UMW Christmas Chat #1

smalltown, IL

Good Afternoon Ladies;
I have all my Christmas shopping done and now relaxing to some Christmas music..I have yet to get to get a tree..just planning on a table top one for this year.But I have my laptop already to go..

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Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)


Congrats on being finished with your holiday shopping.

I recall the days, when my kids were small, that i would be finished before Thanksgiving.
I refuse to go to the Big shopping malls... i live just south of Woodfield.... any time after Thanksgiving.
I remember that great feeling of 'being done' before the major rush [frenzy] begins.

but now with the internet... i do the majority of my shopping on line.

I also feel that the 'holidays' have become so commercialized, it almost turns me off. We try to concentrate on the Joy of the season, not how much we can spend... like many people i know do.

DH calls me a scrouge, but at least I put up a Tree, which he has not done in years. [my neighbor actually puts up 2 full sized, 9foot trees]

I will decorate the home for our holiday gathering with my dad's family [we have a very small family] -- but I also do not get any assistance from DH.... so that could be a part of my 'bah humbug-ness' [i think his parents were the same way]

I'm to the point in life where i'd love to take a 2-3 week vacation over the holidays.

I wish i had that Holiday "drive" to decorate ... but i just dont.

Ugggg. sorry -- hope i didnt put a damper on your nice cheery thread.... i was going to ask if that image was your family room.. absolutely stunning.

smalltown, IL

I feel the same way about the commerlizim of all the holidays..I love going to Ikea but like you hate Big Malls..I personally never liked shopping.
I googled the Christmas picture..
My livingroom is pretty empty right now..I have a blowup for my couch and my laptop..:))LOL
I've been in my apartment for just over a month so trying to learn to rule of budgeting money..

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

Hi, have been listening to Christmas music and caught those wonderful specials last night-Celtic Women, followed by Trans Siberian Orchestra.
Haven't had a tree for several years, as quite difficult to get one up, but do a lot of floral decorating and often , my Snowman theme park goes up. Maybe extra this year, as hoping to find a ONE story house next year, unsuccessful with search this season.

Tomah, WI

Christmas, and everything that goes with it, is what keeps me going during our very long winter. (At least thru Dec.) I love the music, lights, music, and excitement of the little ones.
I've started putting up our trees, yep we have more than one. Our Christmas Village is up. Still alot more to do. The grandchildren will be here after school to "help". They love it, that makes it fun for me. Outdoor lights are done, we really cut back this year. Didn't light up the entire roof line. Just the lighting we could do from the ground.
Shopping is done. Now to get things wrapped. Haven't even started my Christmas cards. Maybe this evening.
We try to make memories for the Grandsons at Christmas. We pick names from the local "caring tree" and take them to shop for a less fortunate child. We want them to know it is a season of giving. We also spend a day with them baking all of our Christmas goodies. We all love it! That is until it is time for me to clean up the spilled flour, sprinkles, etc.
I hope everyone has a beautiful holiday season, however you celebrate it!

Middleton, WI(Zone 4b)

It was a busy four days off. Grocery shopped and cooked for our Thanksgiving dinner plus the dishes to pass at my mother-in-laws and food for sons to take back to college. We braved the craft store on Black Friday to get stuff so I could decorate and hang the wreath I bought from my neighborhood Boy Scout. Took the photos, designed the cards, and ordered my holiday greeting. Started but didn't finish my Christmas letter. Bought and decorated the tree. Wrapped the gifts that had arrived and ordered what I knew to purchase of the rest. Started a list of the missing family member gifts and where to get them. Then DH and I dragged extension cords and lights up and down the hill to decorate all the blue spruce and the front door.

If that wasn't enough we also vacuumed and mopped all the floors, did a kagillion loads of laundry, hit Costco for supplies for the children to take with them, and cleaned and disinfected the bathrooms. We even got estimates on repairing the GD dishwasher and the water damage it caused.

By Sunday night my youngest had the flu and I had to load him in the car to leave (ah, heart ache). Then the wind knocked my wreath off the front portico. So it rolled down the front walk to the driveway where it was able to pick up speed and crash on the far side of the road in the neighbor's culvert. Of course it sprinkled the silver pinecones, sprays of little silver flowers and bows all along the way. One of the strings of lights blew a fuse putting out all the trees below it on our hill. Due to really bad weather driving conditions, my elderly parents and their dog got stuck in Indiana travelling from Virgina trying to make it back to Wisconsin.

So for Sunday dinner I had a frozen pizza and wine with my dear husband, and decided that counted as the holiday spirit by then.

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south central, WI(Zone 5a)

Ummmm love photo of you and your dog. You got all that done over the long week-end!!!?? Hope that your parents are back by now and that the wreath is rescued.
I was going to stop at Michaels Craft and then Joans Fabric...
but stopped at the library instead to pick up ""Bucket List"-wonderful!
Need to check out to see if the fellow has branches in front of Middleton Springs Ace.

Middleton, WI(Zone 4b)

yup ... Mom, Dad, and Peaches made it back to Waunakee just before the worst of the snow hit. They carried on about the weather a lot but I think age and soft living in Florida have made them more sensitive.

That's me and Lily posing for our portion of the holiday greeting. I have treats in my hand so she doesn't get bored and wander off.

Merrimac, WI(Zone 4b)

Hi, everyone! We haven't done any decorating here yet, and may not other than the tree. We put up Christmas lights for our customers, and last year DH decided he wasn't putting them up at home and has said pretty much the same again this year. Previous years he and DS put up approx. 35,000 lights.

Marcia - DH and I saw The Bucket List in the theater when it came out; we both loved it!

Mattsmom - I love what your doing with your grandchildren and the giving tree. I'm sure it will have a lifelong impact on everyone it touches!

Terese and CountryBlue - I hate mall shopping too, and do most of my shopping online. I'm more than half finished with things I purchase and seriously behind with the things I'm making! LOL They may be ready next year!

My family does like to go to the mall during the week or two before Christmas, but not to shop. We love the atmosphere and enjoy watching all the frenzied shoppers! We always stop for good hot chocolate, sandwich, and dessert somewhere.

Maybe those of us within driving distance can meet for lunch before or after Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!! ~Jody

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