ORVG COFFEE HOUSE # 132 - Indian summer's over

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

A new thread. We came from here: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/920597

Chele, do all the kids like beans? I was going to say, chili you could make veggie and with meat. Howie and I do a lot of easy beans and rice dishes using brown rice (more fiber and more satisfying), beans, sauteed onions, canned diced tomatoes, and spices. I'll make up a big batch and we'll have it for meals the next few days. We're just trying to please the two of us, and neither of us minds eating the same thing if it's good. Sometimes we'll freeze the leftovers into portion sizes and have them on hand for quick meals later.

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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Nice shot Kimberley! Those are the sort of barn pictures I liked to paint back "in the day" LOL

Busy day for me today - routine Dr. appt. then off to work early. A co-worker's young child is having seizures, so I am going in to help out since he will be off today while his child is having tests.

Everyone have a great day!

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6b)

Are we posting on this one now?? I'm lost lol

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Neal do they do Vanilla Beans there?


Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Ohhhh good timing....Neal could you pick up some basil and oregano for me?

Let me know how much and I'll get it in the mail ASAP!!


morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Forgot we made a new thread. Neal made the cover!

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Flemingsburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Yes Carolyn this is the one

Marcy or whomever...I would like to know what to
spray on brugs when they get spidermites.?
Sprayed mine down with dawn and water before I brought them in.
Now they have webs on them.
This is my first year bringing in the whole plant.
Last year I cut them down in pieces
and rooted them.


Waddy, KY

You are a bad, bad, boy and I bet Neal's payback will be sweet!!!

Been a little busy here for a while. MIL has been in the hospital twice in the last three weeks with an infection that they can't seem to locate. At first they thought it was pneumonia but the CXR came back pretty clean. They sent her home and she spiked a fever and started vomiting etc. We went back on Monday. Now they think it could be bladder or an intestinal infection. She dehydrates easily as she's just 90 lbs and is missing her colon from prior cancer surgery anyway so any time she's sick anymore it turns dicey from the hydration perspective.

We have gotten a couple loads of wood cut and on the porch. Fortunately just in time for the weekend. For once I won't HAVE to cut wood in the rain and snow. It looks like it's going to be a cold nasty market on Saturday...


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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

OMG, George, that's hysterical! You're killing me, man

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

I want a signed copy, Neal! LOL, George that photo program looks like fun.
Chele, how many of the girls know how to cook? My ex was cooking when he was five and had to stand on a stepstool to reach the stove, so it's not to early for them to learn.

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

I had a little help with that one. Gemini's you will find have a sometimes warped humor about us!

I want to write a little something that I thought of last night while thinking of recent post and some of the struggles people are having. I read some of my post and felt they might be scene as bragging. While others are just trying to keep food on the table.

Most of you know we live on fixed incomes here from heart related and other problems. When I worked we were a 75 grand a year household. New cars, furniture, jewelry the works. Never a thought to buying groceries or taking kids on outings or mini vacations. Then my life and Jeff's came to a screeching halt. No more work. Living on 401k and small jobs. We went from 75 grand to less then 15grand in a matter of months. We ate lots of tuna casseroles and soups to keep kids feed and still pay bills. We watched cars get repossessed, jewelry sold for pennies on what we paid You get the picture. One Christmas I sold my whole antique toy collection just to have something for the kids. Those old John deer metal pieces hurt most to ship.

We lived like this for about 2-3 years then disability kicked in and we saw a light at the end of the tunnel. We left our home due to all the repairs it needed and moved here to morehead. Over the last 2 years my health got better. Jeff started working again and things got even better. We actually had money saved(not much, but the first time in a few years) We had not had any new furniture or electronic toys in years, so we bought some things. I spent extra money on the gardens. Things I could not afford for years. Like a simple hanging basket.

I am not writing this to make anyone feel sorry for us. Just wanted to explain why I get so excited when I get new plants or a greenhouse built. I live in my opinion a pure piece of heaven here and thank the creator every day for what It has given me. I consider you all good friends. Writing over the internet can sometimes come out different then the intended way. I know how humbling it can be to ask for help from agencies i used to use to help other people and get recognized by those workers. I know what the inside of a food bank looks like. I pray for all you all struggling right now to know my heart goes out to you. When I lost my job. My world crumbled.

Well prob more than any of you wanted to know about me, but it was bugging me and I had to tell you my friends.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone.
Hey Pauletta...about the spider mites. What you are doing with the Dawn dish soap is about the best thing you can do. Spray them frequently and check them daily...especially underneath the leave. Spider mites are determined little devils. You can also use insecticides....but they say mites become immune to them really fast...and next year you will have a resistant strain of them. With brugs...it is best to hose them down GOOD...before you bring them inside....and then keep a close eye on them.
Neal...received the seeds today...THANK YOU!!! Gonna look see what I can find for you! LOVE the picture...lol!!!
I made mango salsa with grilled chicken breasts tonight. I bought two beautiful mangos...uh...that is...they were beautiful on the outside! They were half rotten on the inside! Good thing I bought two, because the recipe only called for one. I had to use both to get enough...and even then, they just aren't real good. Not juicy even. I was disgusted. But the salsa wasn't half bad....lol!! Had pineapple, red pepper, green onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, and sauced with lime juice and honey. The chicken breasts were marinated in lime juice and olive oil, salt, pepper. Same thing for supper tomorrow night...lol!
I went to Walmart after my therapy, and WALKED around the grocery, pushing a cart! First time. It was slow, and I wasn't there long, but I did it!
George...I am sure you were devastated...losing your job. I just hate seeing what is happening in our world today. It could happen to ANY of us...as I think we all know. I certainly don't think any less of anyone who has to have assistance because of a job loss or our economy.
We are retired here...BUT....our insurance could very well be on it's way out, since Dave retired from Chrysler. And that would be very devastating! Nothing we can do to stop it though.
My brother...who is 70 yrs old...had to go to work full time...just to pay for health insurance for he and his wife...because his company ended his. I wish Dave would stop working at the grocery, but as he says...now is NOT the time to be quitting a job...even for him.
Well...going to watch the Country Music Awards show tonight. I hope you all have a good evening!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Geo i think we all know you and would never think you as bragging, please don't worry about it . Thank you for being very kind to be so considerate of others . :) . Times are hard right now for alot of people. Its hard to know what to say at times.
Heck i have been homeless !!! well i lived in my 1979 chevy camaro ! lollll i thought i was sooo cool driving that thing. sheesh.
Well on a side note. Got the brakes fixed , then a tire fixed .
got dinner on the table and kids bathed. Not to exciting. I did get my hair done , yeah no more grey !!! for the next 5 weeks. LOLLL
Raining here.
hope everyone stays dry and warm
If anyone needs firewood ? let me know .
jYeah Marcy good for you !
good night everyone

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

George we know you speak from Pride not Brag.
And not Prideful either ...... there IS a big difference.

The big sale at NCE is tomorrow.
I'm sure Robyn will kill them....LOL!

BTW The 2009 Cincy Flower Show in April will NOT be at Coney this year.
Symmes Township Park


Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Neal, Congratulations on the Award! ;-)

George, Thank you for sharing that story and showing that there is a light at the end of tunnel. Most of us have been there at some point in our lives, for one reason or another. It is devastating and humiliating to have to ask for help, but thankfully it is there when you can get through the red tape. I've also had some rough times in both my childhood and my adult life. I was the oldest of 4 kids and after I left home and came back to visit, it was heart breaking to hear my mother apologize for not being able to give me as much before I left as they then could to my 3 younger brothers. I never did get everything I wanted or thought I HAD to have as a teenager, but I never felt like we were poor. I look at my 2 oldest granddaughters now and know that they have no idea what being broke is. Heaven forbid, they wear thrift store clothes or have to wonder where their next meal is coming from. After being a single mom myself for 7 years, I'm afraid to ask how my ex-DIL manages.

Anyway, on a brighter note....we're getting lots of much needed rain and it was 58* today! WhooHoo!

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Thank You Kimberley for the new Thread...I meant to get it this morning, but was running a little behind...
I took Earl down to dialysis this morning, and he was in agony from pain... after about 20 minutes in the van, I smelled something I haven't smelled since Vietnam...and I was furious....I dropped him off and kissed him goodbye and told him I loved him...Then I took off for Harrod, OH and got George and took him to the VA...3 1/2 hr round trip...I parked the Wheelie, and went to the Advocates office and *Cut loose*.. I was in full Colonel mode....One of my babies was in trouble and needed help... Earl was brought from Fairborn Dialysis to the VA ER by Ambulance, and admitted to the 5N unit...and I was there waiting...I made one short run while they got him cleaned up and upstairs, and I was back in a flash...I checked on him to be sure he had pain meds, and he wasn't ready to kill me...I got another hug and a kiss from a legless old 88 yr old WW2 Black American Vet, and told that he loved me...Yeah, well that goes double from me Bro!! Took George back to Harrod in the rain, and came back to check on Earl on the way to the barn...He was all cleaned up in clean jammies and sitting up in bed watching TV and eating his dessert...I gave him a smootch and went on in to fuel up and turn in my paperwork...
First pickup in the morning is at Waynesville, so I left the wheelie and drove my car home...Now I gotta go back down to Urbana and get propane...When I get back, I am going to hit my bathtub, and wash my hair and soak, and hopefully not fall asleep and drown myself...

Neal dearling, I got my seeds today too...Hopefully they and I will both have a new home soon...

Way to go Marcy!!!!

Take care and stay dry and warm everyone!!

Flemingsburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks Marcy
I will just keep on doing the dawn and water.

~~~~~~~~~~~ to everyone

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening folks, we got back late this afternoon, and I found out that the day of the vacation start wasn't my fault!! Whew, thought I was loosing my mind. DTS made the reservations, the first hotel she booked us in, she found out was a no smoking facility. So she booked another reservation, but could get us in on Monday. She forgot to tell me, so wasn't my fault for not being ready for it.

I have laughed at the antics here, George payback is he double toothpicks, and I think you have it coming. Don't worry about what anybody here thinks, I for one am very blessed not to have had any issues that would make me seek a food kitchen. Close, but not actually there.

Chele, I think you do a marvelous job of feeding the family with a lean budget, and so what if somebody doesn't like something, tell them the kitchen is theirs.

msrobin, you are being modest when you say you don't have talent. I saw your portfolio at the KY RU, and your painted furniture is exquisite!!

Marcy, OMG, walking in Walmart. Now don't be silly, use the carts when you need them.

Janet, wondering where you were. Sure hope that DMIL is doing okay at this point in time. We are struggling with the same issues, my DMIL is in and out of the hospital several times a month. Congestive heart failure, and it isn't gonna get better for a 90 year old.

Carolyn, the cheese cake doesn't looke great, but bet it is good tasting. I love cheesecake of any kind, and it is my only concession to eating sweets.

Sue, bless your heart, tell the DH to lay off, you have dealt with everything while he was gone, and life will go on, even with a high gas bill.

Dusty, hope that your vet friend is getting good care, and that he appreciates you getting into your "higher up officer mode" on his behalf. Hope that you have things settled soon and are able to get moved before full blown winter is upon us.

Neil, I came home to an envelope with seeds in it. I will be looking through my seeds and sending something special for you.

kimberly, yep, great name for the web sit. While we were gone, I noticed a store that had nothing but scrapbooking supplies, and all marked down considerably. Had I know what you wanted/needed, I could have purchased a bit for you.

Darius, young adults don't actually have personality skills until about 30 yrs of age. So hang in there, and if you don't get arrested for murder at a future date, she may become a decent human being!! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us. I know lots about several things, but not a whole lot about anything!! Does that make sense?

Sorry Paulette, I don't do brugs, so no help from this corner of Ky.

Well, I am still trying to read and catch up on several threads, so will join you again daily tomorrow.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Welcome back Home Bons....You were misssed... Didja remember to buy me some white Chocolate this year??? Rofllllll

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Dusty, I don't do chocolate, so sorry none coming your way!!

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Awwwwwwww Bons.... we discussed this 3 yrs ago... Its the WHITE one !!! LOL

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Neal, seeds came today... Thanks!

Dusty, you did good! Hooray that some folks care about our Vets. All 3 of my half-brothers are Vets. The oldest is on 100% disability from 'Nam and is a very vocal advocate for many of his friends who have no one else to look after them.

George, we all have been THERE, or perhaps might be... I'm having to plan on doing something else myself, just don't know what yet. My social security check just dropped about 20% (to pay Medicare Parts B & D) because my annual evaluation in October now puts my income $5 over the Federal Poverty Line for any assistance. With terminal liver disease and COPD, I cannot work even if local jobs were available or anyone would hire a 68 year old woman. Life seems the pits sometimes but I'm blessed with a beautiful yard to work with/on, and LOTS of friends. Plus I get to sleep inside, out of the cold and rain! :)

Y'all sleep tight...

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

It was tight when mom and dad split up. I remember a lot of Hamburger Helper and spam. :)

Howie and I started tackling the office when he got home from work. We can see the floor! The wrought iron and wood stand for that extra 55-gallon fishtank I got at a yard sale last summer is the perfect thing for our TV and electronics. We put it in front of the fireplace, right on the stone hearth. I just have to finish up sorting through some papers tomorrow and straightening up. Howie will vacuum. My friend Jenni is coming over to scrapbook with me after she gets off work, so motivation is high! LOL

Here's the latest in our geeky lives:

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Well, I fell off the planet yesterday! I put on some laundry, went to my room and turned on Lifetime and sat in my bed making barrettes on my makeshift work table. Some silly lady asked me for 12 then changed it to 20. LOL I love ya! You know who you are. LOL Kristenne was home sick and we got a call around 11:20 to pick up Jazzi because she was projectile in the office. Yay.

George, thank you for that post. When you are at the bottom, it often feels like you are alone. I've had many kind dmails, emails and shows of support. I know I'm not alone but I'll sure be glad to be climbing out of the tunnel and back to being able to help others again. I was reading posts on a local TV station website about how the economy is affecting people. There are posts there rivaling anything I am going through. It's tough for many right now-people losing homes, thinking of giving their babies up for adoption, job loss, inability to pay bills, buy food, etc. I hope things turn around soon.

Kimberley, thank you for that soccer note! I saw it on the news site today. I was like, "that name looks familiar, like Kimberley, oh it is!". LOL

On lower notes, I was reading the prayer forum. Marsue has been known to pop in and post here. Sweet lady! I just read that she lost her husband. Also Dovey, I know you posted about your new grandson Ethan, but I didn't know he was struggling. I'm very happy that I read he is doing much better. I hope he gets to go home soon! I'm glad you get to fly out in a few days! Hopefully he will be home where you can get in all the love and snuggling you can take. :)

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

off to the ellipitcal torture machine and will be back to post later
just wanna say
Bless you all and have a great day

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Joyce, gotcha on the list for your herbs :-)

Ric, they do have vanilla beans, and I think the last time I got them they were about $1 each- I need to pic some up too. I'll give them a call a little later and find out the price for sure.

Gotta run, have an appointment this morning. Will check in when I get back.
Have a great morning everybody!

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, and glad everybody's getting their seeds.
Darius, got yours yesterday too. Thanks!

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Goodmorning, All! Hope everyone is doing well!

Welcome back, Bonnie! Thank you for the nice compliment!

Chele, you are definitely among friends and very much loved!

Neal, how often do you go tro the coop and do they have spices and herbs all the time?

Just wanted to pop in for a few minutes before I get busy.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

I forgot to mention...hubby's phone rang yesterday which it does not do too often. Remember the job he interviewed for? The one that had a four interview process.....Well, they thought he did very well and the interviewer really liked him. Unfortunately, they also had an inside candidate that they decided to give the job. BUT, they are also trying to figure out how to open up a second position so they can hire him too. It's not a job but it's something!

People have been asking about it so I figured I should report. It took them nearly two months to do all four interviews! I just looked at the calender. The last interview was on October 16th and they just called yesterday!

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Morning all.

Thanks for your thoughfulness, Neal. Got the seeds yesterday as well!

I have some brug cuttings that a friend from GA sent me. Way too many for me to keep. I have a NOID white, NOID yellow and Isabella. If anyone wants some, I will be glad to send them to you. I do have the Frosty Pink for you Neal and Dusty, They are just now starting to get their white nubbies.

Always feels better to know you aren't alone in your struggles of whatever kind. Praying for you all as always.

Love you!

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

(popping my head in...) Brrr!!! (popping back to warm Texas to get a sweater...)(popping back in again...) Hi, everyone! ^_^

Yayyy! about Craig's phone call!! I sure hope that comes through for him - quickly! Is that job near you? I'm sorry Kristenne AND Jazzi were sick.. poor bunnies. I sure hope the rest of your crew stays healthy and doesn't pass it on to you. We have food challenges, too, so I sympathize with your menu dilemmas. Thanks for the barrettes!! ;-)

George, you're very sweet and encouraging. Thank you for sharing your story. :-) And you'd better run, cuz Miss Sewage Monthly is right behind you with his plunger.

Kimberley, my dh loved your newest blog post! We use cheap little pay-as-you-go phones that we can refill for $20 a month (or less), so they can't do anything so fancy; but he used a Cue Cat (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CueCat) at his old job, and has been looking for excuses ever since to use them for ... well, anything. Cuz he thinks they are fun. LOL

Sue, are the gas bills so high cuz you're still paying the deposit for getting it hooked up? We had to do that, too, and it was a pain at the time. But a year later they paid our deposit back - well, they credited our account for that amount, and we didn't have a gas bill at all for several months. It was really nice! Hopefully it will work out that way for you, too. :-)

Dusty, I'm so glad you were there for Earl yesterday. :-) Your boys (and girls, too!) are going to miss you when you move to Michigan.

Ok, it's cold up here in the frozen north... I'm outta here. Waves and hugs to all of you! Come visit us in toasty Texas! (((((((((((((ORVG friends)))))))))))))))))) (pop)

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New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Good morning everyone.
Neal....I would be interested in vanilla bean also.
Chele....wow....here is hoping something comes through for Craig! Sorry the girls are sick. Hope they feel better soon.
Thanks for telling about Marsue. That is so sad. He had been ill for a while I know. And she is not in the best of health herself.
Dovey.....glad you are getting to go see that grandson. Prayers for his continuing improvement.
Not much going on here today. Have to clean bathrooms...ugh! Then not sure what I will get into?
We did get some much needed rain last night. About time!!
Did I ever tell you guys I have a cat that absolutely LOVES the rain???? Yep! She went out when it started about supper time...and didn't make any attempt to come in until around 11 pm. And there is NOWHERE for her to stay dry out there, as the barn and garage were shut up. She looked like a drowned rat! She came in....lays down on the rug at the kitchen sink...rolls over...and waits to be dried with a towel.....lol! Crazy cat! But...I guess there are other cats that like water too. My brother had a cat that would jump into their in ground pool. He loved to swim!!
Ok...my little tidbit of the day...lol.
I hope you all have a good one!!!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Miracles DO happen, 'Chele... hang in there!

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Think it'll help if I change my name to Virginia? LOL

The water company was just here to shut off my water. Grrr. Thank goodness for a small company. He gave me a card and told me to call the water company and said he was calling in too. I asked for the girl I normally talk to. Somehow it had gotten past her and she said not to worry about it. I wrote a check anyway to pop in the mail later today.

One thing I don't understand. In the city, our bill was 2/3 sewage. Our worst bill was usually the summer bill and the bills were quarterly. The summer bill would be about $140 for three months and they prorated sewage because they figured you were using sprinklers, filling pools, watering gardens, etc and now putting it down a drain.

How can my water bill here, run $130 a month during the summer? We are on septic with no sewer system.

I'm also still trying to get help with the electric. The local charity will help one time but they were tapped out last month. The community action group will also help one time but only if the charity helps. It's a lot of hoops to jump through!

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6b)

Sounds like you have a leak somewhere dear. You need to check it.

turn off all your water and your hoses around the house. the go to the meter and see if it is still showing water being used. the numbers should stay still if your not using any water at the moment. If they are still moving then you have a leak.

If you do have a leak you will need to figure out if it is on your end or the city's.

My water bill runs around $80 a month due to being on city sewer. My mother is not in the city but 8 miles down the road and she has a septic tank, hers only runs about 20 a month!

I cannot imagine why yours would be so high other than a leak somewhere.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Nope. In the winter, it goes down to about $55 a month. The first two years we lived here, it was higher. We have no idea how long the leak (listed below) had been leaking before it blew.

We did have a major leak last year. Then we had a big fiasco with the home insurance. In the end, they originally had used a 5 cent fitting on the main water line. It busted. We were losing one gallon a minute according to the meter.

When water is running anywhere attached to the house, I can hear it in the laundry room. That is where the main line comes in. Both hoses are off too. We only turn the rear one on long enough to get the chickens water then back off again. Too many cars driving on the hose-it busts all the time. Geesh. I need to put the chickens in the front yard??? That would be ugly and smelly. hahahaha

I need to check the price again. I know the first 10,000 gallons has a set price then it's so much per block. They told me for a family of 8, our normal bill should be about $85 per month?? Very thankful for my HE washer. LOL If your mom lives alone, that would make a big difference!

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Chele, I'm sorry to hear that after all those interviews, and all this time, that job went to someone else--but it's good of them to see if they can find a spot for Craig, too, and I'll be praying they do, and soon!
I worked a whole two hours today at my first job since graduating paralegal school. Yep, l have a minimum wage retail Christmas job for a few hours a week--yipeee! Oh, and another interview at a Hallmark store today, for the same. Beats nuthin', but sheesh....
Beautiful rose, Marylyn. Is that blooming now? Lucky you!

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

That particular bloom is from this summer, but it is blooming again now. That poor rose bush actually likes the fall/winter/early spring better than the summer because when the trees above it lose their leaves it gets more sun. I'm sorry you've had such a hard time finding a paralegal job, Renee. I know how stressful holiday retail jobs can be.... mostly because of the stressed-out holiday shoppers.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

I'm not looking at that rose. Makes my naked yard look worse. LOL

Yeah, crazy they took so long to just say no but at least it's still a maybe.

Congrats to you on the job! I'd be happy with a minimum wage retail job about now. I wish Kmart would just give me what I applied for NOW rather than a better job LATER. Grrr.

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

msrobin, yep, the co op has a big selection of herbs and spices year round at the same cheap prices. I go every few months to stock up on certain bulk items. I get all my dried beans, different kinds of rice, some pastas, and various hard to find ethnic ingredients there.

I just called about the vanilla beans, and they're $1.99 each. I'm almost positive they were cheaper, but someone told me there were issues with vanilla bean crops this year. ..Yep, just did some googling, and storms have devastated a lot of the crops, so I'm sure the price is up.

I'm not using the fake stuff, I can taste vanillin these days, yuk.

Sue, should I put ya down for some ginger, or were you able to find any? I've found the herbs from the co op to be particularly flavorful and fresh.

The curry is particularly good, and they have lemon curry powder that I love. Even friends who aren't curry fans like it- really good on chicken.

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