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Pentax Program Plus to be replaced with Digi

Fresno, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi, folks, what a blessing you are here! I've been sitting on this Pentax Program Plus camera for 5 years, having taken two 4-session-each adult school classes full of digi cameras, with no attention to this SLR film player's special needs. Lots of info on composition and opportunity, but while entertaining, not particularly helpful to this newbie SLR film camera user. I had hoped to learn how to take SLR/film pics in preparation for the 4th or 5th gen digital SLR cameras so that I could join the digi age with all this WISDOM about f-stops'n such. What little work I have done with it has lost learning effectiveness with the time lag between shooting and printing. I have just not been able to put it all together alone.

Well, I have no wisdom and am now prepared to just give up and replace the camera body with a Pentax SLR digi camera and am hoping you can help me. I have three lenses: the usual Auto 50mm; a Kaligar Auto 1:28, f=50ft; and a Vivitar Auto macro focusing zoom, 1:35-5.3, 28-200mm (which I also use for bicep training between shoots). I also have a Pentax auto flash, of course.

Given the Pentax SLR digi propensity to take all Pentax (and thus Pentax-compatible) lenses, I'm thinking that it makes sense to replace my present Pentax with a new digi Pentax SLR. I've looked at the Pentax 100D and 200Ds, as well as the *iST bodies. If I understand all the information I've seen correctly, they can all take advantage of the AUTO capability of my lenses, with an override for a manual function.

hmmmmmm, thoughts? wisdom? recommendations? I really need your help here. I simply do not know what to do with this purchase and am feeling really lost.


edited to note: This pic is compliments of my point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix L1, the one which taught me to love digi!

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Thumbnail by Twincol
Fresno, CA(Zone 9b)

hmmmmm, no Pentax wisdom? Waaaaa, waaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

How about "general" wisdom about my thought processes here??


Goldthwaite, TX(Zone 8a)

I switched to the istd pentax from the pentax 3000 film camera, and the auto lenses work. Even the nonauto lenses will work, but require some settings in the body. Have been extremely pleased with the istd. After years of film cameras, the feel of the camera in hand is important to me.

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