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Toronto, ON(Zone 5b)

Got this from google scholar. This article is by Imai from the 1930's. Basically similar to Kyushu as translated by google. This one is from a professionally translated journal, not updated, so there might be some alleles missing =)


Toronto, ON(Zone 5b)

From here we see the allele couple : Two flower-buds grow side by side in a leaf axil ; one blooming a few days later than the other.

Does Xiong's exhibit this? I've only seen 2 types of I. nils bloom/bear buds. Xiong's bloom fits the description above, but I'm not sure. Would like some input on this pleeeeasse =D


thanks eliz... :-)

Wilmington, DE(Zone 7a)


I recall Xiong's CMG growing like that. I thought at the time on how cool it was to deliver twice as many flowers as the regular vine.

I am starting a margined flower JMG vine (Hukurin or Fukurin depending on which early 20th century JMG genetics paper you read) to grow indoors. I had 2 seeds from a 2005 commercial seed packet left, and got one to germinate. The other seed may germinate someday but am happy to have the one vine to play with over the winter.


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