Ripening of naranjila

Londerzeel, Belgium


Does anyone knows how long a naranjila (Solanum quitoense) takes to get fully ripened? It started fruiting in may this year and in june i got four fullgrown but still green fruits. Today we're allready half november and the plant is still bearing the same, green fruits. Or did I got a variety that has fruits that stay green even when ripe?



Sarasota, FL

Since nobody's answered, I'll take a guess; 4-6 months. Never bothered to check mine from start to finish.
Funny, almost all photos show no spines covering the fruit!

Londerzeel, Belgium

Thanks for answering :)
At this moment the fruits are still green, although one of them seems to fade to a lighter hue of green. Never got a chance to eat those fruits so it would be great if one of them makes it before fungus and other deseases start their attacks...

Londerzeel, Belgium

Now there are clear signs of ripening...finally.
I'm curious what the things will taste like...

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