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question on Sony camera lens

Seguin, TX(Zone 8b)

My father has a Sony 10MP digital SLR camera. We got it for him for his birthday and he loves it. Pardon my ignorance here, I am not versed in 'camera' language, but it came with a telephoto lens as well as the normal lens. Now he is asking for a telescopic lens for Christmas but when we went to the electronics store they didn't know what we were asking for. Unfortunately neither do we, and we want it to be a surprise so we don't want to ask dad. Can anyone help me out here? My mom can get the details on the lenses we already have if you need them. I think the telephoto is like a 70-300.

Thanks! Kim

Niceville, FL(Zone 8b)

Maybe I am showing my ignorance but I thought the words telephoto and telescopic were the same. Perhaps he is wanting a wide angle lens or a macro lens?

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

I think you'll have to gather more information on what exactly he wants since telescopic doesn't ring a bell for me. Could be a push/pull telephoto zoom lens, camera adapter for a telescope,....

Seguin, TX(Zone 8b)

That's ok, that is what the electronics person told us as well. I believe what he wants is to be able to zoom closer to far away objects. His telephoto lens does a good job but he wants to get closer. A lot of times he is trying to take pictures of birds and wildlife that are far away. Does anyone know what he might need to do this?


Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

LOL the misery of Wildlife Photography, no matter how big the lens is, it still won't be big enough :)

- How much money are you willing to spend?
- Any issues with weight? super telephoto lenses can get very heavy

Seguin, TX(Zone 8b)

Hmmm....we are on a bit of a budget. The other lens cost about $300, we could probably do that. But much more would be out of our range. He does like to take his camera on hikes, so weight may be an issue. Perhaps we will just have to wait until after Christmas.

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but $300 won't be enough for any new lens in the above 300mm focal length range.

For around 1000USD there is the Sigma 50-500mm which is a good Wildlife lens but I don't know how well it performs on the SONY Alpha SLRs. It's not a lightweight at 4lbs but that's pretty much unavoidable at that focal length.

There is also the brand new SONY 70-400mm but I don't think it's on sale yet and it surely will be rather expensive as a G (Gold/Pro) lens.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Don't rule out the used market. Also, the Sony Alpha series of DSLR's can also take any of the autofocus Minolta film camera lenses, such as those used by the Minolta Maxxum series of film SLR's. I use a Tamron Autofocus 28-105mm f/4-5.6 (IF) lens, intended for Minolta film SLR's. I picked up as a great deal on Amazon. That's not enough zoom for what he's wanting, but there are good deals out there.

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