Does your garden have interesting winter features?

There are a total of 235 votes:

I have sculpture, stones or garden art
(47 votes, 20%)
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Some of my shrubs have unique branch patterns and colors
(38 votes, 16%)
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I have evergreen trees and perennials that add impact
(53 votes, 22%)
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I garden where seasonal changes are not noticed much
(47 votes, 20%)
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(50 votes, 21%)
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(Zone 8b)

Gosh I was first! how did that happen? My garden is a mix of evergreens and deciduous plants so the leaf shapes and bare branches mix together to add winter character. We also have a winter flowering cherry that keeps hope alive even in the snow.

Kannapolis, NC

In Kannapolis I have evergreens that add interest. In Asheville I had a few evergreens, but it was the red-twig dogwood that had the wow factor. We were there last week and it was magnificent!

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

I have large rocks, a built up pond area, higher than surrounding flower beds. All this is surrounded by large Spruce trees, Dogwood shrubs, & Flowering Crab trees. I have the solar powered lights lining paths. Very beautiful when all is covered with freshly fallen snow.


Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

I have a lot of ornamental 'stuff' in my yard. Even though we don't suffer much with the seasons here in Southwest Florida, my preferred tree is the plumeria which has a very bare look in the winter.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I have evergreen shrubs and sculpture in my garden. By the time the camellias stop blooming the lorepeduleum starts the symphony of blooms for spring.

Schroon Lake, NY(Zone 4a)

All three of the choices on top! With winter as long as it is here, you do as much as you can.

Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Since ornamental grasses aren't supposed to be trimmed down until Feb or March, they stay as is in my landscape throughout the winter. I think they offer some of the prettiest winter sites like when the "brooms" catch the sun in the morning or when they have a bit of snow on them - which is rare around DFW, but it happens! :)

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I really don't have much in the way of features......
I used to have some stuff, but had to take it down when something "grew legs" and I didn't want other stuff to do the same.......
It's a shame isn't it?

Where I am, most of the trees, etc have lost their leaves.
I have stuff on my enclosed deck, but it's not viewable from the street (except for my Huge evergreen that's 60' tall). I have a large cement owl (about 150 lbs), and other garden furniture, but otherwise - nothing.

Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

I have sculpture and living here in the Pacific NW you can't help but have evergreen as in conifers. My dh built me a wonderful iron gazebo which has roses trained to the posts. I have a lovely little rock grotto built for my mother by my dad but brought to our farm many many years ago as we sold the farm where I grew up. I have different fencings and hedges. Being on the farm I have more than average room.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

All of the above for me. I have beautiful evergreens and most of my deciduous trees have beautiful barks which show wonderfully in the winter sun. I let the berries dry on my bushes so they look nice until the birds finish them off. I leave most of my perennial foliage in the fall: lychnis, sedum, rudbeckia, euchinacea, sage, and grasses to name but a few make a luvly show in snow or no snow. I have sculpture, benches and stone steppers which keep interest alive. I add things that sparkle at Christmas time but have learned to only do this in containers unless you want a permanent sparkly garden (oops).

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I voted "Other". I have LOTS of snow!

Chewelah, WA(Zone 5a)

Ha Ha! That's our "winter feature" too.....about 4 feet of snow! I THINK my new pergola will still be visible, tho. Visible, mind you, not necessarily accessible! :-)

Southern, NH(Zone 5b)

My other is also snow

Union City, CA(Zone 9b)

Mine is kind of a mess . The fig is dropping leaves , the birds are tearing up the figs and the grass . 2 bare spots where my Brugs in pots were . Only 5 more to move into greenhouse .

Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

I have rocks. And occasional lovely footprints from the stag that looks for food. An ant hill. Leaves blown all over. But the rocks are what make it. And the old rail fence behind........

Maybe next year I will actually have some plants! LOL!

Marquette, MI(Zone 5a)

'Other" in the form of 180 inches of snow (on average). And dog droppies.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

We have a split rail fence around the yard, a red branched tree (ornamental plum I think), a red twig dogwood and snowdrifts with perennials sticking up through them. I don't cut them down because they help hold the snow cover in place. Day by day changes keep it interesting, but winter is too long anyway.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

If I perfect my weather transporter (well why not! they did it on Star Trek in the 70s!) will you all please send me snow? We are very much into the dry, brown dead look for winters here lately and it's really dull. Thanks muchly. ps MaryE winter is not too long, it's just the perfect time to do a walkabout to plan next years additions and work up the budget to blow before the tulips finish ^_^ pss Its also the time of the sparkly winter garden fairys. They bring joy to others. I like to try to pretend to be one.

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

I have tall Ponderosa pines that are lovely year round, also lots of rocks, in fact, more rock than soil, and cotoneaster and junipers that are red and green this time of the year. In the back I have a cast iron chicken and a cast iron turtle.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Ahem edit: paj has a WONDERFUL cast iron hen and turtle. end of edit. saw the pics.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

voted other --- cuz i have all of the choices!
so all of the above!! :)

its snow covered and beautiful today!

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Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Ahh, shucks dahlianut. Thanks for the kudos for my garden sculpture.

Coast range of, OR(Zone 8b)

I have some of the first three things so I voted "Other". Still looks soggy in the rain.

Taft, TX(Zone 9a)

Nothing grows here November through March with winds every day in excess of usually 35-40 mph.............I don't even try to do anything but let winter pass. The last few days have been closer to 50mph winds.

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Install a windmill! Sounds like you could make some $$ for your garden during those windy winters!

Santa Fe, NM

I put "other" because my main decor in the garden right now is wood piles!

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

I voted "Other" beccuse there was no "All of the above".

Seward, AK(Zone 7b)

I live in Alaska, and like others of you that live in snow country, I voted "other". I gather pussywillow branches when they are in season and tack them in bunches to the posts on my 36 ft. covered porch. I feed hundreds of wild birds year round, but especially during our long winters. The birds love to perch on them as well as pick at the pussybuds, and it gives me places to hang my suet filled pine cones. They dress up the porch, plus bring beautiful color by way of my wonderful feathered friends.

Thumbnail by avaeads
Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

We have had an early snow here so my garden didn't get final clean-up so there is a lot of ''interest '' this year.

Thumbnail by gardengus
Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

here is a pic from last yrs winter garden

Thumbnail by notmartha
Bad Axe, Mich., FL(Zone 5a)

I have several kinds on grasses for lots of winter interest, also a dwarf Blue Spruce, a weeping evergreen tree that I call "COUSIN IT", a viburnam and a Kousa Dogwood both with lots of berries, and a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick with contorted branches. They all look good in the snow for the winter.

Deer Park, IL(Zone 5b)

I have a frozen over pond and stream bed with very large boulders and young saplings (it's a new pond. . . ). It look neat to me but hey-I paid for it and I am stuck with it now. . .LOL!

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

Do we have seasons in Southeast Texas?

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Summer & hotter summer ? LOL!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Too funny. How about TX 'land of the winter cannas' ^_^ I went out to take some winter interest shots today and my camera iced up says mitten-clad dahlia. Fortunely only 18 days til spring whoooo hooo!!!!

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Is that 18 days or 18 weeks ?

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

It is only 18 days, but in Minnesota, it might seem like 18 weeks. (Takes a long time for the snow to melt up there.)

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

18 days. Winter solistice. The sun returns from hangning with the upside down people. (Hello friends in summer ^_^) It's a time of great feasting and dances of joy when we begin to plan our seeding and the 'Wakening of the Dahlias'. Work with me CountryGardens! It's just such an obvious end to the time of the cold and the dark! Note now is the time to ensure that your maintain your daily requirements from the chocolate food group as you need to store up energy for the dancing.

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Indeed. And looking at pictures of flowers is helpful, too.

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