Illinois estate records

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During a recent trip to IL for genealogy research, we found excellent estate records in Henry County which filled in a great deal of names and birth dates, spouses, etc., we had been missing. Apparently, anyone who qualifies as an executor or administrator has to fill out a questionnaire about the decedent and provide this info. It was a wonderful windfall and I commend the State of IL for this measure.

On the downside, copies of records were terribly expensive, from $12 for just a copy to $14 for a certified copy. In one county (Rock Island) you couldn't even see the record before purchasing to be sure it was the right one, a needless expense if it turned out not to be your ancestor.

Sand Springs, OK(Zone 7a)

Looking for information on ,Hardin and Jermine Landreths
(died 1871)
Leslie Landreth 1856-1931 wife Hannah married 1880 in Macoupin county Ill. moved to Kansas in 1880
looking for Hannah maiden name and parents.

Kannapolis, NC

Tazzy: You might want to start your own thread on these lines, as they don't connect with any of my lines and I'm not sure anyone will see your family names unless they log onto this thread.

Sand Springs, OK(Zone 7a)
thanks started thread

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