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Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

Am I sick or what! I have an early order in at Horn Cannas that won't be delivered until at the earliest, mid February for my area. I ordered one of each - 24 different ones. Whooooo Hoooooo....(I actually resisted 3 of them...pat....pat....pat....) Now I just need to plan an area for them.
So I continue to look at the pictures and picture how pretty they'll all be. Then they'll multiply and be even prettier, then.............

Crestview, FL

PamelaQ: Oh, it is good to know you, as I was beginning to look at myself that way. Last year, I ordered all kinds of canna lilies, wanted at least one of each right? Wound up with over 80 of them in beds, had to keep digging more and more beds, all round the house, yet here I am looking at canna sales myself. Not only that, I pulled 5 canna seeds from the fridge, and soaked them for 3 days, nicked them and now they are in peat pellets while I mother them to bloom.

I couldn't help but notice we are neighbors girl, I live in Crestview, that sound famailar to you? Have you ever bought cannas from Jenny's? I bought some really nice ones and you can get carried away. Maybe one day this Spring you can stop on by and pick some cannas out that I have an abundance of and take home with you? What kind do you not have?

Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

joy112854 (does that mean Nov 28 1954?)
Hi! Yes, we are very close. I work on Eglin AFB near the East Gate also. That puts me real close to Val-p. I don't have many cannas, yet. I'm just starting on them. I'm not sure where Jenny's is. Is it a business? I've been to a large nursery in Crestview some years ago. I bought stuff from 'Garden Gate' in Gulf Breeze. They have mostly plants that are native to our climate and that butterflies love. I've checked out a neat place in Pensacola called Olive Road Nursery, I think. I enjoy browsing plants everywhere.
I would love to stop by in the Spring and check out your cannas. I've got lots of other plants that might interest you, too. We'll have to stay in touch.
80 cannas have got to be just gorgeous! Do you have any pictures to share?

Crestview, FL

Pam: They are all dormant right now. Jenny's Garden is in Panama City; but her prices are really reasonable. I bought a bunch from her, and she has a variety that is hard to find. I got a black knight from her, a pretoria, a peach gigantium, tripical sunrise and a few more. She was out of Stuttgart's which I'm wanting one of them badly for in the house, it is so beautiful.

I've been sticking to myself since I retired and have this big house all to myself, gets boring sometimes. I have been wanting to take up canning and pickling this Spring/Summer also. As I have a veggie garden also. I haven't canned or pickled since I was a bitty girl and did it with my mom. LOL

When the cannas come up in the Spring, I'll let you know and you can come pick some ok? I have lots of the same ones and want to give them to a good home so to speak. LOL

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