ORVG COFFEE HOUSE # 134 - Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

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Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

The move is going well...The boys are loading the truck, and I am packing boxes...The Taynors and Jim took the big load from the shed down to the house...90% of it will be down there tonight...We will be here tomorrow to finish up, and do the cleaning...The one lady that bought the washer and dryer decided she wanted the fridge too, so she will get that tomorrow, which allows me to empty it out tonight and clean it in the morning...The upstairs is empty except for clothes in the closets, and they go tomorrow...Dining room set left this morning...nothing left to load but the living room and the kitchen table now...and that is in progress...

We will be sleeping in a warm house tonight....Yesssssssss!!

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Dusty, I am so happy for you!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Yeah Dusty
Its gonna be awfully lonely over here :(
Carolyn that is awful !!! my Gosh what kind of dr would do that ? how scary for you. sorry to hear you had to go through that. Lets hope that dr is not practicing anymore . Yikes.
well were all here at home . Left Dusty and the team around 5 ish. Got the kids ( no i didn't snag Lilly either Jim had a watchful eye on here ) LOL Looks like they will be warm tonight yeah !! cute house . Love it. Pond too . Yeah.
Chelle LOL on the bon bons . I got Oreo cookies now uhg.
ITs darn tooten cold out !!! wore my cartharts bibs and two jackets ! man was it cold. BRRRR
Darius sounds like its cold in your neck of the woods too :) brrrr 9 * yikes
take care
blessings to all

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Sue, please tell me you are eating those Oreos correctly!

Method one-take one naked cookie from each sandwich cream and eat. Double stack the cookies with the cream. Set aside until all naked cookies have been eaten, then enjoy the doubles!

Method two-get a big cold glass of milk, dip each cookie before biting. When finished eating cookies, drink the gray milk.

Method three is disgusting but enjoyed by children. Smash all the cookies up and drop into milk. Drink what you can, spoon eat the rest then leave the glass in the sink, allowing the cookies to dry so you can hear your parents scream the next day! LOL

Dusty, congrats on the move! Hmm, does Joyce have any more houses??

We are scrounging for breakfast food this morning. Thank goodness for that Budget Gourmet cookbook! Years ago, I used to make all the mixes in it then whip out stuff at will. We are out of the typical cereal and poptarts and had a few extra eggs (the others are for breakfast dinner). Last week I made the oat mix for dumplings and had leftovers. So we pulled out the BG cookbook and sure enough, there is a muffin recipe! That is what Kristenne is doing now.

We had fun last night at the "Meet the Teams" night. All the kids kicked in food items and the adults prepared them. So we all went for a free dinner, then watched the basketball teams and cheerleaders do cheer offs/skits and contests. Parents also did the contests and won Tshirts. Carly came home with a Tshirt for the spirit contest. The funniest contest was the "bat spin shooting contest". Contestants had to bend over, spin ten circles with their forehead on a bat, then run across the court and shoot. It was hysterical to watch them run across the court, looking drunk, then try to hit the basket!

Dear Carolyn, I cannot believe what you went through medically. I'm surprised someone besides you did not sue them or take their license! How ridiculous!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Oooh, I never thought about smashing Oreos in milk...That sounds delish.

I must have missed some posts on the last thread. Off to check it out again!

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Cleaning the cups is not delish, especially the next morning! LOL

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Soaky soaky. LOL

Carolyn, your experience with that doctor was horrific! Did you at least report her to the state medical board? If not, it's not too late. That's terrible!

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Good morning all.
Carolyn, I'm with the rest of the gang....how horrible. Please tell us you did report her to the state medical board?????
Those state boards are there for a reason. I had an experience with an optometrist, where my new glasses simply did not work. When I told him this, he refused to remake them...and also refused to refund my money...so I could go elsewhere. Having been in the optometric field for years, I called the state board. I got results. I was given a FULL refund on the glasses...for which I was very thankful. My glasses are not cheap, since I have a very deep Rx, etc.
Well...the sun is shining here!! But still cold!
I am a little upset today though....so gonna vent on here. My DS and DIL asked me to bring pies for Thanksgiving. I said I would. Went over there yesterday to take some things to them, and her sister said, Well I bought my pies ...pumpkin and sugar cream! Well I just blurted out...I thought I was supposed to bring the pies???? DIL and her sis looked at each other...and DIL said..well can't have too many pies....and sister said...and yours will be homemade. Geesh! Am I wrong for feeling like it's a waste of time to make these pies???? I don't even want to now. And I don't want to bring pie home to eat for the rest of the year either!!
Ok..enough of that.
Not sure what is going on here today? I don't feel like staying home....so maybe we will find something to get into!
Dusty, hope you got to sleep in a warm house last night as planned!!!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Marcy, don't bring pies. Or....Bring humble pies so they have to eat 'em. ;)

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

I guess at this point, you ask if they still need pies or would rather have something else? Or put names on gift pies and fill them with Exlax? He he he I know you would never do that but I thought might make you chuckle.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Hi all...Only have a couple minutes before we unplug the wireless modem....We are back in Urbana, getting the last of the box items, our desks and tv, and the fish tank and all of the clothes...Yes, we had warm beds last night, and hot showers this morning in a WARM bathroom!!!

The boys are loading, and I am finishing up packing the kitchen...Not much left to go thankfully...

Will see you all later on I hope...

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Marcy, that was definitely an awkward moment and I know your feelings were hurt, in addition to upsetting you. I agree with Chele...umh, the offer to bring something else, not the other suggestion. LOL! Please don't let your being upset about it ruin the hoilday dinner with your son.

It got up to a slightly chilly 52*, so was able to work outside a bit. Got the last of turnip greens cut and brought in to put in the freezer. Also got the last little bit of stuff, patio furniture, etc put away. Sure feels good knowing everything is put away neat enough that it will be easy to find and retrieve next spring. Kind of sad that the summer and growing season is officially over.

The leaf castings I did a few weeks ago turned out pretty good, in spite of a few points being broken off of some. Hopefully the others will survive the winter in the shed to be painted and available for sale next summer. The damaged ones will be used for practicing the painting on and then tucked into the flower beds.

Well, I have a bushel basket of greens to deal with....I think it's hubby's turn to cook. He just doesn't know it yet! Have a good night All!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I'm taking a short break... thought I'd check-in or check-up...

It's been a decent day here, apparently the last one for a few days. Unfortunately I didn't get to work outside except to cut plywood to finish my shelving. Of course I'm still short some materials, thus not finished. The better grade sheets are SO expensive and only half the quality they were just 10 years ago. I prefer Baltic Birch, 7 ply or more for shelving... Rotsa Ruck finding any.

A large chunk of my time was spent doing electric work. All my elec. tools are over in my storage unit, so it was like butchering a cow with a pocket knife. BUT it is done, and much safer than before.

For the first time since spring, I filled the bird feeders. That is, all but one... it's a platform feeder hanging in a tree which my younger cat can climb.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Sorry guys...I shouldn't have blown off that way over pies! Of course I will make them...and sister can take HERS home to eat....lol! I know my boys will want to eat my homemade ones over hers...as well as my husband. It was just the idea..ya know?? I can't even imagine why DIL would have told both of us to bring pies????
I am also taking a couple of pumpkin rolls, cranberry salad, and homemade rolls. It will all be fine....but thanks for your input.
Chele...you DID make me chuckle....Kimberley too.!!
I am not usually this touchy about things. Guess my weakened condition has made me this way.
My DIL may be upset because I said I wasn't up to making turkey cutout cookies this year with the kids. We always do that...for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. I hate to disappoint them, but don't think I have the stamina for it. If it was just Ashley, I would be ok....but she isn't allowed to come without Dawson. He isn't even interested in making cookies....just wants to eat them!!! He is too flighty right now for me to handle. Maybe by Christmas we can do it again.
Well...I am going to go read my book and then to bed. Have a great night all!!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Marcy , i would be hurt too. Yeah be the better person and ask what else can i bring and make it a point it will be home made not a store bought LOL. But of course that would ruffle feathers more , yeah i know . Lord there are days my MIL is like Marie on Everybody loves Ramon show . I bite my tongue until it bleeds !!!! just to keep the peace.
Chelle Dh didn't get Double Stuff can you imagine !!! what was he thinking ? its just crazy . So i do the first one you do . LOL but just dunk in milk until soft and mucha way. Not good for my diet but sheesh i gave that up last week. It just aint happening for me.
darius i sure could have used you here today . Dh was trying to help me with my GH Putting in the door frame. Hmmm i asked him why he was doing it like that and he just gave me the look " i know what i m doing " . His carpentry skills are well .... lacking to say the least. LOL He is all heart though so can't complain i guess. :) he finaly did it the way i explained . He thought i wasn't looking . But i was.

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

HI guys, Just a quick check in. THinking Marcy that perhaps her sister just volunteered to bring pies cause she has a crazy schedule and store bought pies were the best she could do? You can always bring your pies over here.. (grint, hint)

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

OR Bake US pies!

Let's have a vote people...
Can Marcy make pies for all of us? Yes or No?


Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

YESSS!! Cherry, please. lol Or maybe they just thought they were imposing when they asked you to bring them, Marcy, so that's why they bought them. But they should have talked to you first. I agree, just let it go and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, everybody,
I went to the By Hand craft show at Cincinnati Convention Center yesterday. Smallish show, but glad I went as a couple artists that I buy from every year (usually at Winterfair next weekend) are only coming to this show, not WInterfair. It was nice to be able to browse and talk to the artists without being crunched by crowds, but there wasn't quite as much variety as at WInterfair. Oddly, they didn't have anyone working at coatcheck. I can stuff mine into my scooter basket, but who wants to stroll around in their winter coats indoors?
In any case, I got some fused glass suncatchers, a large timer in an arts & crafts type wooden case, lots of functional & fun ceramics, a whimsical Christmas tree that is handknitted, & a couple pieces of jewelery (made from sawdust ?!?). Oh, and 2 picture frames made from reclaimed wood-- one pear and one ash. Now I need to get back to needlepointing or one of my Christmas gifts will not get done until Easter!

Marcy, abt the pies, in the words of my grandmother, "I feel sorry for people like that." Of course, she said that with tones that implied that she thought the persons involved should be sent back to pre-school. Hmm, maybe a romper room theme for the next holiday gathering?

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6b)

No, I never reported anything. I had planned to but my mental state was not well for quite a while afterwards. By then she had moved away and I figured it was too late. It has been 5 years now. I heard she had moved to either pike county or pikeville, i'm not sure anymore. So if you ever come across a family member talking about a gynocologist by the name of Dr. Tina Gaunt, warn them.

I wish I had done something then.

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Hello all!
Just got back from the first Christmas craft night and I'm sipping some good pumpkin egg nog. I may have made a mistake with the theme of the tree this year. I decided to do Victorian using burgundy, crystal, white, pearl and lace. I found them to be way to expensive to buy so decided to make my own. Those are hard ornaments to make! I only completed 3 large kissing balls and got the lace snowflakes cut out. Each ball was covered with 70 mini rose buds and each had to be applied by hand. They look great, but I am glad they are done. I am going to make more kissing balls, but smaller. These are 5 inches across. I did also at least get the pattern for the velvet covered balls. It is really hard. You want to see the glass underneath, so you have to cut 4 diamond shaped panels out of the velvet and put it on just so. Then edge with lace trim. I always get these bright ideas! All kidding aside I can't wait to get the tree up. I want it up before this weekend when the whole family comes for thanksgiving dinner. We will see.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Good morning
WOW Geo , you t he man . Making your own ornaments . YOu are so creative.
Just a quicky check in
Marcy i vote yes on the pies . Course i will have to compare my pies to yours . Muwahahahah .
Got to run to the kids school to voluntteer . Gee i hope i don't start to cry and have a hormone attack whilest I m there. That would not be good. Had awful dreams last night. Uhg. Couldn't sleep.
check you later

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Sue....you said you were bringing pie for "everyone"....where's mine??? What am I chopped liver????? ^_^

Marcy it's a yes for me on pies too. Cookies aren't the ONLY thing I eat ya know.

So happy to have neighbors. Jim said he loved the place, and I said I think you'll be happy here. Dogs are a hoot! Love that little one, too. She's a snuggler. Kitty is adorable and I'm thinking Jim is pretty partial to her...

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Waving to all!!

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Goodmorning! :-D

It's 50* and is raining here and from the looks of the garden pond, has been most of the night. Rain is expected all day.

Marcy, no problem on the venting. Better here than with DIL. At least in this case!

Count me in on the pies...as well as the victorian decorations. LOL! They sound beautiful, George!

Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

Good morning!!!

Just checking in and reading up on pies ornaments and the gynecologist from you know where.

Not much going on up here. Just saying hey!!!!


New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

LOL...you guys!!! That's a LOT of pies...to feed you all!!!! Well see...my pumpkin recipe makes two pies...my sugar cream makes two pies...so Dave said well take one of each and freeze the other two. Now I have to look see if those kind can be frozen? I also wanted to make an apple pie for me...lol! Oh...and a pecan for my eldest son.
Anyway...I will not mention it to DIL and her sister...but have to wonder why DIL told sis to bring pies too. My son ...who will be doing the cooking...asked ME to bring pies. Strange situation. DIL doesn't cook...BTW. Oh...and whomever said maybe sis had a busy schedule? I don't think so! She doesn't work...and doesn't do much of anything!! Has one little boy in school. Ok...shut up Marcy.....LOL!!!
George those ornaments sound beautiful!!
Sue, I am sure your pies are wonderful!! Bring some over and we'll test them!!! LOL!!! JUST TEASING!!!!
Well it's back to therapy today...and then to Wallyworld to take back mini blinds that don't fit! I am making Dave go with me today.
Then home to maybe make my rolls and put them in the freezer.
Hope you all have a great day in the neighborhood!! Waving~~~~~~~~~~~ to ALL!!!

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

LOL well maybe her cooking skills are subpar. I used to be cake challenged. never could make a good cake. I have that down now but remain banana bread challenged. THough my last batch was pretty good.. hmm.. It just shows there is hope if you keep trying

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

I'm getting pretty good at banana bread, as we often have overripe bananas around. I found a good sugar-free recipe for my diabetic mother, using Splenda.
Marcy, Kroger had 12 ounce bags of pecan halves on sale for $3.99 a couple days ago; you may want to check if they are still on sale, if you are going to make a pecan pie.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Oh, Oh, Oh... .Marcy!!!! I had sugar cream pie once at an out of the way Amish place that has since closed. I would love to have a recipe for that if you would feel like sharing. I tried a couple recipes for it that I found online, but they were not good. Blech! It did however, lead me to a good plain custard pie recipe. We skip the pie part and just make the custard in cups, it was so good.

Just taking a minute to read before flying out the door to work!

Waving to all! ~~~~~~~~


Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6b)

All this talking about pies is making me hungry! I have a chocolate cream pie in the fridge,....but I dont do chocolate so the hubby will get the pounds from that one. This week I plan on making peanut butter pie and sweet potatoe pie with homemade pecan caramel topping. Those are two of my favorites.

My hubby wants me to make a Boston cream pie or cake but I have never made either of them. Anyone have a good recipe for this? I hate making something new and wondering if the recipe is good or not. There are a lot of bad recipes in cookbooks out there. I hate to waste ingredients on something sub-par!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

George... you ARE taking ornament photos to post for us, aren't you?

Carolyn, I love Boston Cream Pie but have never made one... even gave up buying them since quality has gone down. The secret, according to my cooking elders (sadly now all gone) is a GOOD cake base, and a GOOD custard. Of course, a decent chocolate glaze helps! I wouldn't bother with a recipe, as I'm sure you make a good cake and a good custard.

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Ooo, Carolyn, would you care to share that sweet potato pie recipe? mmmm

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Carolyn, I have made many Boston Cream Pies....but sadly, mine aren't like Darius' would be! I use a yellow cake mix...bake it....slice into two layers. Then I make cooked vanilla pudding...cool it complelely. and spread between the layers and on top. Then I make a chocolate glaze that I found in a cookbook...and if you want that...I will have to go look it up...lol. I think it's made with chocolate chips. It's been a while since I've made one...but it is Dave's favorite fruit!!! You do want a glaze though...so it will run down the sides of the cake.
Jules...I will be glad to share my sugar cream pie recipe. There used to be a restaurant in Greenville called Gersheu's (sp?) It was run by a man named George...and I have his recipe for sugar cream pie. It was well known all around our area as being the best!! It is good!And you are so right...there is sugar cream...and there is sugar cream!! Some are awful! Like right now...there is a restaurant in Greenville that serves sugar cream pie...and it is just like glue!! LOL! Nasty stuff!
Ok...my supper is ready (chili tonight with corn muffins). I will post the recipe when I get back.

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Marcy, cool super easy recipe! Will be making that very soon! Umh!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Marcy Oh waiting on that recipe for sure on the sugar cream pie.
Carol Boston cream is an easy one to make. I did alot of them in school . I will try and see if i can get my recipe out and share it with you guys. So far no one has died from it . :)
I agree with Darius we need pics of the ornamanets Geo. They sound wonderful
Dusty is offline for awhile until she can get up and running. They are in the new house. Jim is enjoying the warm house. So are the dogs.
Joyce you mean Dusty didn't share ? gee better go talk to her on that one . :) I think the men inhaled it , she said " a vacum couldn't get it down faster than my boys " l Think she is just being nice , I 'll take it. LOL :)

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Ok...here is George Gershew's sugar cream pie recipe. It makes two pies.
1 cup white sugar
5 Tlb. flour
dash of salt
1 cup half and half
2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 egg yolks
1 tsp. vanilla
nutmeg or cinnamon for dusting on top

Mix sugar, flour, and salt together. Mix half and half, whipping cream, and egg yolks and vanilla together. Gradually add sugar mixture to the liquid mixture, stirring well. I use a whisk. Pour into two unbaked pie shells...9 inch. Sprinkle nutmeg or cinnamon on top...your preference. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hr.
It may not look like it is 'set', but take it out of oven after 1 hr....it will set up as it cools. Keep refrigerated.

I also have another sugar cream pie recipe that I like, but will have to look for it. It requires 3 different baking temps. You switch the temps without opening the oven door! It worked! And was good too!!
I will look for it.
Oh shoot Renee'!! I just bought pecans ...16 oz. for 5 something at Wallyworld.! But thanks for telling me!! That's a good price.!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Well I had a Dusty Day.

About 10 AM I got a call to bring a gear over to the main plant. (14 miles away)
No big deal though we did have a bit of snow on the ground.
From there I was told I needed to make two deliveries.
(I normally don't do deliveries but w/ the rain we couldn't use the flatbed.
AND our normal driver is off on Vacation.)
So I ended up going in our 20 year old Box Truck.
I drove for years but haven't had a truck on the HWY in 20 years.
First a fairly local stop right by Jugle Jim's...
then way farther north up I-75 to Vandalia.
The whole trip I saw traffic backing up deeper and deeper southbound.....
So after I finished run I went cross country.
Since I grew up in that area I know the back roads and took the smaller rural HWY's home.
(75S-70E-675-235 to Xenia then 42-48-71-275)
Maybe a half hour longer.... but probably actually quicker w/ the traffic problems.
Cross winds were a bear though!
I'm REAL familiar w/ that truck now! LOL!

I actually got back just before the bell... but had to babysit an operator until 6.....
Since I didn't get lunch...an 11 hour day....
But OT is never a bad thing for the paycheck!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Pout, pout, sniff, sniff, big pouty lower lip. I lost you all. Was wondering why nobody was posting, and it was me out of the loop. I feel better now.

Marcy, take your pies, and when they choose yours over hers, try not to gloat too much. Homemade is so much better than the store bought ones.

Dusty good on the moving, you seem to have people waiting in the wings to help. Where were all those people when I last moved? I did 95% of it myself, that is why I am never moving again.

George, wonderful descriptions of the ornaments, now you just have to give us some pics to show us your finished projects.

Joyce, as DH says, if it has sugar in it, it has to be good!!

Sue, haven't you learned never to criticize a male doing any kind of work? lol. Glad that you are getting some help.

Carolyn DH had a medical situation similar, which put his life in jeopardy, and added another 6 weeks to his hospital stay for recovery. I folllowed the Dr. into an elevator, because he had been avoiding me, and I told him, that if DH lived, he was home free, but if he died, I would own his house, car and any other assets that he had. Then requested that he be removed from the team of Dr's treating my DH. I wish now that we had filed suit against him, he would be practicing in Timbucktu!! He inserted a chest tube improperly, on a late Saturday evening (probably had plans for that night) and didn't do an xray to see if it was properly position, and DH almost bled to death!!

goshsmom, sounds like you hit a good craft show, and have much to prove it. Glad that you got some gifts, and maybe some for personal use.

Jazz, you kind sweet soul, providing excuses for the pie debacle. BTW, how are the little terrorists doing?

Ric, knowing surrounding roads and lay out of the land, is sure a blessing some times. Glad that you were able to avoid the traffic snarl. Overtime this time of year is great. More to spend on Christmas, whether for you or for some relatives.

Robin, glad you called tonight. Didn't realize that I had imposed banishement on myself. Thanks for the head's up on that.

Hey Toni, ~~~ to you frantically from Kentucky, a wet and miserable day. Although the weather liars are saying snow tomorrow.

I stayed in today, except for a quick trip to the bank and post office, and got a stack of bills paid, and some check books balanced, and had satellite signal problems which prevented me from checking in on DG. Just reinforces the thought I had recently had, need to step away from the computer more often, I am real productive those days I don't have service.

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Hey all!
I need help with something. I am making a sweet potato casserole for thanksgiving. A friend brought one to our harvest dinner and I loved the filling. Didn't like the pecan topping. Can someone give me the recipe for the crumb top with chopped pecans in it? The one I had that I really liked had a kinda apple strudel topping and thats what I would like on mine.

I went tonight and have all my stuff for my thanksgiving dinner. They better be hungry when they come. I am in the mood to cook and planned a huge dinner. Thanks again Bonnie for the jam cake recipe.

Tomorrow night is sewing/craft night at another friends house. I am determined to learn to sew with a machine! My mom taught me basic hand stitches, but that takes too long. This week I am going to mend my manly robes. Next week curtains. I finally broke down and decided to do rooster/chickens in my kitchen. Went to blue lick battle field today and bought a couple of pieces from their gift shop. That is really a nice place. It is way out of the way from me, but not from Lexington or paris. Nice drive with lots of dry laid stone fences and big ole manor houses on the drive.

You know me. As soon as I get some more ornaments done I will post pics. I went and got more trim and a low temp glue gun today(can't use high temp on glass). My friend who is hosting the ornament craft nights is making chandelier ornaments. They are all hand beaded. I will also get pics of those for you all. They are gorgeous! I really love that 2 separate friends are going to have craft nights that i can go to twice a week.(they don't get along so can't have them together) It really helps the winter go by and is great fun. We always bring treats and drink coffee until we are shaking! Wait until you all see my tree topper. It by itself holds 50 white lights. hehehe

Well better run. The water pump is out of the van and we ordered it online and have to take it to the mechanic in the morning.
Marcy thanks for that cream pie recipe. That may also go on my thanksgiving table. Glad it makes 2. If I screw it up the puppies can have the other one!

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