Can I worm my chickens?

sydney, Australia

I was wondering if it is okay to de-worm layer hens even if you dont know if they have worms.

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Reynoldsville, PA(Zone 6a)

u can deworm any chicken and sometimes they have them and u can't see them. i use wazine it is a wide spectrum wormer and is consintrated. if u eat the eggs i believe there is a 10-14 day span once stopped the meds u can't eat the eggs till that down time is passed to ensure the meds r out of their system incase it is passable through the eggs but i can't remember it would say on back of bottle. it also on that brand has chick to adult dozes which i like but i don't know off hand any other wormers although i know there is alot more than that. i don't usually eat my eggs i sell hatching eggs more or don't have to worm them that often so it has been awhile i have had to worry about it.

food grade DE and cheyene pepper i believe r 2 natural wormers if i remember right.
hope that helps,

(Zone 7b)

Most all ground birds need occasinal worming as they eat worm eggs that they get from the ground and insects. But as silkie said there is waiting period after you worm them before you can eat the eggs.

All mine are caged bantams and i don't worm mine as they don't have access to any worm carrying insects.

I would also sudjest giveing them some yogurt after you worm them. The wormer upsets the micro flora in their intestines and you can help replace that with a little yogurt.

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

If you use the food grade DE do you need to wait w/ the eggs?

Reynoldsville, PA(Zone 6a)

no it is safe for people. just make sure it is food grade not pool grade. pool grade used for swimming pools has to high a silica content and is poisonous. food grade is processed different and the content of the silica is to low so it will not hurt u. many people use it for home remidies it is good for many things. for chickens u can dust them for parasites with DE but if put in food it also works for internal parasites. it is 100% all natural.

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

Thanks, silkiechick, I figured as much but wanted to be sure. We used to rub it into the goats coat to keep parasites off of them.
Do the chickens eat wood ash? I've read posts stating that wood ash is great for the chickens to dust in but was wondering if they ate it if that would work on internal parasites? Or do they just like to take a roll in it?!

Reynoldsville, PA(Zone 6a)

i've heard it works great also for rolling in it but never tried it. i'm not sure on that one to be honest i don't know if they would eat it or not but u know chickens,lol.

Newton, AL

I always put a little DE in my feed to keep the bugs out and it doubles as keeping the bugs out of my girls.

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

I've been free-ranging the chickens and they've barely touched their layer pellet so I'm wondering if they'd get enough of the DE to help w/ parasites. They have 24/7 access to the feed but I guess it's just not as tasty as what's in the fields!

(Tia) Norman, OK(Zone 7a)

I have the same issue, mine do not eat the laying pellets that much either, only if I do not put out the mixed feed for them will they eat the layer pellets. Mine are also free range. They have access to 40 acres but only venture on about 2 or so acres.

sydney, Australia

What is DE?
I think I will try the cayenne peper , do you make them eat it or just sprinkle it on them or some thing?
Also is it okay to worm them if the are sitting on eggs (due to hatch on thursday,Im so excited!)

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

It's Diatomaceous earth. Make sure it's the food grade not for pools! You can use as a wormer, in your garden to get rid of pests, on your livestocks coats to get rid of mites and lice....

Tempe, AZ(Zone 9a)

You can mix cayene into their food. Carrots and pumpkin seed (uncooked, ground is better than whole) are other natural wormers.

Wazine (piperazine is the generic name) is not broad spectrum. It is actually a very narrow spectrum wormer. It is, however the only wormer approved for chickens. Others that people use off-label are ivermectin, fenbendazole, levamisole, ... most of the wormers out there have and can be used on chickens--but you will have to get the dose and instructions.

All DE is silica; the content is not changed. However the heat processing used in creating pool grade removes and/or lessens the absorption capacity to where it becomes ineffective. It also becomes more of a breathing issue. Not positive, but I don't believe it is poisonous.

Wood ash is used for dust bathing. We never have any, so I've never tried it.

(Tia) Norman, OK(Zone 7a)

Wood ash?

New Milford, PA

You can buy a broad spectrum wormer at most farm supply stores. We used a liquid added to water. Peperenzime (spelling?). I used also the cattle wormer Ivomec. It works on worms and lice. One drop on the tongue. Works on dogs also and it is the main ingredient in the heart worm medication for dogs.

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