mini jersey

Grand Saline, TX(Zone 7b)

Hello, I'm new to this forum I had asked a dairy question on Poultry and Livestock and couldn't find anyone with dairy cows. After searching I found this and the Homesteading forum. I hoping some of you will take pity on my ignorance and help me

We have 100 acres that we lease out for beef cattle. The pastures are rotated and baled but not cultivated/sown. I have very little experience with cows and no experience with dairy breeds. I have been researching online the smaller heritage breeds and the mini jersey.

Any help or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated, remember I'm new to this so speak simple. My biggest concern at the moment is nutrition.I would like to raise them self-sufficiently as possiable. I keep reading that jerseys covert protein better. Does that mean the don't need as much protein or they just consume less in bulk? Can they be grass fed only if the grass protein is high, what should the percentage be? I'm assuming I would take a bale sample to Ag office or send to a lab. Is this correct?

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