How do you cook?

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

What is the predominant way you cook at your house?


Mostly we use the stove-top but I'm wanting more recipes for casseroles and oven meals/crock-pot meals. Can anyone help me branch out to other methods of cooking?! LOL!

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

We use the stove top most of the time, with the toaster oven in frequent use when I only need to make smaller portions for DH and I. My toaster oven will handle a 10" pie pan and a standard loaf pan. No point in using the energy to heat up the large oven unless I really need it. I only use the large oven when I'm baking more than one dish, baking in bulk, for a crowd, for the holidays or for bread.

If I need to make several dishes for a meal, but don't have time to tend to them on the stove, I'll put the ingredients in a covered casserole and bake them instead. Sometimes you need to reduce the liquid (when "sauteeing" in the oven).

My scoundrelous crockpot went home with another woman at a company potluck. I hope to meet up with another someday.

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

LOL on the scoundrelous crockpot! I can't believe the lady never returned it. :( I only take disposable containers to group meals like that now because I fear losing my cookware lol.

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

There were a lot of look alike crock pots at that particular function, so I don't think it was intentionally taken. The person who adopted it probably thought it was one of her own. One day she may discover she has one crockpot too many in the cupboard.
I'm much better at labeling my pots now though.

Charlevoix, MI(Zone 4b)

It depends on the time of year! I work nights, 6p-6a so during the school year I rely on my slowcooker quite a bit. I use my oven frequently, too. In the summer/warmer months the grill gets a workout. The microwave doesn't get much use at all, it's kind of a space-waster and I don't own a toaster oven.

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

i think its about 60 pct in the oven and 40 pct on the stove top. i do a lot of braising so the oven percentage goes up for the oven.

Mount Laurel, NJ(Zone 7a)

We always use the oven for cooking poultry and our favorite way to cook asparagus and rosemary potatoes is roasting in the oven. We never use the oven for pork anymore, since it is so lean. We usually bread and cook pork cutlets on the stove top in a large skillet with a little oil or I like to saute pork chops with onion and apples, also stove top. We have a grill on our stove top, which is great for steaks and firm flesh fish, such as halibut. If you don't have an indoor grill, cast iron skillets with the raised iron, for the grill marks, works well.

We cook using all methods, more recently we've gotten into broiling. Broiled fish is fast and delicious. We don't do much in the microwave except for using it to unthaw frozen foods. When short on time, we do use the microwave for cooking meatloaf and "baked" potatoes, it works great.

As for casseroles, we rarely cook them. I don't know why...we love casseroles. My cousins wife made a delicious broccoli and cheese casserole for Thanksgiving :)

Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

Mostly we cook stovetop...gas. We basically eat vegies and a protein...lots of stirfries. Stove top is so much faster....and cooler. In the winter on wet cold days I like to make bread and roasts... In I go to start the bread!!!

Lewiston, MN

DH and I farm, so we're both home for lunch a majority of the time. Younger DD is in elem. school, so she's home evenings, weekends, holidays, and all summer. Older DD is in college, home for summer & break. We try to have family meals together whenever possible, so I do a bit of cooking. It's rare for a day to go by when I don't use the oven, the range-top, and the microwave, particularly Sept-April. I probably use the crock-pot a couple times a week in fall-spring, and a couple times a month in summer. In summer I use the grill more, at a guess maybe 3 or 4 times a week. When I had my Jenn-Air oven with downdraft grill/burners, I grilled a lot indoors, year 'round. (I really loved it, but it didn't fit right in my remodeled kitchen, and it was already really old at that point. I still have it in the basement & use it for a spare oven on occasion, but I haven't yet gotten the vent hooked up so I can't use the grill part. It must have over 25 years of use behind it now, and the unit is still going strong.)

My microwave gets used mostly for thawing, quick heating, and re-heating (oh yeah, and popcorn) rather than more involved cooking. (It is microwave and convection combo, so I use it as a convection oven when I have something smallish or when I need to bake several things at once.)
My crockpots get used mostly for meat or stew. I guess I could use a few more recipes for that one, too!
I'll mull it over and see whether I have any casserole ideas worth sharing.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

I would have to say mainly stove top then oven. I only use the microwave for reheating leftovers or melting butter. I'll still heat a pot of water for a cup of tea rather than microwave it:lol: Think it might be a holdover from not having a microwave in our home until I was almost 18.

I have a big 6 qt Corningware oval crockpot but I've barely used it. I'm dragging it out today for a pork roast which is new territory for me--haven't had one since the mid 80's when my mom made one:lol: I did buy a 2 qt one which I might actually use more since I mainly just cook for me.

Hadn't thought about a toaster oven before--we never had one growing up. That might be a good idea for me rather than blasting the big oven just for me:)

Macon, GA

We generally grill or smoke 95% of our meats. Then on the stove we will add veggies. I love black eyed peas, we use fresh that is generally frozen. We go to the farmers market to get peas, beans, cabbage, just about everything. I usually do the veggies. But we start with fried bacon, then fried onions then I add water, then broth, and I dont use the tabs I use the 4 oz can, usually a tablespoon. Then I get a boil going then I add the veggies. Depending on the desired taste use either chicken or beef broth, its intirely different. Then depending on what youre cooking it will be done in minutes. Cabbage is fast, turnips about 30 minutes, peas, beans about an hour. The broth adds another level to it with the bacon, then the onions, you have 3 levels, instead of water and a piece of pork. Near the end of cooking I add fresh pepper and kosher salt as needed. I highly recommend the kosher salt, its so much better on your heart. Marvin

Oakland, CA(Zone 9b)

Very rough percentages:
65% stovetop: saute, stews, sear/roast
35% oven: braise, sear/roast, slow/extended roast, high-heat roast

For instance, I'll make:
chili on stovetop
crabcakes and scallops on stovetop
green chile pork butt in oven braise
salmon and halibut filets slow roasted
filet mignon sear/roast
baby back ribs slow roasted, then lightly broiled to caramelize sauce (when we can't grill)
chicken and rack of lamb high-heat roast
leg lamb and prime rib extended roast (high heat, then slow roasted)
choucroute garni (sauerkraut with bockwurst and pork) in oven braise

I use the oven to roast certain veggies: asparagus and cauliflower are our favorites. I also have a wonderful potatoes Apulia recipe: sliced potatoes with onions and tomatoes, seasoned with olive oil, garlic, and rosemary, baked until tender. Great with a roast and even better on the side for breakfast with fried eggs!

I make a fair amount of soups and stews on the stovetop:
- made turkey noodle soup with turkey necks this week
- made Portugese chicken stew last week: chicken thighs, spicy linguisa, garbanzo beans in a saffron-tomato sauce.

My broiler isn't great so I prefer to sear-roast. Fine Cooking had a wonderful article on it that got me into this technique. When the weather permits, I like to barbecue - my husband will eat anything with grill marks on it.

Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

I usually cook 'extra' of everything so I can just combine, morph and warm up on the stove top. Queen of the leftovers!

Litchfield, ME

I'd say we use the stove top most of the time but the oven use is not far behind. Microwave for reheats, hot cup of water for tea, occaisional defrost, butter melting.
We use a cast iron dutch oven out back with the campfire off and on.

We do not have a grill or toaster oven (or dishwasher or cable tv for that matter)

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

I use the stove top for most of my cooking, too, but I do make a casserole or some chicken nuggets or a pizza or... at least once a week, I would guess. I probably use my crockpot 3 times a month. I use my little indoor grill quite often, too. :-) I use the microwave everyday - usually to heat up frozen veggies or something quick for the bunnies' lunches. We don't have cable tv, but I love my dishwasher! ^_^

Lewiston, MN

"We don't have cable tv, but I love my dishwasher!"

I give that an enthusiastic second!

(Tonight I'm using the stovetop (soup) and the panini maker.)

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