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farm journal Nov 16

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

This is something that we used to do just about every day here on the Farm Forum, a daily journal of the happenings on the farm, weather, births, all the things that make up a day in the life of a farm. I've missed it, and decided this morning to start one out and see if we can keep it going.

We are having what the Weather Channel calls a 'lake snow event'. Around here, we just call it November. We've probably had about 3 inches and there are little flurries that fly through, some with more snow, some with less.

We didn't make it to church this morning for several reasons. Stan spent all day yesterday putting a new elevator under the barn cleaner chain, actually finished it this morning and did get the barn completely cleaned for the first time in about a week. Then he had to go to his brother's, the one who had a stroke, and put hay out. He was going to spread there, too, but the tractor wouldn't start and he'll go back tomorrow and do it. His brother will have surgery on Thursday and with any luck at all, will be back to himself (more or less) after a couple of weeks of recovery. I went out to get milk for the house, and Stan was just getting to feeding calves so I fed the one bottle baby. She's a little Jersey/Holstein cross who will go to the sale barn on Tuesday. She's cute as a fawn, with a dark red coat and white spots on her feed and head, but not one that we want to keep. We had trouble breeding her dam, so that's the reason her daddy was a Jersey. And no, I don't understand why that works, but it does.

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