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Thanks Joyce for the new page, doesn't really affect me anymore, but we still have to consider the dialuppers.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

uhg i just posted on the other thread

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I've been out to take the garbage to the dump; roads are becoming iffy since it's sleeting now and 32.

Stopped at my neighbor's and had her take my mug shot. I'll spare you the gory shot of the bruising inside my mouth... it makes the outside look almost like I was having fun!

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

I haven't done much today, had to go to the bank and post office, and stop by the grocery. Came home and made a pot of chili, and did some laundry. After supper, I need to go up in the attic and drag down some Christmas decorations. I wasn't going to put up a tree, but remembered this morning that I am hosting the Bible Study group tomorrow night, so will do a little decorating, so they won't think I am completely anti Christmas. Remind me not to host anything in the month of December next year.

Now I need to head to the kitchen to find something to call supper.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Wow Darius, you did a number on that jaw and chin. I can just imagne what the inside looks like. Are you able to eat anything, or are you still just drinking? Hope it goes away soon.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Bonnie, I can eat soft things already but will probably do some high protein liquids for another day or two.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone!
Darius....wow! You look like someone sucker punched you...big time!!! If the inside of your mouth looks worsel....you are in bad shape!! I hope you feel better soon! That black and blue is the way my legs looked after surgery!!
Sue...we are on a well also. I doubt whether it's new or not makes a difference? I understand the water all around the Northern, Western, and Eastern parts here is awful! Most everyone around here uses the whole house water filters. It is installed BEFORE the water softner. Uh...what I am trying to say is this: First the water filter...then the softener, in the water line before it gets to the faucets. There are different kinds of the whole house filters. Some take out different things. You can check them online or at Walmart too. It certainly has made a BIG difference in the taste and smell of our water! And when we need a new one...well...one time of turning on the water will tell you!!
Well...I couldn't stand it any longer here. I built a fire today in the woodstove. I was COLD!! Dave was at work....so I decided to get it warm in here!! Sure feels good!!!
Made a big pot of chicken veggie soup for supper...and that was good too!
Nothing much else going on here!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Sue like Marcy says you need a specific filter.
The water softener just takes out the hardness (lime) in the water.
You need a water conditioner.
We had high iron water in B'Creek.
That filter was a Brute!
For sulfer not so bad..... it does need to be whole house but AFTER the yard water.
No sense wasting conditioned water.

Darius you look like Cr...
But better than I figured.
That was SOME whallop!

Robyn got creative...


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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening, I got all the Christmas decorations out, and have done what decorating I am going to do. I have a little table top tree, and I am using that, a centerpiece for the dining room table, one for the coffee table, candles on 3 other tables in the living room, hung a wreath on my door, red velvet ribbons on my coach lights on the porch, and will pick up some garland tomorrow, and put up some lights around the front door. That is it!! DGD will have a cow, but unless she wants to do it herself, then this is as good as it will get here this year.

Robin sure went for the color on that one side of the closet. Ric, I think this was intended for you, now she can say, the so and so is in the red closet!! We females tend to have to give detailed directions to where items can be found. hehehe.

Joyce, if you and Dusty get into trouble, please know that there will be no fund started her to bail you all out of jail!! Please send me Bertie's phone number, I have to clue her in and advise her not to hang out with the 2 of you.

Well tomorrow is grocery/errand day, and I was planning on stopping by the hospital to see DMIL, but seem to have a touch of an intestinal thing going on, so will not carry anything in to her. There are enough germs floating around the hospital this time of year, without me carrying more into her.

Will catch up tomorrow when I am home again.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Good morning everyone. Is it cold or what ?
OH darius that really looks painful . You poor thing. :(
Thanks Ric and Marcy on the info . will get DH to read your posts. So he can understand what i m telling him LOLLLL
Bonnie come on girl get in the mood !!! yeah i know this year is kinda weird one , isn't it ? Its Dec already ? !!2 yikes where did Oct go ?
Marcy glad your warm. Wood stove sounds really nice.
got a pork shoulder in the crock pot and will add salsa verde at the end to make a taco stuffing. yummmmy. To bad i can't find a decent corn tortilla in any stores. Hmmm maybe a jungle jims run ? !! :( the ones i do find are in packs of 100 LOLLLL i don't think i can eat that many tacos. Gonna have to learn to make my own.
take care
stay warm

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Oh, Darius, ouch. :(

We went to a local restaurant/bar for dinner last night, and then spent some time at Caribou playing dominoes and visiting. Gwen, Howie and I almost drove poor Nancy to distraction. When she plays a game, she wants to play a game, not visit and talk. All three of us drove her nuts. LOL Then Howie's brother Greg showed up, our friend Ivana dropped by and they both played...So there was even more conversation! :D Poor Nancy didn't have a chance.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Darius! That looks awful! I hope some of the muscle aches are going away now. South Beach diet makes some powder you can add to water. It's a protein drink but it tastes like Kool-Aid. Don't forget about Ensure too. They are pretty good cold. I've had too much time to find protein in odd places. LOL

I wondered why I was not getting updates here. Apparently I've not posted or watched this thread. Whoops!

I stayed busy a few days making barrettes and baby clips. We've also been working on straightening up the house. I guess I need to break down and finish up the drywall around the kitchen door. Ugh. It's more fun busting out stuff than fixing it. ;) With the kids home for 6 days, we got through bedrooms and amassed a ton of laundry plus another 55 gallon tub of things to take to the garage.

I'm sorry I left some of you worrying. I've had a stomach but the last few days and thankfully feel better today. The baby end of things is going fine. Thanks to several DGers, my new baby has a good six months of wardrobe. :) He STILL needs a name!

My good friend, that got pregnant right after me, had some bad results from testing then her sonogram showed that her baby's foot is messed up-at least club foot. Her little foot and knee are turned in pretty badly. Her baby will probably have to be casted right after birth and maybe have surgery right away. I'm trying to get through my girl baby stuff to see how I can help her and cheer her up. We are not sure what the baby will be able to wear. Neither of us has ever had to dress a baby with a cast!

Oh well, Maddie is gone to preschool for the next couple of hours so I'm going to see what I can get done.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Yes Ric...that is the way our filter is ...so the softened water doesn't go outside. Love the color Robyn!!
Darius, hope you are feeling some better today? And Bonnie and Chele as well? Seems there is a lot of this stuff going around!
Well...have to make a run to Wally again...to get the BP meds...At least I hope they are in? Have to call first.
First we are cleaning house though. And have to figure out something for supper too?
Guess I better get busy here. Hope you all have a wonderful day...and keep warm!

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

OH ((((Darius)))) I hope that looks worse than it feels! Poor Baby.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Thanks, my bruising does feel a tad better today. Now if I could only sleep better...

A local friend called earlier... he had some venison for me. When I drove down to get it, there were 4 shoulders, 2 legs, 10" of tenderloin... plus he had about a dozen dressed, frozen rainbow trout from a local spring-fed pond for me. I haven't had decent fish in a long time... yippee!

My sister just came home... she got laid off, and I'm pretty sure it is not the economy in her case. She's worked there (CPA firm) just over 3 months, has missed 6 full days of work and been half a day late at least twice. Sigh.

Well, today's payday so I'm off to get groceries and some quart jars to can the turkey stock.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Bonnie I 'WISH' that was how Robyn gave directions.
Her answer currently is "In the Pantry or in the Cupboard"....
We have 3 Pantries and 8 Cupboards.... and they already have different colors......
Course if I asked her which color she would have to go see....
and could get it for me.... LOL!


Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Sounds like you hit the jackpot, Darius!!

Dusty took the carcass from the turkey and said she was going to make something wonderful with it....I haven't heard any wonderfulness coming from next door yet..... ;o)

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

That is because it is in the freezer awaiting me to have some quality time to spend with it... ;-P

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

I guess I'll smell it when you start it simmering!

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, my, Darius, what a horrible bruise! I pray you heal fast. How nice that you got all that fresh venison and fish--eating well can help your healing.
Hey, what kind of position did your sister have at the CPA firm? I'm so desparate for work that I've been searching online for jobs in other states. Nobody wants to give new paralegal grads a chance--and I graduated back in March, so I'm not so new of a grad anymore, just a very frustrated one! I would even live in my tent for a while, if I could have a good job! Your sister just doesn't know how much she should appreciate having work in this economy.

Chele, glad to hear you and baby are doing well, but so sorry to hear about your friend's baby's problem. Good that they can treat that in infancy, so she'll have an excellent chance at recovery.
Ric, and Robyn, you never cease to amaze us--great job!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Chelle good things are going good. Glad to see you posting, we missed you. :) glad your feeling better too.
I got foux BBQ in the slow cooker . I made the suace myself. Hope for the best. LOL
got the upstairs vacumed and kids room cleaned and rearranged
Oh Dusty tv is in the living room *wink* LOLLLLL
KY i sure hope you find somehting soon. That bites. T&P for you.
made bread pudding last night . I used my pumpkin spice creamer instead of milk , turned out pretty good.
Darius what a score you got !!! way to go on the fish too.
Gw to funny on the game and your friend. reminds me of Will and Grace when they do game night with their friends LOLLL
Well got to get some things done around here.

Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig.

Got in early this am. I got delayed in Denver for 5 hours. They overbooked the flight so I got in on the red eye from Las Vegas. It was not that bad cause I got a nice voucher from United for $300 bucks since I let them reroute me. I was by myself so it was no hassle.
I am tired though and slept til 1 this afternoon when Oprah woke me up crawling across me to take her out. The time changes really get me.

Darius put some ice on that bruise! That's a hum-dinger!

Will talk more soon.

((((((((((((((Hugs Everybody))))))))))))))))


So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

KyWoods, you have dmail.

Our sunny temps got up to 60 today and I did all my Christmas shopping! (I only have to buy for my sis and The Kid.) I also got a free 50' garden hose at Sears to replace the one I ran over with the lawn mower. I bought 3 of those about 15 years ago and they have a lifetime guarantee no matter what you do to them... don't even need the receipt to exchange a damaged one. This one must make about 5 they have replaced due to negligence on my part. The mall with the Sears store is 50 miles from here so I don't get down there but about twice a year.

Sounds like everyone else is well and chugging right along...

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Oh, Toni, aren't those flight vouchers great? We missed a connecting flight on the way home from visiting Lisa when she was still in Louisiana, and the airline put us up in a nice hotel and paid for dinner and breakfast. The next morning, we volunteered to be bumped to a later flight back to Ohio, so we received vouchers. Howie couldn't take time off work, so I went to visit Lisa on my own the next fall, flying for free. I'll gladly get bumped if it doesn't mess with others' plans or my pocketbook.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Well I took our company truck in for a repair estimate.
Steering, Clutch and it turns out Brakes too..
8500 Bucks!
It seems we are going to Plan B...... LOL!

Renee I asked my Sisters to be on the lookout for anyone at Meade needing a Para.....

Off to the FPR..


Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks, Ric, I appreciate you thinking of me! Wow, too bad about the truck--yikes!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

You're Welcome!
And it's not MY Truck.
I'm just the one who has to drive it.
And I won't on the HWY again.... too much steering play....
It will be OK for between shops trips though.
I'm hoping they will just replace it....BIG Trucks are cheap these days.....


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Have had a long day today, grocery/errand day, with a stop by the hospital to see DMIL. She was sleeping so I didn't disturb her, but did get to talk to her nurse. I am sure that she was skating on thin ice with the HIPPA laws, but I explained my DH was the power of attorney, and he hadn't been able to talk to the Dr, and didn't always ask the right questions when he was able to talk to him. So she gave me more information than we have been able to get from any of the hospital staff. I did promise that I would share the info with only DH, and then he could decide how much to share with his siblings.

I think the only things they are doing is trying to make her comfortable. She did tell me that there was a probability that if that bed in critical care was needed, they would probably move her to a private room.

Yikes, Ric, that is many $$ for the truck repair, sure am glad that I don't have to pony up that amount.

Welcome back Toni, sounds like you had a fun visit and circuitous route home. But for a $300 voucher, a pretty good deal.

Off to read some other threads, ~~~~ to everybody I didn't address.

Hey, Jazzy, check in and tell us what is going on with you and the little terrorists!!

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

Hi guys, Just a quick note since i am at work. First Darious ouch ouch ouch..I am gald that you are feeling better.

secondly venison,. We cook it up all the time. I make burgers and have a great loin recipe. We also foudn that anything that works with Lamb works with venison. It usualy isn' gamey in Ohio. All corn fed.. lol

thirdly terrorists.. Joel took them out for their first "Field trip and took pictures.. I just haven't had a chance to get them off the camera..I will soon I promise Bonnie!

Waves to everyone.. Dusty glad you are somewhere good now!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Jazz, good to hear from you. DH is hunting Digger and Bandit, and will be taking our 3 terrorists out in a couple of weeks. Digger and Bandit are doing good with the hunting, and DH brags on them every time he hunts them. Digger is the better at hunting, but Bandit is hanging in there. He is a much gentler dog, just gonna take him a little longer to get it all down.

Thanks for checking in, now if we could hear from Melissa, then the gang would have all checked in.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Evening yall...Sorry I'm somewhat speechless tonight...I didn't get a call to go to work tomorrow, after having been off today...VERY strange...I had paperwork that needed to be turned in, and I needed to go up that way to my bank, and I was going to stop at Speedway for smokes and get some saltwater snails to clean the Reef tank since the place Cookie showed me is practically next door to work....Darn good thing I did.... Some poor guy in Hillsboro, OH would have been wondering where his ride to the VA was in the morning...

Our co-dispatcher, Amy, has been having some health issues here lately, and I knew she had just had venous strips done in both legs recently to improve her circulation...Mind you, this girl is only 42 yrs old...
Apparently today, she came back from a checkup with the results from 2 1/2 weeks ago of a CAT, and it showed 2 Nodes near her esophagus and today there are 3, and now determined to be Lymphoma...The whole office went into panic and shutdown mode, and they forgot to call 1/2 the drivers...I only found out because I went up there to turn in paperwork, and met another driver who had heard it from another...I called Sheila and spoke to her to verify as they are best friends...
Prayers on her behalf will be greatly appreciated...

I am off to the shower and my bed...Got lots done here today, but not near what I wanted to...Then again, I guess that is just me...

Have a great day tomorrow!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to all....

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Morning Buckeyes and Lurkers!

Springfield, OH(Zone 6a)

How did you know I was lurking, Cookie?? LOL

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Good morning everyone !
Dusty T&P to your co worker . That is hard and only at age 42 .
Not much here
Ric glad thats not your truck that is one hefty charge for repairs yikes.
jazz good to see you posting , we miss you . Looking forward to them pics of your doggies . LOL
Welcome back Toni, glad you are safe and sound , good deal on the trip. Did you hear of the flight that had a 9 hr delay and wouldn't let passengers off the plane !!!! oh that would not work if i was on board LOL . They had guards on the entrance of the plane.
well i guess i should get busy
T is getting his foot cut open today , he got that bad infection over in china. Glad he finely is getting it done the big goof ! ha
take care and have a great day

Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

Good Morning All!

Boy I slept like a rock. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed after being away. Gonna get things together here and I have a conference call at 3.

Sitting here sipping coffee and chilling. I am thinking I may just go out and find my butt a job like normal people. I have some decisions to make for sure.

Dusty let me know when my room is ready! I'll be there sooner than you know :)

Where's Chele and my cyber nephew???

Sue and Ric I stole some CD's from Derek's you'd love. I got copies of the whole Motown Anthology (12 discs). It has everything from The Contours to the new stuff by Brian McKnight in the late 90's I think. Anyway It's the bomb. Send blanks and I'll hook you up a copy.

Well coffee's cold. For some reason I am moving in slow motion today. Gonna get a refill.

((((((((((((Wavin' to Lurker Lou, Lana, Jazzie, Renee and Cookie and anybody else I missed...Hey Ladies)))))))))))))

(((((((How you feeling today Darius?)))))))))

Adios for now!

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Ohh Ohh Ohhh can I send blanks too???

We ate at the best Irish Pub last night. Had Beef and Potatoes in a Bread Bowl... yum.. will definitely be going back there! Called Brazenhead...I think they're a chain.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Good Morning... I'm moving slow myself this morning. The Kid awakened me about midnight to talk about her mother and it was 5 AM before I got back to sleep. Good thing there is a movie channel on all night.

Dusty, prayers being sent for your dispatcher friend. That's tough on anyone, at any age.

Waving to everyone...

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Hey everyone!

Finally have a few minutes to post!

Been a wild week of car appointments. Finally have it all fixed after the run in with the raccoon. Then, the "check engine now!!!!" light came on. Oh, NO! took to dealer, and one of the main computers was out. Almost $1,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I caught a tiny bit of good luck - I squeeked in under the warranty. By about 1,000 miles! Another month or so, and I would have been out of luck! And, they found a seal that was leaking, but that I have to fix on my own. They want me to drive it another couple weeks with the new computer to see if it alerts to the seal, or any other problem before they fix anything else. I have been having problems with it running roughly when I first start out for about 6 months. They have not been able to figure out what causes it. I have to stop at a 4-way stop on a steep hill by my house, and it will stall out there sometimes. Now, they are saying this computer may have been going bad, and causing this problem. Another reason to drive it a couple weeks before they do any more work on it.... hopeful that it will be running right !!!!

Marcy, I made your pie last weekend - the "George" recipe. I double checked the recipe - am sure I measured right. Took about 3/4 of the recipe to fill my pie shell. It was a total flop. After the one hour baking, it was still totally liquid. Sometimes my oven is a little "slow" so I baked it 20 minutes longer. Took it out, and even when cool - it was still as runny as when I poured it in the shell. Let it totally cool, then put in fridge. By next morning, it was still runny. Tasted good, with a spoon (LOL) but still runny. With some investigating, found that there was a layer on the bottom near the crust that was somewhat set up, but was more like glue - I baked the extra filling in custard cups in a water bath after the pie came out, and it turned out the exact same way... glue on the bottom and liquid on top. I must have done something wrong. (obviously) But, the flavor was really good!!! I will try it again. Mom seems to think I should have beat it together with a mixer and not a whisk? She thinks the flour sunk to the bottom and thickened down by the crust, leaving the top part with no thickener. I had an oven thermometer in, and the temp was right at 350.... am wondering if I need to bake at higher temp.... Just not sure.... but the filling tasted so good, I want to try again!!!!!

Wouldn't you know, I set down here to make a post, and my Mom's calling me to help her.... she wants to carry up the Christmas tree from the basement. Should have done it last weekend, but we ended up doing other things. Then I have been busy going to appointments all week. So I will help her carry up the pieces and get it put together. She can "fluffle" it up this afternoon, so I can start decorating it.

Waving to all!!!


Cleveland Heights, OH(Zone 5b)

Course you can Cookie! U know ya didn't have to ask silly rabbit. Truth be told none of you have to. Addy in the exchange if you don't already have it.

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