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Egg weirdness, does anyone know what causes this?

Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

Does anyone know what causes this kind of weird ridging and misshapen egg? I have been having several like this over the last few days. They were not like this before. I think it is the same hen that keeps laying them.

Thumbnail by DrDoolotz
Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

same egg, other end.

Thumbnail by DrDoolotz
Ferndale, WA

Hi cmox! Strange as it may seem I was just reading an article from backyard poultry and they had two eggs that looked very similar to yours. They said it was usually a result of lack of oyster shell. I called them as I thought the lack of oyster shell was generally seen in thin shelled eggs. The assured me while that was true that the wrinkly shell was also a result of lack of enough oyster shell, and that the shell wrinkled because of to much elasticity in the shell due to lack oyster shell which lends itself to proper thickness of egg shell. I learned something new today. Haystack. What can I say

(Zone 7b)

I Believe theres something in damerows book on this. My opinion is could be from a egg pushing against another before it was laid i read somewhere thats how a egg can come out flat on one end.
A egg is formed in a hen in stages and the shell is the last to form. So any number of things can form it into strange ridges or long ones. it's nothing more than the hens reproductive system squeezing the egg when it's still flexible before it hardens. This is sort of like lazy ladies rubber eggs the hens reproductive system was just processing them to rapidly and they were missing the shell process.
I have never offered my chickens oyster shells or any calcium supplements and their egg shells are very strong.
Double yolk eggs are formed when a hens overies release two ovum at once and their reproductive system wraps them up and sends them thru.

Reynoldsville, PA(Zone 6a)

usually eggs like that r a sign of IB= infectious bronchidous or there is a few other things that cause it but i can't think at the moment.

lack of calcium usually makes rubber eggs(which r smooth) or eggs with a light shell that crack like tissue paper when touched since it is so thin. my best guess is a form of IB.

Elbridge, NY(Zone 5a)

Claire, Is it hard? Is the shell hard like a normal egg?
I just want to touch it. hehehe
It sure is odd though!

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Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

Yes, the shell is very, very hard like a normal egg, or harder. It is extremely rough to touch - none of the usual smoothness. I have some hens showing signs of runny nose and sneezing/rattling. I suspect it may be IB if that is the case. IB is viral, so I can't even treat it. Dang...

Harmony - that is another interesting option - it is affected on both ends though, and so very rough all over, like sandpaper. It just doesn't feel normal. :-(

Haystack - I'll put out extra oyster shell, just in case!

(Zone 7b)

Found what silkie was refering too.

Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

Ugh....not a happy thing to read about....

(Zone 7b)

Here's a interesting link

(Zone 7b)

Here's one that explains the reproductive system

Elbridge, NY(Zone 5a)

So, if I read that correctly it says that Rough or abnormal shell texture can be caused by ;Inherited
Newcastle disease or infectious bronchitis, Excessive use of antibiotics, Excess calcium consumption by the hens, or Copper deficiency. How do you know which?
Man, I feel like we need a Phd to raise chickens!

(Zone 7b)

I wanted to give Claire all the info i could and let her decide which she thinks it is.

Sewin If you have a strange egg and your others are laying normaly and not showing signs of sickness i wouldn't worry about it.

It could just be the hen some information is very useful but it's up to us as the owners to figure out whats best for them.
I always go with the simplest explanation as in the "it was just a fluke egg". But if my others are showing sickness or laying strange eggs too then i would check that out.

I didn't know the abnormal egg shells could be from too much calcium i learned something to.

Elbridge, NY(Zone 5a)

Ya, That was very informative. I did not know too much could do it either!
See we are life long learners! Its always good to know!

(Zone 7b)

I learn something new all the time ^_^

Clarkson, KY

We'll get one of those maybe twice a year. I had always assumed it was due to insufficient nutrients of some sort while the egg was hardening. Never had the performance repeated with any regularity, though...

Are the links on the link thread? Still need to do that over/revamp...

(Zone 7b)

Thats what i was saying i have had the huge egg, the wavy egg, the rubber egg, the pimply egg, oh and my favorite the hen holding her egg to long Bullet Egg.
But if Claire has the sneezing/rattling going on it could be IB.

If i get a weird egg once in a while i laugh and say thanks to the hen for the joke.

Heres some of the jokes my hens played on me LOL (the little eggs are in an acorn top)

Thumbnail by Harmonyplace
Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

Those are so tiny! That would be a cute Christmas tree decoration, especially with a little tiny hen on top of it! I love the speckled one. What kind of chicken laid that?

(Zone 7b)

The Large one was and Americana it was green but faded i have had that one 2 years.
Okay the dark brown one was laid by a Barred Rock i watched her lay it.
I have had the tiny ones a while and can't remember if they are bantam or standard eggs.

Elbridge, NY(Zone 5a)

WOW! I love the speckled egg!
The tiny ones are FUNNY! I cant imagine a hen even laying one. Would she know she layed?

(Zone 7b)

You think it's funny seeing them here imagine reaching in a nest and pulling out one of them. LOL

Ferndale, WA

Hi CMox I'm so glad for these little debates on some of the problems we encounter. It always serves to make me dig a little deeper, and also to reread articles to see if I mis-understood, or misinterpreted what I read. So any way I went back and reread the Backyard Poultry article Vol 3 Number 4 August/Sept 2008 page 37 upper right corner. It states the wrinkled egg is usually the result of Calcium defiency, or to much Phosphorus. Another possibility is disease, as earlier stated IB. After that it gives four reasons for soft shells. This article is written By Gail Damerow. The article shows five weird eggs. Interesting stuff, and thanks for challenging us. Haystack

Ferndale, WA

Hey Harm: I was recently telling CMox about a dinky egg I found also. In all the years I have raised chickens I had never seen or heard of one. She called it a hiccup egg. It is about the size of a robins egg. I could not believe it at first. I was so happy to see your's as I thought nobody would believe me. Your brow speckled egg looks so much like one of my marans eggs I get every day. This is what I love about this forum, the information and the pic's. Thanks for sharing. Haystack.

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

Haystack, did that tiny egg have a yolk?

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Those little eggs remind me of the eggs my parakeets and cockatiels used to gift me with. I can imagine a bantam pullets first eggs would be that small.

Ferndale, WA

Hi ZZ'S! I don't know as I have kept the egg. I was going to ask KarBear to take a pic of it and post it. Outside of those eggs Harm posted I have never seen an this small, I mean it is dinky, I would guess it would take five of these to make a real egg maybe six. Haystack. After I get it posted I'm going to crack it and see whats inside. Another thing that just happened to me was I cracked and egg yesterday to make some french toast, the whole egg was yoke no white anywhere. what gives.

Reynoldsville, PA(Zone 6a)

i love pullet eggs we have them alot when new layers start to lay it is actually very common. i love finding them lets me know my little girls r now ladies,hehe. all of ours have all had yolk and whites except one it was so small it was just whites inside.

i'll have to email pics of the last one i got from my cell phone. it was a buff silkie egg and easily less than half the size of one of my pigeon eggs. cute little thing kinda looks like a light bulb with how weird shaped it is,lol. i haven't cracked it yet to see if it has both parts. as long as they r not to aweful under smaller than normal usually pullet eggs r hatchable but babies r tiny and sometimes have complications. my fav is huge torpedo eggs usually they r double yolkers, double breakfast is always nice makes good eggie sandwiches. my 4 year old loves the pullet eggs cause they r "sissy size" (her size lol), i think she misses eating quail eggs.

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

The reason I ask Haystack.. is I'm reading about them right now.. and if I remember correctly, those lil hiccup eggs don't have a yolk... Now it's sparked my interest.. I've gotta get the book out. (Thank you Catscan for the loaner!) I'm learining soooo much! I love it.

(Zone 7b)

Hello everyone glad to know some have encountered these tiny ones. I never opened mine they are to fasinateing to keep and show to people and see their expressions.

Haystack yes i like for others to debate if i have a topic it helps for us to decide whats best for us. I always check out all angles on things before i commit to a treatment. I take into account symptoms, correct treatment for symptoms and finally cost. Some people can't really afford expensive treatment so i give them inexpensive remedies like $3 antibiotic ointment and peroxide for minor injuries. But i also advise vet care in severe cases some things will only get better thru shots and not everyone has the nerve for that.
Luckly most chicken things can easily be handled by the owner and not be that expensive.

Ferndale, WA

Harm! I have really come to enjoy the people on these poultry forums. I know sometimes we have different oppinions and experiences. And they are all usually valid, but seldom does one approach serve all. Having said that just because I choose to try something different than what someone advised, that doesn't mean I discarding their advice, It only means I have decided to try what I feel comfortable with. We should not feel offended when others disagree with us or give different advice. I think it is healthy to feel challenged. One young lady from Port Angeles stated that I had advised her to give terramycin to her flock, but if you read her first post, and then read my comment, you'll see that I did not suggest she should give them terramycin. I only shared my experience and what I did about it, in fact just following my comment, I commented that she might want to reconsider using terramycin due to the fact that her chicks are laying, where mine were not when I used it. Anyways thanks Harm it's alway's a pleasure to hear from you.

Lodi, United States

I was wonder, Moxon, what are the interior of the eggs like? Do they appear normal? Is IB egg borne?

Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

I have not cracked either of the eggs that look like that. They are both in the fridge for now. I have read that watery whites are another symptom in the egg if it is IB, so I will be wearing my monocle when I crack them...

Kenosha, WI

I had one egg like that - only once last year while my birds were living in my garage through rough Wisconsin winter - I used Calcium powder to mix in the feeder. Now I have a coop with access to the outdoors and the girls can scratch for dirt for minerals. Also I feed them the broken egg shells of my breakfast. Do you guys feed egg shells? I've had one dead bird this summer and could not explain why. So, I read your posts about that. On those posts I found your suggestion to put vinegar in the water - perhaps water also keeps the water to turn green. I drink water with citrus essential oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit pure essential oils help the body to release more water, detox .... keeps my body weight in check) ... and one drop of citrus ess. oil sanitizes one gallon of water. I have been using essential oils in my chicken water. I use oils that ae medicinal grade ... always be careful how the oils are extracted .... some cheap aromatherapy oils are good for moisture in the air, but I would not put them on the skin, nor ingest. I enjoy reading your posts! Keep up the good work! Curzio

Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

Interesting! I use essential oils for studying (rosemary) because they help sharpen the memory, and also a blend called Quiesence for sleeping when my brain won't "shut up" at night! I get essential oils from my massage therapist who sells them on the side, but hers are medicinal grade also. Pricey but great! I should ask her about the best ones for my chickens!

I feed oyster shells in winter when they can't get to the ground as much.

(Zone 7b)

Haystack i was not referring to your advice and i'm sorry if you thought i was. I was saying that i personally enjoy people giveing me different aproaches to a problem i may be haveing.
I also said i like for people to choose what is best for them and it doe's not have to be what i recommend.
I don't believe i commented on the thread of terramycin i think that was Silkie or Claire.
I also was not offended i don't know why you think i was???

curzio and Claire the oils sound very interesting ^_^

sydney, Australia

Yea I have seen that before my aunties Isa Brown had eggs like that but5 not sure what is wrong, could it be that they are old hens laying this?

Ferndale, WA

No Harm! I did not think you were refering to my advice, I was just confering with you as I appreciated what you had said. Have a great day. Haystack

Dallas, TX

So if the egg comes out like that its okay to eat right...

Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

Yeah, mine had slightly runnier whites which to me confirms the IB diagnosis even more. You can still eat them though.

Kent, WA

I saw your post and fuzzychicken and I will definitely bring a camera. I am going to have her work on making dreamcatchers on the way up there since it will be a long drive. We are making them for the "cranberry festival" held in Grayland next October. Let's hope that the roads will be okay so we can make it up there. I took my car out Sunday and got stuck and my DH had to come rescue me. My neice and I are pretty excited about the trip though and cannot wait to meet you and your flock!

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