Hedychium horsfieldii set seeds

Gainesville, FL

My H. horsfieldii has set seeds. This is an unusual epiphytic ginger, similar in growth habot to H. longicornutum, but with different blooms.

I am going to attempt to grow the seeds. It should be fun. Don't have a photo yet, will get one tomorrow. Looks pretty neat

Gainesville, FL

Here is the seed pod. It looks like an alien. The red is actually the seeds, the orange is the split-open pod

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Thumbnail by gothqueen
Sarasota, FL

I planted my longicornutum seeds; thought I had crossed it with H. coronarium; 2 years now; so far it's almost 2 ft tall but no flowers yet! I might need to increase the light.

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

Looks yummy to eat!..lol...looks cool....

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