need finger food

Tyler, TX(Zone 8b)

I am having friends to lunch next week. One friend is in a wheelchair and has no use of one hand and little use of the other. I understand when she eats she has to use a big spoon and has a little trouble using it. I want to have finger sandwiches .I'd like to have something not just ordinary. Can anyone suggest something interesting? A friend sent me a sour cream-mayonaise mixture to be spread and rolled up in flour tortillas.Cut in small pieces it will be good. Just need something creative.Thanks for any help.

Clarkson, KY

You might try hand rolled sushi and tortillas, alternating forms. Most major grocery chains have the ingredients (rice, seaweed, mirin)

The nice part is this is all hand-held food with any combination of veggies/ pickles/ meat you care to put in. cucumbers, carrots, cream cheese, tuna, salmon, lunch meats, pastes, egg salad. An example would be seaweed, rice, lettuce leaf, egg salad, all rolled up in a pretty hand-held unit. Or pickles, carrots and cream cheese, cut into strips and rolled into another. Lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and ground beef rolled up into a tortilla.

Missouri City, TX

Was at a party where someone made what looked like a white iced cake - actually was flour tortillas layered with cream cheese and "frosted" with more. When sliced into thin slices was easy to hold and eat. You could flavor the cream cheese with your favorite seasonings or spices or ????.

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