in watering them. The globbas are still up, but have finished flowering. The Zingibers are all yellowing and getting ready to go to bed. I will probably lop them down if I get time between marathon training and my sick kid, LOL.

My place looks terrible right now because a lot of bananas flowered and are now dying off, the deciduous gingers ditto, many of my alocasias and colocasias that are not in ponds are going dormant not from cold but from decreased water because I am too busy to get out there with a hose. That's okay though...they will all go down sooner or later anyway unti March in a freeze (probably) so if I let them go now it will be less clean up later.

Chickenville, FL(Zone 9a)

GQ can you leave your nanners outside all year in your zone? Mine is supposed to be a 9a but I am thinking it might be closer to a 8b but I am hoping I can leave mine out. They are not bajoos or anything cold hardy.

Sorry to hear about your sick child. Hope he/she is feeling better.
We all took turns here with colds and sore throats a few wks ago.

Gainesville, FL

Yes all of our bananas stay outside here. I have the following outside and have had them out for over 14 years:
Praying Hands
1000 Fingers
Rowe Red
ornata pink and purple
Raja Puri
and several unknown bananas that I got years ago as trades

I get fruit on Raja Puri every year but we leave it to the squirrels

The only bananas I do not grow outside are my Ae Ae, Siam Ruby, and uranoscopis

Chickenville, FL(Zone 9a)

Thanks GQ! That is a relief , one less type of plant I will have to worry about this winter lol.
I have a tiny Siam Ruby in a pot that I will prob bring in on cold nights. You must have a tall greenhouse ceiling, the AeAe get really tall. When I was down at Stokes Tropicals' greenhouse in S. LA, they had them inside in pots and they were really tall- 16ft or so!
I had to recently restart the nanner collection when I moved. Right now I just have:
Dwf Cavendish
Super Dwf Cavendish
Gran Nain
Double Mahoi
Siam Ruby
Esente Ventricosum
Pink Veluntina

I saw orinco, raja puri, and ice cream are available at stores nearby so I will prob add those soon and keep in pots till spring on the screened-in porch.

Gainesville, FL

The ceiling where the Ae Ae is planted is 20 feet, and the leaves hit the ceiling and bend over. The leaves are between 8-10 ft at present. It should fruit sometime soon. The trunk is pretty massive.

Chickenville, FL(Zone 9a)

Wow-they really do get tall :) I got to taste the fruit before -not bad at all! It is pretty and variegated like the plant.

Millsap, TX

ATB if your Dbl Mahoi pups will you let me know? Maybe I could something around of interest to ya..

Gainesville, FL

This is a picture of my Ae Ae I took today while I was working in the GH.
It did this once before (got this big) and I dug it out and planted it outside. Then I got afraid I would lose it in winter so I brought it back inside. Now its a monster. It loses most of its 'pretty' with all the leaves bent like this.

Thumbnail by gothqueen
Chickenville, FL(Zone 9a)

Kylie, I am sure it will have an extra pup this spring. Would be happy to trade with you then :)
GQ, wow it really is a monster! I hope it makes some pups for you b4 it flowers or shortly after. I think it is still very pretty. The ones I saw in pots had several pups in each pot so they must pup easily. You have a great greenhouse! Its gonna be 28 here tonight (yikes!) I had to drag all the potted stuff into the garage again and cover everything else that isn't too tall. Hope it doesn't all freeze!

Gainesville, FL

It has one pup started, but it seems dormant. I think all the energy is going to the tree, so maybe it is going to fruit soon. I have had this banana for 5 years and it has never pupped before. I have tried every commercial and every 'home' fertilizer I can think of to try to get it to pup, no luck! I think it will have to be threatened with death from childbirth before it does.

I dragged everything in too yesterday but forgot to cover a key bromeliad bed. Hopefully it didn't freeze. I haven't even checked the current temp yet, too scared, LOL

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