Need to know about the seeds of Oranges

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

That I just pulled some fresh oranges different one kind from the tree and I save some seeds and want to know what is the good to start to plant oranage seeds and how do it start with?
Thank you!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I've never started oranges from seed so I'll let someone else advise you on how to do it, but most oranges are hybrids and won't come true from seed so you will likely end up with something that doesn't taste nearly as good as the orange you got the seeds from. Also many orange trees will grow fairly large on their own--many of the ones you buy at nurseries have been grafted onto dwarf rootstock to keep them a bit smaller. So if you just want to do this for the fun of growing something from seed then go for it, but if you want to be sure you'll have edible oranges at the end or if you've got a limited amount of space for the tree to grow you'd be better off buying a plant from a nursery instead.

Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

Speaking of oranges,smell these oranges blossoms!!!

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West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Here's a recent article about citrus as houseplants from seeds:

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Thank you so much for this !

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