More questions on dead bees

San Leandro, CA

My friend started a hive about a year ago last spring. Everything has been going well until the last three weeks. We now see a 'ton" of dead bees near the hive. He had moved the hive 4 weeks ago, moved it to a somewhat sunnier place maybe 6' from the original position. Everything looked fine.

I read in an earlier thread about "robber bees". If that is a possible answer, how can you tell a robber bee from the bees original to the hive?

Any help is much appreciated:-)

Kenosha, WI

I'm new to this blog and have no idea of how many bee keepers respond to inquiries ... I'm also a beginner and live in a completely different climate .... therefore I'm not sure I can offer much advise. What kind of pollen do you have in California in December? If you have little or no pollen available, your hive should go into winter mode ... the queen lays almost no eggs ... the hive drops in size to about 10 -15,000 and it should be normal to find lots of dead bees. We are not inspecting hives October through March as the temperature is too low to open them. Here we have to wait April to see if the hive survived the winter. If we see bees fly out on a sunny spring day .... chances are the hive is OK. Do you see bees leaving the hive all winter long?

Richmond, VA(Zone 7b)

I agree with curzio. If your hive is not prepping for 'hibernation', you could have any number of problems, including mites or another aggressive hive nearby.

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

Could also be starvation.Try lifting the back of the hive slightly.It should feel heavy.

San Leandro, CA

Thanks everyone. I will try lifting the hive. We have looked at some of the dead bees and see no damage/mites.

It seems worse every day. Today there is maybe 3 bees a minute are going in/out of the hive, where as 2 weeks ago there were maybe 15 a minute.

We will keep watching.

One thought, this all started happening about a week after he checked on the hive and added a box. Could he possibly have accidentally crushed the queen? Would that cause this?

Wellborn, FL

I am suddenly finding dead bees in my garden. This has not happened before. Can you
tell me what might be the cause(s)? I find this rather disturbing. I do not use any

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