The Christmas Flowerpot Cafe (sweet sixteen)

london England, United Kingdom

Hello and Welcome to the Flowerpot cafe'.

This is a friendly place to pop in for a cuppa! 'Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la..
We need YOUR help to decorate the cafe for Christmas. 'Anything goes' so please bring in your Christmas trees, decorations,cards,artworks,table arrangements, welcome wreaths,swags, food, drinks and any other goodies!!
Indoor or outdoor arrangements are welcome. Have fun , ho ho ho!

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Coffs Harbour, Australia

Fa, la ,la ,la, laaaaaah- la, la, la, laaaaaaaah!

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Neat tree!

Humansville, MO

hi all
i thing about what to do
it all debend what my work give me for day off
i need to find some idea for this year
i was going to make picture candle
but no one seen to like that idea
elle p.s.
need idea please

New Orleans, LA(Zone 8b)

Here's something for the tables. Hope everyone's having a good time decorating for the holidays!

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london England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone! It smells lovely in here with the fresh roses.

Sue, good to see you are rehearsing for the carol singing!!! lol

Zany, Thank you! I found the tree candle holder in a junk shop and put some conifer inside instead of a candle! The trunk is cinnamon sticks with some moss around the base.

elle, We are all on the look out for new ideas LoL! I'll be bringing the latest christmas flower arranger magazine in soon, there might be a few ideas in that.

Karma, Thank you for the bouquet of roses, they are arranged beautifully!
We haven't started decorating the house yet, but will be soon!

Louisville, KY

Happy holidays y'all. I brought some wintergreen for the window sills, chocolate covered goodies to get your fill and strands of mistletoe to give you a thrill. Ho didley do. hehehe

london England, United Kingdom

Hello Plantgeek,
Are you at the library? hope you get your computer sorted soon! Thanks for coming out to say hello and bringing us lots of goodies!

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

What a great start to a new thread, that tree is quite a piece of art. Karma, so nice to see you. The roses are such a vibrant red and they look really Christmassy next to the window with Plantgeeks greenery.
I need to know which arch is getting the mistletoe as I want to stay away from that ! Although a little mistletoe might bring Steven back from across the street.
Sue, are you singing that to the guitar you play so well, or just humming while you work?
Zany, do hope that Bob is doing better today, perhaps that pie you made him will fix him right up. You are quite the gem and Bob is sure lucky to have you!

Louisville, KY

Good news, DW remembered that her laptop can be hooked into something or other here at home. Yayh!!!! We still have to get another, but at least we don't have to bother with the constraints of the library.
Terri, check your Dmail please.

Hello Karma. I don't believe we have met. Lovely fleurs and so fragrant. That really cheers up a blustery day. Thanks for bringing them.

Louisville, KY

Oh, poor Candee. I've put mistletoe up everywhere, especially where the eggnog is served. hehehe Have a mug? lol Ok, I'll take a few down, replace them with wreaths of downy plantain and beauty berries. And for the sake of being eclectic, I brought amaryllis "Pink Floyd".

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Pink Floyd is surely a mod, mod centerpiece on that table looking out at Stevens. Thanks for taking a bit down as I was afraid I would have to purchase more chapstick to stick around here on every table! So glad you are back online and can decorate until your heart is content.

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Good morning. I hope everyone is well and ready to start the new week. I was working on a modernistic Christmas arrangement for the cafe and had it almost ready when I fell asleep (without saving it) When I woke up still in front of the computer it was gone :~P I'll have to try again later.

We are having a bit of a rough spell but this too shall pass. Bob has developed a small infection on the side of his fourth toe and needs to get to the clinic tomorrow and Friday but they don't have a bed for him to take the shuttle down and he can't drive himself. I may have to miss work to take him, which we can't afford and spend money on gas that we just don't have. We have been frantically leaving messages with his care provider at the VA and I am on pins and needles waiting for a call back. Praying for a miracle here!

The sugar free pumpkin pie actually came out quite well. Splenda sweetener holds it's sweet flavor in cooking better than anything else I have tried and I couldn't taste the difference myself!

Well, time to sweep up the floors and make the beds, run a couple errands, change Bob's dressings and get ready for work. I hope they call soon so I can squeeze in a half hour at the park with Pyxle to run off some of her excess energy from they turkey scraps she wolfed down.

Louisville, KY

Lubdub, lubdub, lubdub. :)
Hey Steven, can you see us now? lol Come on over and have a cuppa.

Louisville, KY

Zany, sorry to hear of the bad turn. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both. I don't know if you all would be interested, but there is good amout of info on treating diabetes with appropriate foods that have shown to have effected a balance of blood sugar to some degree. Not pushing this on you, only offering.

I brought a small keg of homemade mead, aged for 3 years and crystalized ginger drizzled with agave nectar. It's under the mistletoe. lol

london England, United Kingdom

Hi Candee and zany, good to hear from you both today!
Hope you get some help Zany, we don't want you tiring yourself out doing everything.

BIG kiss for DW Plangeek!!! she's come up trumps with the laptop!

Going to watch Liverpool soon, just thought I'd pop back in with our Advent calendar, first in the cafe gets to open the window for a chocolate surprise everyday. I do believe it was plantgeek today!!

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london England, United Kingdom

open the window.... christmas teddy and a Turkish delight!

Thumbnail by terriculture
Louisville, KY

Why thank you Terri, that is quite nice of you to bring such a cool calender in. And I'm so delighted. lol Yummers! I'll pass along the teddy to a kiddo at our next iris club meeting. We are pooling toys for a give-away.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

We better start gobbling those chocolates, wouldn't want them to melt there by the fire.
Zany, will keep you in my thoughts that this works out for you and Bob. You are such a wonderful person, I am sure something will work in your favor.

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

Zany - here's hoping that you got the miracle you are wishing for.
3 year old mead - Plantgeek - I don't believe I have ever had some before. Crystalized ginger with agave nectar - how exotic!! After all that, and Terri's chocolate, I thought I would bring in something to balance out the menu. This is the latest I have ever gotten cherry tomatoes from my yard. I picked some for our Thanksgiving salad, and a bunch for all of you. Maybe Terri can rig up something and hang them as small Christmas ornaments?????

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Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Oh I am sure Terri already has her eye out for more of those beauties for the tree. I think next year we shall try growing some cherry maters, haven't done that before.

london England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, How's it going today?

No no no gobbling chocolates Candee, one a day!!!!

Dont tempt me Dianne, am I really that bad????LOL.
Your toms look sweet, they wont last long enough around here for decorations, yummy, well done to the grower!
Thanks for bringing delicious fresh food to the cafe.

london England, United Kingdom

Opening the 2nd of December .......... yummy fruit and nut with a couple of baubles for the tree.

Thumbnail by terriculture
london England, United Kingdom

Dianne, I couldn't find any cherry tomatoes to play with ! but....
here's some fresh fruit to add to our healthy option menu!

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london England, United Kingdom

I 'found' the leaves in the neighbourhood, on the way home from the football the other night. LOL!
Satsumas, grapes and a glitter pineapple dressed up for your breakfast!! Enjoy.

Goodnight all, hope someone comes in the cafe tomorrow.
with Madame Woodonthewall for company, I can't hear myself think!!

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Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

edited because I hate whining and I was guilty!

Night night!

This message was edited Dec 3, 2008 12:30 AM

Louisville, KY

What a warming arraingement Terri. Think tropic!
Dianne, love those cherry tomatoes. So much fun to eat.
Ooops,gotta run y'all. Have a great day.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Terri, that is one glitzy pineapple you made there. I just love the way you think. Sorry you are the only late night customer these days. I am just so tired from the holiday I haven't even gotten online in the evening. I'll try to do better, although we are headed to the cabin this weekend hoping to get a deer so we have some meat in the freezer and then in a couple weeks we will be off on holiday with lots to do inbetween. I will try though.
Zany, I do hope things have not gotten any worse for you, please hang in there and know we are all crossing our fingers for a positive outcome for you and Bob.
PG - have a good one today!

Haslemere, United Kingdom

Hi to all at the cafe I've got a message from terri to say she wont be about for a couple of days as her internet has gone down, she asked me to say be good and look after things while she's away,and she's missing you all already.i will be talking to her on the phone to keep her up to date on on whats happening lol bye for now Trina

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Thanks for the info Trina, we would surely have gotten concerned. Tell her we hope she can get back real soon.

Louisville, KY

Ditto to what Candee said. While your'e here Trina, help yourself to some fresh mango and peach slices, white chocolate covered almonds and ginger tea.

Good luck on the deer Candee. That reminds me to go to my Dad's house and pilfer a roast from his freezer. lol

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi all. Bob is fianlly tucked away at the hospital and came out of surgery a little while ago. Now when he takes his socks off to count he can only go to 19 because one little piggy ran away from home. But his fever is down and the surgeon said the rest of the foot looks pretty good. We don't know how long he'll be there but at this point I plan on taking advantage of his stay and getting some rest and recouperation time in myself!

I may even find enough time to work on that cyber christmas decoration if I don't spend the free time sleeping.

plantgeek88, is that a venison roast you are pilfering? Yummmm

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

Zany - glad the rest of Bob's foot is OK. The sleep is well deserved, and you should get as much as you can.

I will be spending many nights here at the old cafe since I don't seem to get home until late these days. The dance studio is having a holiday showcase next Friday, and I am still learning two of the three routines that I am in. Wonder if Madame woodonthewall makes a good practice partner?

Candee - it has been years since I have had venison. One of my uncles used to bring us some when I was a kid. How many months of meat does one deer provide?

PG - thanks for bringing the fresh fruits and other goodies.

Terri - hope your internet comes back up soon. We miss you!!!!

Louisville, KY

Zany, sorry to hear Bob lost a toe, but glad that he's doing better now and that you are getting rest. Here's to both of your healths. Yes, that would be a delicious venison roast, which I would be quite happy to share if y'all weren't so far away. I don't cook much, but that is one dish I do reasonably well (it's easy lol). Toss it in the croc pot with some veggies, seasonings, a little olive oil to make the meat succulent and viola, you have a good meal even if the cut of meat is not.

Soilsand, I'm sure Madame Woodsy would make a wonderful dance partner and would be most eager to shake off a few pounds after eating so many goodies here. Good luck on the dance routines and keeping up with holliday doings.

Things are getting a little busy here, poetry readings, contests, writing boatloads. The muse has gotten very active lately and my pen can barely keep up. Could be from all the sugar. lol I'm putting the finishing touches on the next book titled : Contains Scenes of Indigenous Nudity, and hope to have it out early next year provided I locate a new publisher.

Lurkey Sue must be busy in the weeds. Drop on by when you come up for air. I brought chocolate. hehehe

Hope eveyone and their chickens are well and happy and that Terri's puter gets fixed soon.

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

soilsandup, I tried to post a reply last night but DG went down for a while and I gave up. I think Madame woodonthewall might be a bit stiff in her dancing and wood (punny groan) make a better audience than partner.

plantgeek88, That roast sounds heavenly to me...guess I'm going to have to beg one from one of the hunters around here.

Terri, get that computer fixed soon cause this place is not the same with you gone!

Now for some good news for a change. Bob just called and the Dr. said he has healed enough that they will be able to graft skin over the wound early next week! Even with the toe trouble that foot filled in twice as fast as it did when this happened 5 years ago. The wound vac they use now makes a world of difference. So if ya want a dance partner...join me in doing the happy dance!

Please pass the white chocolate covered almonds and ginger tea. I feel like celebrating!

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

I am doing the happy dance for you Zany, so glad to hear good news for you guys!
Dianne, we usually like to have 2 in the freezer for just the 2 of us. We use lots and lots of burger for sauces, barbeque, meatloaf and just anything you use burger in. Love the tenderloin on the grill, better than filet mignon and the rest we use for stew meat or get some chipped for cheesesteak sandwiches and chipped beef gravy and then just a bit of bologna and hotdogs to give to friends and family - that would be all of you so just feel free to drop by and pick some up!
We are headed up this afternoon and try to get one tomorrow and then shut down the water as it is calling for a real cold snap and we don't want frozen pipes. If we go after this weekend it will be outside latrine, no hot water, you know really roughin it!!!

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

Candee, roughing it sounds delightful...icy latrine...not so delightful...I think I'll wait til warmer weather to give it a that is...

Louisville, KY

Candee, call me when you start up the grill. lol Dang that sounds so good. I'll take venison over beef any day.

Here's a tray of homemade marzipan and a side of glazed pears. Enjoy.

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Sorry everyone, been a little bick busy, but am here now with soem lights to string in the cafe garden. I haven't had time to catch up on all the goss, so if someone can fill me in with the condensed version, that would be helpful! Gotto dash off again, as I cut some flowers about 6 hours ago, and I really should do something with them before I go to bed!
Fa-la-la-la-laaaaah, la-la-la-laaaaahhhhhhh!~

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Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Wow Sue you have been busy decking the halls, that is very warm looking.
Well the water is shut down the pipes are full of antifreeze and we are home in front of the fire. It is nice to go p there, but also nice to have a few months of being at home.

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