Canon XSi vs Nikon D-60

Salem, IL(Zone 5b)

Planning to buy a new camera next spring. Any opinions on the merits of the Canon
or Nikon?

Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)


Both Canon and Nikon will probably have new models out by next spring. I personally prefer Nikon, but that is a subjective preference. If I were buying a camera today, it would probably be a Nikon D90. It inherits a superior sensor from the pricier D300. A few months ago, my choice would have been a Nikon D60. Before that it would have been a D40x or a D40. The digital camera market continues to change rapidly, and I expect new choices to appear by next Spring.

I am impressed by the video capabilities of some digital cameras today (including the D90) and I wouldn't be surprised to see video appear in new models priced below the current D90. Weather/water resistance might be another new feature. I don't expect to do any deep sea diving, but I don't like the idea of having to run for cover when it starts to rain. And I think a digital camera should survive being accidentally dropped in a swimming pool or a lake or stream. And you shouldn't have to worry about being splashed at the beach or a theme park.

Digital camera bodies become obsolete fairly rapidly, but lenses remain good investments over a period of time. I think you should consider lenses when you choose between Canon and Nikon. There are good reasons for choosing either Canon or Nikon. Both companies make fine equipment.


Salem, IL(Zone 5b)

Thanks for the input. The D-90 may be a bit out of my price range. B&H
Photovideo is now offering the XSi @$649.95 and the D-60 @543.95, both
with the entry level 18-55mm lens. The D-60 is available with an additional
55-200mm lens plus the original 18-55 for $649.95 which is quite a bargain
over the original list price.

My main issue would be adding a specialty lens or two for macro pics and
whether one camera over the other would have the truest color reproduction
for flowers etc. Also, how the cost of additional lenses compare between
Canon and Nikon. Everyone I have heard make a comment about their Nikons
are very pleased with them. I think most newbies like myself take the Canons
for granted without trying to compare them with another make which may not
be the best road to take.

Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)


"The D-90 may be a bit out of my price range."

It is a bit pricey, although it costs significantly less than the D300 that I was lusting for. There is a possibility that Nikon may offer a new model priced somewhere between the D60 and the D90, with considerable advantages over the D60.

"My main issue would be adding a specialty lens or two for macro pics and
whether one camera over the other would have the truest color reproduction
for flowers etc."

Macro lenses can be overkill for flower pictures. There are regular zoom kit lenses that can focus closely enough to pretty much fill the frame with a single flower. The attached zinnia picture is such an example. If you want to show semi-microscopic details of a flower without the expense of a dedicated macro lens, you can purchase relatively inexpensive diopter screw-on lenses to allow your existing lens to focus even closer.


Thumbnail by Zen_Man
Salem, IL(Zone 5b)

Your pic of the zinnia is roughly the quality I would be shooting for with the sharp
detail. I appreciate your practical advice over just advertised specs. I am an iris
nut so the detail and true colors of something like the beard are important. Good
high quality family type pics are also important so the basic 18-55 lens could be
sufficient for the time being. The extra lens with the D-60 would be a bonus.

(Zone 7a)

I have the d-60 and I love it.

With close-up lens.

Thumbnail by kwanjin
Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

LOL a question like that on a photo sharing site forum would have caused in all likelyhood a big mud slinging contest between the Canon and Nikon hardliners. Luckily the Davesgarden folks are more mature ;).

Out of the two you mentioned I would say the the Canon would be the one that is ahead when looking at features for the money but as it was previously mentioned the market is at a fast pace and who knows what's it gonna be come next spring.

As for lenses: If you ever go with Nikon then I can highly recommend the Nikkor 18-200 VR which I find is a great allrounder lens with which You also get great close-up shots. Yes it is a little pricey, isn't a very fast lens and has distortions (which can be fixed via software btw), but it's versatility saves you lots of lens changes which are usually required when you don't have the time :)

Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)


"...I can highly recommend the Nikkor 18-200 VR which I find is a great all-rounder lens with which You also get great close-up shots."

There is an interesting review of the Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S VR DX on the web site. Since that lens can focus as close as 20 inches throughout its zoom range, it is quite capable of making close-ups.

That 18-200 is a popular "kit lens" with the pricey Nikon D300. It is a little "long" for my tastes and I will probably get a smaller kit lens as my all-around lens. The Nikon D90 is frequently bundled with the Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Nikkor Zoom Lens, whose Amazon user reviews appear favorable. It can focus as close as 17". If I were buying right now, I would probably get the D90 with that kit lens. If at some later time I felt the need for a "true" telephoto lens, I would get a longer lens for that use. But I would probably get a "true" macro lens before getting a longer lens.


Union City, CA(Zone 9b)

The big difference between Canon and Nikon it Nikon lens cost more .
I have both a Cnon and Nikon . I like my canon , the wife like the [ her ] Nikon .
1st - get the one that feels better when you hold it .
2nd - depends on what you are going to shoot .
3rd - are the lens [ es ] for sale where you buy camera or do they have to order ?
4th - The price of flash

Santa Fe, NM

My understanding is that people usually go with whichever of the brands they are used to. Which makes sense. The quality of the lens is the most important thing, as well as price. I want the Canon Rebel Xti dslr, but I may wait until spring. Plus, it will be older then and might be less expensive. It has gotten some very good reviews.

Alamogordo, NM(Zone 7b)

I love my Canon Xti Digital Rebel, I have not experience with Nikons other than my little pocket size Fugi Finepix takes wonderful photos and has a Nikor lens that I think is made my Nikon?

I have already grown to love flickr when I decided to buy a DSLR and checked out all the photos and users here
Maybe it will help you decide!

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