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Harford County, MD(Zone 6b)

Have any of you used Ascentive PC Speedscan Pro ? I saw a commercial for and downloaded the scan. It found 483 errors.

In order to fix them the cost was 29.00. I'm hesitant to use my credit card online, so wondered if you can buy it at Best Buy or somewhere.

If any of you have used it, I'd really like to know if it works.

Thanks, Ginny

Washington, MO(Zone 6a)

Most of what it's going to do, you can do yourself, with little time/effort, for free. ;)

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

most of those commercials you see for programs like these.... they tell you they will remove all the errors, usually in the hundreds for a price.... there are plenty of FREE programs that will do that too.

save your cash and look for a freebie.

I'be been using Glary Utilities for a few months now and really like it ... i read about it in a magazine, it was highly rated, and free. [it was my Nortons Utilities replacement - that i spent a lot of cash on]

there should even be some utilities included in Windows that can clean up some of those files too.

I am a firm believer that these programs that you see in those ADs, try to scare you into believing you have a ton of errors and only they can fix'em.

Harford County, MD(Zone 6b)

Eggs and tcs, thank you for that information.
I'm going to try to uninstall it. It put so many icons on my screen and keeps popping up reminders to fix errors every time I turn the computer on. I guess they want my money,huh ?


Ripley, MS

I use CCleaner-it is free and fixes all the errors, I have had good luck with it.

Washington, MO(Zone 6a)

What I was saying was that you don't really even need any extra programs to do drastically improve a 'slowed-down' machine. Chances are good that:

1. There are a lot of temp files on the machine. (These can be removed manually, easily enough, without any 'extra' software.) Using Windows Explorer or My Computer, browse to the following folders, and delete their contents:

"Documents and Settings%username%Local SettingsTemp"

If the "Local Settings" folder isn't visible in Windows Explorer or My Computer, do:

Tools --> Folder Options
View tab
Under "Hidden files and folders" check: "Show hidden files and folders"
Click OK

2. Scrutinize the Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel for programs you no longer use, and uninstall them. (Then, reboot and remove any remaining icons/files/folders from those programs)

3. After you've deleted/uninstalled the above, empty the Recycle Bin. (There's really no need to defrag the trash. =) )

4. Defrag

5. Disable unnecessary programs loading with Windows. Do:

Start --> Run
In the box, type: msconfig
Click: OK
At the top, select the Startup tab

Uncheck everything that you don't need at startup (it's really most of the things listed). If you're not sure, compare what you have against the list at:

Doing the above, on a regular basis, will tremendously help a slowed-down machine, and you don't need any 'extra' software to do it. =)


Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

What great info, EGGS. Thanks!

Believe I'll have to print and tape that to the wall in front of my desk!

Sure am grateful for your input!


Washington, MO(Zone 6a)

YW Shoe =)

Should have added to dump Temporary Internet Files too, before dumping the trash and defragging. =) They can be several places

With browser windows closed, check:

"Documents and Settings%username%Local SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5"

Delete everything in this folder, except "index.dat".

The above folder *may* be located inside of one of the other Temp folders (among other, rare places). If you can't find the Temp Internet Files folder, check the browser's options for it's location. =) You don't really *need* anything in there (except index.dat), though cookies can come in handy for passwords and such). Delete at your own preference. =)


Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Thanks! Got it!

Glad you mentioned the "except index.dat" part or I surely would've zapped it, too.

Thanks, ginlyn for bringing up this topic!


Washington, MO(Zone 6a)

Glad you mentioned the "except index.dat" part or I surely would've zapped it, too.

You're more than welcome to try. =)

Tremont, IL(Zone 5b)

I haven't tried this program yet, but a good friend sent this to me. He said he has used it for quite a while.
Advanced SystemCare has received very positive reviews from
publications such as Forbes, CNET and PC Magazine. It will keep your PC
error-free and running smoother than ever. You can download it for free at:

Has anyone here tried it?
Jan in Central Illinois

Shepherd, MT

some times those ads for cleaners will download things onto your computer then ask you to pay to remove them, this was in PC world

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)


Macomb, MI(Zone 5b)


Andalusia, AL(Zone 8b)

Could someone please explain how to do this things step by step for Windows 7 ? I can't find Windows Explorer or My Computer or tools.

computer dummy Jan:)

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I"m still pretty "new" to 7 also... but i can muttle thru.... grrrr - i'm on the wrong computer.... [this one has XP]

hang on... i'll go downstairs.

but many times when i get confused about something... i google it...

like [enter into an internet search] "where is Windows Explorer in WIn7"


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

On my desktop, i have all those icons for My Computer

try this

tools?? as in system tools?
click Start | All Programs [right at the bottom, above the search box]
Scroll down past all those icons ... for Accessories [click it] then look for a folder that says System Tools

for Windows Explorer... I just click the Start - then when that window pops up,
on the right... i click on Computer...

then from there ... I'll click "C" which will open what ever is on "C". or which ever drive you want to view.

It's not perfect... sometimes i still have a hard time finding things...i've had this [Win7] since mid-June ... and there are some things i do like. but everythign is a learning curve.

Hope i was able to help a bit.


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Washington, MO(Zone 6a)

Bah! I thought we were gonna get to a full month with no posts here! WTG Terese! =P

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

thanks Eggs.... Just hope I was able to help the gal. :-)

Andalusia, AL(Zone 8b)

Perfect! Many thanks for helping me.


Wilmington, DE

if you have slow computer then try to do this easy task to make pc performance better,

1-try to cleanup ur desktop 1st delete unused icons from there,
2-try to manage your startup applications which make computer begin slowly.
3-install CCLEANER to remove waste and garbage files from pc.
4-and last most important tip, try to install lite antivirus like avg, avira, avast .. and after install a new antivirus scan whole drives..
hope that will solve your prob.

Tremont, IL(Zone 5b)


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

is' a free software program for cleaning [crap] off your computer... you are a MAC girl, right?
I know it's for PC, not sure about mac though.

it's a highly rated program.

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

Another note about machines that seems to be running slowly *** Hardware problems can also cause sluggish response ***
ie. most people do not realize that the hard drive within the "box" that is their computer is only going to last from three to six years (depending on usage and care). Anything mechanical, that contains moving parts WILL Wear Out! If not we would all be driving that "first" car (You remember - the one you loved so much?).

I have long ago lost count of the number of times when I responded to a computer job where the customer complained of the machine being "slow" and within moments of hitting the "power" button had diagnosed the problem simply from the amount of noise coming from the "Box". "It has always sounded like that" is the usual response. NO it has not! but it got louder so gradually over such a long period of time that it was not noticed.

The number of people who have been amazed by the increase in speed resulting from a hard drive replacement has also been lost count of. But on that note please also remember that slow performance is not the worst that can happen. A hard drive can also completely fail. And this is the reason that Backing up data is so important.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Good points, Dyson. And nice to see ya, too!

Is there a decent back-up or stand-alone hard drive you can recommend that I could just plug into a USB port? Or do brand names come into play? (And remember, I'm a poverty level dirt farmer with limited income....)


Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Oh yeh, meant to add that I have CCleaner, Hostanquilts, and it works great! I'd recommend writing your passwords down someplace though cus first time I used it it wiped out cookies and such so each site I participate on I had to re-enter passwords and heck, most of them I had to guess at cus I never exit or sign out very often.

It sure keeps your system running fast(er) though.

Shoe (off to stare at a big smoked turkey breast on my bottom shelf in the fridge, again...)

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

Hey shoe! - I am using a "western digital" 150 GB USB external hard drive and keep all of my important data backed up there. It is a "full size" hard drive that comes with its own power supply (so it does not draw a lot of power from the USB port). I have found that the smaller external drives (Built using notebook drives) have a tendency to overheat and fail.

I think the cost on the WD 150 was about a hundred dollars, but that was a few years ago. The price should have come down some.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Perfect! Thanks! 150 GB! Gracious me, that's bigger than my main hard drive!

Do people simply copy everything over to those extra drives, including their OS? (I don't think I even have my OS on CD so if something ever happened I would lose that, too.)

Thanks for your help. And ginlyn, I just noticed this thread is from 2008 so I hope by now your computer is working to perfection! If not I'm sure Roadrunner will come save the day! *grin

jannich, hope your computer is running perfect, too. Glad you bumped this up.


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Shoe... I get emails all the time from CNET -- they have this "cheap skate' article where they search the web for great deals... todays was a 1T external DH for 50 bucks delivered, no rebates either. it's a Seagate, and i think it's from Best Buy... here s the link

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Oh.. i forgot to add... I have 3 ext HDD's. one is a portable for my laptop. think it's a 1TB [i think it's a western digital] , got a smokin deal at Wallyworld when they had it mismarked by $40

I have a 500gb Seagate for my Tower that runs weekly back ups, and a 200GB [Baracuda] which collects dust [well, i gave it to my son for his backups] in a cabinet once I installed a 500GB internal drive ... so that 200 filled up way to fast.

I've been burned twice without having a backup drive, so now it runs that weekly backup.

the way the prices are falling... you can get a decent [large] drive for not much cash.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

thanks, tcs...that sure is (or was) a great deal on the HD. Gigabytes, terrabytes...those sound huge to me. Glad to hear prices are dropping for those. (One day I hope to upgrade my OS, too...still running WIN2K here.)

Thanks again!

Harford County, MD(Zone 6b)

Hey Shoe..... yes it has been a while since this thread was started. Since I took some of the junk off and downloaded Avast it's been running pretty good. I've also banned my grandsons from getting on it to play their games, LOL.
A computer to me is about like my car..... I can get in it and drive, but wouldn't know how to change the oil, change a tire or fix anything. I can do a few things with the computer but technical things throw me for a loop.
I'm keeping this thread printed out so I can refer to it when needed.. There's a lot of good information here isn't there.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Howdy ginlyn, nice to see you again!

Avast works for me, too. Glad I found out about it. And ditto on the grandson's games, some 'puters just aren't geared up for them.

Hope all other areas of life are going well your way!


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