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How long from seed to bloom?

De Soto, MO

If I winter sew some Canna seeds, will they bloom the first year?

Nilwood, IL(Zone 5b)

June, I winter sowed canna seeds. I started them in Jan. 8 out of 12 made it so I planted them in the garden in June. 7 of the 8 bloomed and I have rizomes to plant next fall. I read where it takes 3 yrs for them to stableize so have to plant 2 more times to see what they will be. You know from seed they do not come true to parent so you never know what you will get. I had some ver y nice ones and most were anywhere from 18inches to 4 ft tall this yr.
Here is the first one to bloom at 18 inches and I named her "Bevs Beauty" I cannot afford to patent will grow for me and friends enjoyment. Hope this helps. You know you have to file the seed down till you see white spot inside or soak in peroxide and water? BEV

Thumbnail by dragonfly62
(Arlene) Lakeland, FL(Zone 9a)

Thank you for posting this Q. I just began working on some canna seeds and already have a few seedlings. I have been mixing a real weak amt of Superthrive and MG with the seedlings and they are doing great.

Bev that is a beautiful canna. I hope to have a good amount of them this spring as I have a project I want to accomplish before the end of summer.

June if you dont mind I would like to ask another Q. Some seeds began to get mold if I take the seeds, dry it, resoak and replant will they survive or is the seed dead once it gets mold?

Thanks for your help!!!

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Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

Canna seeds sown in winter and grown well flower sometime in summer ..
dependent on your growing conditions, fertilization, watering needs, etc.
Optimum growing conditions will get them to flower faster.

Thomasville, GA(Zone 8a)

Please tell me if you just use a plain file to get to the white part of the seed? I tried a knife, nail clippers and none of those worked. How much peroxide do you use? Thanks and Have a very Merry Christmas. Elaine

Nilwood, IL(Zone 5b)

Get your husbands big file out in the garage. That is what I do and I just had a few so got some jars and put one tsp peroxide and filled with water and they sprouted in three days. Hope this helps. BEV
On the right planted Dec 6th. Too soon so they may not make it till May but am going to try.

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Lindenhurst, NY

wow, dragonfly, your canna is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. Would you want to trade seeds for daylilys seeds?

San Diego, CA(Zone 10b)

I have collected some seeds from my hybrid cannas and I was your experience, how different usually the seedlings will be from mother plants? Do you get something "similar" or totally crazy different? I'm curious...

Nilwood, IL(Zone 5b)

Roberta, I have no clue. The seeds were sent to me without any thing said about the parent plants so I just have to go by what they do in the next 2 yrs. Sorry. BEV
Here os another one that I call Yellow Blush

Thumbnail by dragonfly62
San Diego, CA(Zone 10b)

Well, from what I see on your pictures I don't have to worry about those mixes not being beautiful! : )
Thanks Bev.

Nilwood, IL(Zone 5b)

I have a red with a yellow edge and a yellow with red freckles and here is one I called Fred & Ethel. It has 4 differant colors on one bloom.

Thumbnail by dragonfly62
San Diego, CA(Zone 10b)


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