SOLVED: Houseplant with striped green leaves and purple undersides

South Saint Paul, MN

I bought this houseplant from Gertens in Inver Grove Heights, MN. But for some stupid reason I didn't keep the little tag that comes with it when I moved it to it's new pot. Trying to figure out what it is so I can look up some more information on how much water it needs. I know nothing about plants so this is probably a very simple one to answer.



Thumbnail by Takehiko
Keaau, HI

Yes, a Calathea. I can't find one with a matching leaf pattern though.

There are many cultivars and hybrids. The flower will be interesting to see; they often very colorful!

(Zone 1)

Calathea is one plant I've always had trouble with. They seem to do well for awhile and then begin to go down hill quickly. They sure are beautiful though:

South Saint Paul, MN

I took your hint of "calathea" and looked that up. I found a match! "Calathea fasciata" Couldn't find much else in the way of info on it though, so it must not be very common. Thank you very much for the help!

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Yep, that's all I found also, and this photo someone posted:

But, I think all Calathea's should require the same type of care. So, check out the info for others and you should be okay.

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