Towel Wedding Cake

Carrollton, OH(Zone 6a)

You need to buy :
2 White Bath towels
2 White Hand Towels
2 White Wash Clothes
Striaght pins(I got the ones with small white heads)
I found Soaps Shaved Like Roses and ribbon,but you can decorate as liked.
First you take 1 bath towel and lay it flat.On the long side(left or right) fold it to the middle,repeat folding the other side to the mddle.Then take the towel by one of the edges on one of the long side and fold in half.Now at one end start rolling,when finished rolling stick in straight pins to hold in place.Now repeat the folding method with the second bath towel,now start rolling it around the first.Stick straight pins again to hold(try and hide).
Take the hand towels and repeat what you did with the bath towels.
Take the wash clothes and repeat again as you did in step one and two.

Now you should have three rolls of towels.Starting with the bath towels roll set down and then put the hand towels roll centered on the bath towels and put straight pins to hold together.(YOU WILL USE A LOT)Make sure you have all three lined up with the finished seam of the roll in the back,so you can hide it from veiw.Now do the same thing with the wash clothes on top of the hand towels.And pin together.You now have your three layer cake.Decorate with ribbon,silk flowers,or and thing you find attractive(DO NOT GLUE ANYTHING, PIN IT !!!!!!!!!)The wedding couple can take it home and take apart and have a brand new set of towels....and a lot of straight pins...LOL.

Here is a picture of the one I made.

Thumbnail by synda
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