Slow to grow Amaryllis

Aurora, IL

I bought 6 amaryllis bulbs in a recent co-op, 3 Minerva and 3 of a variety I don't immediately recall. I planted the 3 Minerva in one pot. They are all growing at different rates. Well. 2 are growing at different rates and one is... rather slow. The other 3 were placed in 3 separate pots. Two have sprouted and one is.... rather slow. The slow ones don't seem to be decayed. All are in the same location and have the same soil, water, and pot type. Why the difference in grow rates? When do I get concerned?

Braselton, GA(Zone 7b)

Judy, I have lots of Hippies and they do not all grow at the same rate. I would not worry if you are giving them the same care, they will come out when the time is right for each bulb. I have several of the same name that began sprouting around the same time, and are growing at different rates, as well. Some of the other ones have not even began to sprout. It is funny too that one day there will be nothing and then once it starts on some of them you can almost see them growoing over night.

Be sure to post some pictures when you get blooms! I would love to see them Minerva is one of my favorite too.

Here is a picture of Pasadena, Moonlight, and Red Peacock (not blooming yet) I planted in the same pot. Moonlight (white) was blooming a few days before
Pasadena (red/white) and Red Peacock has yet to bloom.

I hope that helps.

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Aurora, IL

Thanks Janet for the reassurance. I'll post pictures when they bloom.

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

I have one that the co-op that bloomed about a 3 weeks ago, another ready to pop open anyday, another a few days after that and 2 that have not sent up anything. Glad to know there's still hope. I was getting a little worried too.


Aurora, IL

Another curiosity: The one variety are putting up stalks. The other variety are growing leaves and no sign of a stalk yet. I thought I read that the stalk would come first followed by leaves. Will the ones growing leaves put up stalks soon?

The "leaf" ones are potted up to give as gifts. I'd hate to give a nice pot of a couple leaves! ;-)

Mobile, AL


Some tend to send out leaves before, during and some after the scape (bloom stalk).

When the bulbs are forced, it is more difficult to predict their blooming together, but after the first year, if they are not forced, they will tend to bloom at about the same time. Still, you will have some that will bloom just a little later than others.

When bulbs are NOT forced, I have noticed that varieties bloom consistantly earlier or later than others.

Here is one of my older Apple Blossom that multiplied...

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Braselton, GA(Zone 7b)


Aurora, IL

It's lovely!
So I will relax and enjoy the show! I will post pics.... at the appropriate time!


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