Yucca Tree

Saint Louis, MO

I bought a Yucca Tree (double) that I put outside during the summer and have indoors during the winter. I live in St. Louis and it is 80-100 in the summer and below zero in the winter to 30 degrees. I have plant lights and a large wall window for plants which seem to work fine.

My Yucca Tree gets brown tips. It doesn't seem to like to be watered or like Miracle Grow. It is still growing outside, and I repotted it, but I think it needs still a larger container.

What kind of soil does this plant like, and what about fertilizing and water. I think it doesn't mind the rain.
Right now it is looking pale green and I wonder what I can do to make it happy and healthy. Does it prefer to be watered from the bottom?

Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)

What species of yucca would it be ?? There are numerous trunking yucca species . In general they prefer the ground over a pot BUT if you really want to grow them in a pot , they perform much better in an extremely large pot .

Saint Louis, MO

I think the species is elephant--like the one in the forum picture.
Today I transplanted into the largest plastic pot I could find and used Scott's Professional blend. It is a double tree. The largest tree is abt 4 ft and the other one is abt 2 l/2 ft. This is the third time I've repotted and put it in a larger pot.
What do you suppose is making the tips brown and sometimes the edges get a watery looking brown spot? At the bottom of the pot I set in some rock, so the plant would drain--and this time washed them well, just in case there was a bug on the rocks.
I hope I can save this plant for a couple years and use in in a 12 x 12 "terrium"--I want to build and put my tropicals--with controlled light and moisture. It's getting almost too big to move outside, so this might be it's last summer out doors. I used a plant light on it last year, and have wall to wall windows to keep it happy.

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